House Gaunt :

For an ancient house that was supposed to have died off they are apparently quite a few of them. The Pure-Blood family remains the house within the Sacred 28 that is considered the heirs of Slytherin. With their nasty talents, nasty habits and their unusual quirks it isn’t that surprising. Here is the current family tree that includes up to one generation away:


Tearlag- daughter of Corvinus Gaunt and unnamed witch. She was raised in Scotland area away from the other Gaunt family members.


Aart- Tearlag’s eldest child and only son. He is a werewolf and alpha of the controlling pack of U.K. werewolves. His father is assumed to be of the Yaxley lineage.


Luca- She is a pure-blood witch from Eastern Europe. Her brother is the Headmaster of Durmstrung. Luca is Aart’s wife. She is also an animagus that takes the form of a reddish-brown wolf.


Rhiannon – Tearlag’s second child and eldest daughter. She was the potion’s teacher and Slytherin head for a short period time at Hogwarts, until Slughorn officially took the role. In order to be near her brother, she was taught to be an animagus. Rhiannon’s form is that of a black jaguar.


Tamas – His blood status is unknown. However, he is a Hungarian wizard that was known for his talent in the Dark Arts. Tamas died young in a fire.

Fionnula – She is the youngest child of Tearlag and the most rebellious. She met her husband when he was on Exchange and the pair quickly eloped. Fionnula taught charms for awhile at Ilvermony, before retiring to live in Japan with her family. Like her sister, Fionnula is also an animagus. However, perhaps do to her lazy and childlike nature she is in fact a bear. Although, her greed and love of shiny things often makes people wonder why she wasn’t something else.

mr tiger.PNG

Mr. Tiger- He is not part of the Gaunt family tree, but is Fionnula’s husbaund and Autumn’s father. His family is not considered a pure-blood family, because they also pass down on magical beast blood. His family passes on the blood of one of the four divine beasts, the tiger. They are a Japanese-Korean mixed family.


Laelas- Aart and Luca’s second child. She is also her father’s favorite for being most like him. She is an animagus that takes on the form of a fox…for good reason.

Alexei Horvath.PNG

Alexei Horvath- He is Laelas’ husbaund due to a past political situation/mess. He is from a pure blood Eastern European family.


Eunan- Aaron and Luca’s eldest child. He is a werewolf and the next head of the pack.


Ana Draghi- One of the oldest living vampires in Europe. Not much is known about her. It is a wonder on how Eunan was able to have babies with her.


Dimitrov- Rhiannon’s oldest son. He was raised by Tamas, but was the product of Aart forcing himself on his sister.  He is a werewolf and is known for being unusually large and intimidating.


Mina Draghi – Mina is the cousin of the man that acted both as Dimitrov’s brother and ward.


Catarina- Rhiannon and Tamas’ daughter. She is an animagus that takes the form of a scorpion. Not a cute little one. A drastically large and scary one.


Autumn- She is the daughter of Fionnula Gaunt and Mr. Tiger. As she was raised in Japan there is not many things about her that resembles the Gaunts at all. However, her mother found it a good skill to learn how to be an animagus and so she is. Autumn takes the form of a tiny black owl. Autumn like her mother is a parseltongue.


 “Damian” Merikh Xiradis- He is Dimitrov’s brother/warden and Mina’s cousin. He is also Autumn’s husband. Damian doesn’t acknowledfe or associate with the Gaunts at all. He is only here for technicalities.


Aaron- He is the eldest son of Eunan and Ana. Aaron is a werewolf that has extreme temper problems. As he is also terrible at controlling his magic he is often in isolation or seperate from others. Aaron is dependent on his sister Freya for many things.


Freya- Eunan and Ana’s second child. Freya is an extremely rare perfect hybrid. As she has inherited the strengths of both a werewolf and a vampire; while, she maintains the form of a vampire. She is very attached to her brother Aaron


Riaghan- Eunan and Ana’s third child. He is a vampire like his mother, but has his father’s temperament.


Ailsa- Eunan and Ana’s fourth child. She is a werewolf like her father and is hard control.


Niklas- Eunan and Ana’s fifth child. He is the exact opposite of his sister Freya. Niklas has all the weaknesses of the two species and takes the form of a mangled wolf.


Mairi- Laelas and Alexei’s eldest child. She is an animagus that takes the form of a fox like her mother, but is actually a sweet girl.


Kristoffer- He is Laelas and Alexei’s second child. Kristoffer is also a werewolf with a nasty personality.


Siavash/Akihiro- He is the eldest son of Autumn and Damian. Akihiro looks more like his father than anything. However, he is very similar to his grandmother Fionnula in both personality and as an animagus. Aki also takes the form of a bear.


Xsaysarsa/Hiroyuki- He is the second child of Autumn and Damian. He is also the only werewolf child. Hiro is known to be unusually fast even for a werewolf, with extremely good healing abilities. Hiroyuki is also a parseltongue like his mother, but it is not known outside his immediate family. He is looked down heavily as being the weakest and the biggest disappointment in his family.


Khurshid/Takahiro- He is the third child of Autumn and Damian. Taka is the son most like his mother in looks and personality. His animagus form is that of a black raven. Taka is extremely gifted at everything he does and so he has developed a distaste for life and most things, He is also a parseltongue like his mother, but it is not known to many people.


Nasrin/Akiko- She is the fourth child of Autumn and Damian and their eldest daughter. She inherited Byaku from her grandfather, so she will inherit that house.


Parvana/Yukiko- She is the fifth child of Autumn and Damian. She is very quiet, unlike the rest of her family; however, she may be the scariest one if you get her mad. She is an animagus like her siblings and takes the form of a Eurasian lynx.


Vashti/Kohaku- She is the sixth child of Autumn and Damian. Kohaku is extremely similar to her father and may be his favorite. Kohaku’s animagus is that of a Masai lion.


Ahuramazda/Fuyuki- The first of the twins, he came later in life as a surprise to his parents. Until he and his sister were born, Hiroyuki was the only werewolf child. He is also the only other son besides Taka to inherit more of the Asian features.


Zulaikha/Fumiko- She is the youngest child of Autumn and Damian and Fuyuki’s twin sister. She is a werewolf like her brother. Fumiko is known to be the child that looks the most like him Damian. While, the rest of the siblings looks all vary. However, Fumiko isn’t that similar to either of her parents.


Maris- Dimitrov and Mina’s eldest child. She is very similar to Dimitrov in his youth and is a werewolf. Maris and her brother attend Hogwarts and she is sorted into Slytherin. Unlike her father, it is speculated that Maris may be a parseltongue, but it has never been able to be confirmed.


Stefan- Dimitrov and Mina’s second child and only son. Stefan is good natured, humble and optimistic unlike the rest of his family. However, he has his father’s skill in the Dark Arts. He attends Hogwarts and was sorted into Hufflepuff.

hyeon pic

Hyo-Eun- The orphaned child of Morvyn Gaunt and an unknown Korean wizard. She is a parseltongue like her mother. Not much is known about her and her brother before they arrived at Hogwarts. She was sorted into Slytherin House.


Ailean- The orphaned child of Morvyn Gaunt and an unknown Korean wizard. He is a metamorphmagus with uncontrollable colorful hair. Not much is known about his or his sisters background before they arrived in Hogwarts. He was sorted into Slytherin House.

It is true as the rumors say, what we once knew as the House of Gaunt is good and dead. Still, like any old family the roots of a tree spread farther than one may originally think. For this family, they spread out past the tiny isles and all the way to new areas of the world.  Some found themselves in Asia, in Africa, in the Middle East or other places in Europe.

The end result? Salaazar Slytherin’s blood will not die. An heir to the venom throne can always be found. If you are willing to look for them.

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