HP 1

Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have.
– J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Exchanges Arrival
A group of students stood waiting in a huddle in King’s Cross Station. They were an odd assortment of exchange students all gathered confused at a train station. All among them Muggles ran to catch their trains. However, this group of students all just stared at a thick brick pillar. The Hogwarts representative had just told them they were expected to run through it. No one seemed willing to go first. After all, running through brick pillars was something none of them had to do to get to school.
“Since none of you are going through, I’ll just have to go first.” said the tall, lean Ilvermony exchange student. The other’s all looked at her with skeptical faces. Of course it was the American student to be brazen and bold. Although the boy besides her seemed quite the opposite. The male student from Uagadou gestured forward. “Go on then.” She smirked at him, before running through the pillar. “No surprise her being graceful.” Commented one of the Beauxbatons Academy students.
One of the Durmstrang students smiled. “Who knew they would send such an appealing American.” The other Durmstrang student chuckling along side with him. While everyone was talking the girl from Mahoutokoro quickly ran through the pillar. The male student following right after her. “What is it with the Japanese brujos?” said the male Caselobruxo student. The Durmstrang boy from before hit him on the back and laughed. “It is the Japanese way to be serious like that.” The French girls smiled, their fingers lingering past the Durmstrang boys’ faces as they ran through next.
“Come. We are falling behind, Chigaru.” said the female Uagadou student. Chigaru nodded and they both ran through the pillar. The Durmstrang boys frustratingly following them through next. The two Caselobruxo students smiling at the silent Ilvermony boy left standing there. They too quickly ran through the pillar. “I should of stayed in America.” He said as he ran through the pillar with his eyes closed. He popped out on another platform. All the students he came with were being herded into a train. “Come on Noah.” Shouted his Ilvermony classmate from the train’s steps. He ran to catch up with her and entered the train.
The two of them started to look for a cabin to sit in. Although, Noah was not particularly picky his sister’s close friend, Jasmine was not so open minded. They two of them settling in an empty cabin. “This is better. We can see who wants to enter our cabin this way.” She said to him as they sat alone in the room. He nodded at her. Noah was too nervous to make decisions for himself at this point. The only reason he was here was because of his parents push.
A few minutes went by and the doors to the cabin opened. The two turned to see the two Mahoutokoro students in the doorway. “May we come in?” asked the male one. Noah turned to Jasmine. She nodded her head and the two sat down opposite of them. Jasmine turning to appraise them. “Your names?” The Japanese man smiled at her. “ Kurosawa Katsumi.” She then turned to the girl who was looking out the window. “Autumn Kwon.” She turned away from the window. “And your names?”
Jasmine smiled confidently, “Jasmine Espinoza.” Noah stuck out his hand. “Noah Ackerman.” Katsumi reached out to shake it. Autumn looked at the exchange like she was bored. “How did Ilvermony select their two exchange students?” She asked them. Jasmine leaned back and smiled, “The top male and female. Mahoutokoro?” Katsumi clapped his hands together excited. “Who would think America would think similarly to Japan. It was the same for us.” Noah looked at Jasmine and then Autumn. Both of them were clearly sizing each other up.
“Autumn Kwon doesn’t sound like a Japanese name. Although, it does sound familiar.” She finally said. Autumn looked at Jasmine and smiled. “My mother taught at Ilvermony for a few years.” Noah practically jumped in his seat. “I remember your mom! She taught charms.” Katsumi looked at Autumn surprised. “No wonder you are so good at charms.” She shrugged. “They are not particularly difficult.”
Jasmine smiled at the girl. “I remember you too. Your father was the Auror that was kicked out from Korea. Who’d think your family would resettle in Japan.” Autumn looked at the girl, for the first time a genuine smile on her face. What she valued was intelligence and crafty strategic thinking. This girl clearly had those skills. “You’re right. That is my father.” The atmosphere in the cabin warmed up from chilly, finally. Jasmine outstretching her hand. Autumn shaking it. “I remember you too. Horned Serpant. Daughter of a Divination specialist and Government worker.” Jasmine nodded in response.
The door to the cabin opened once again. A woman with a candy cart appearing in the doorway. “Are any of you up for candy? We have all the best available.” Noah pulled some knuts out of his pocket. “Can I get four chocolate frogs.” The woman took his money and tossed him the frogs. Katsumi handed her a few knuts as well. “Four Gillywaters, please.” He was tossed the beverages quickly. The woman leaving the cabin immediately. Noah and him passed out the candy and drinks.
“Be careful when you open the chocolate frogs. They act like real frogs.” explained Noah. Katsumi pulled out his wand and as he opens the box he quickly says, “Immobulus.” The frog freezes in mid jump. Autumn and Jasmine quickly do the same. Only Noah being a step to slow. The frog bouncing around the cabin like crazy. His string of immobulus missing the frog and bouncing around the cabin. All three wizards constantly leaning in different directions to avoid the spell.
“Finite Incantatum.” Autumn said. The spell finally stopping. Jasmine pointed her wand at the bouncing frog. “Immobulus.” It froze on the window. Noah removing it from the window. He turns to face everyone, bright red. “I promise you I am quite good at Magic. I just lack confidence sometimes.” Autumn burst out laughing. “Before you explain that to us, maybe you should fix your clothes.” Noah looked down at his Ilvermony uniform. The Gordian Knot was unfastened. He quickly fixed the uniform.
Katsumi looked on with interest. “I think the Ilvermony uniform is nicer the the Hogwarts.” Autumn turned to look at him. “You think? They all are so similar though. Hogwarts at least has options.” Jasmine sighed. “You don’t really get to pick what option you get though.” Autumn nodded her head in disappointment. “That’s true.” The train ride became filled with pleasant conversation as the four young students made their way to Hogwarts.
By the time they had reached the school, none of them had felt like strangers anymore. All four exiting the train feeling confident they had met people they could relate too. That feeling lasting until they saw the wagons waiting to take them into the school. “What are those black horses?” Asked Noah. The other students around them turning to look at him. “What are you talking about. There is only carriages here.” The crowd laughed as they walked away to find their carriages. Jasmine, Autumn and Katsumi all looking at Noah.
He pointed again to the carriage they were heading too. “Don’t you guys see them. They are lean, black skeletal horses.” Autumn smiled sadly. “They aren’t horses, Noah. They are Thestrals.” She pulled Katsumi into the carriage, who looked like he wanted to say more. Noah turned to Jasmine. She looked like she had just been handed a whole pizza pie that she had not ordered. “You can only see Thestrals if you’ve seen death. Most people don’t see them.” She turned around and quickly entered the carriage. He looked at the Thestrals. To his surprise he saw one of them looking straight at him. Noah couldn’t help but think there was something gentle to their white eyes. He turned away and entered the carriage. Everyone riding in silence to Hogwarts.
The exchange students were silently herded from the carriages into the castle. They all quickly walked through the confusing halls and into the Great Hall. In front of them stood the world renowned Headmistress McGonagall. When she saw that every one of them had entered the room, she clapped her hands. The doors closing behind them, the room filling with silence. All the present Hogwarts students looking up at her in shock.
“Welcome young students. It is my pleasure to welcome you to Hogwarts for this years exchange. As you all know Hogwart’s students are sorted into houses the moment they step foot into the school. That is not something that differs for you foreign students. You shall each be sorted into a house and your Prefects will hand over new uniforms and room assignments. You may keep your old uniforms in the trunk in front of your beds, but under no condition will you be allowed to wear them from now on. You have all agreed to be Hogwarts’ students for this year. The first two to be sorted shall be, Adeline Dubois and Éoïse Brodeur from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.” said Headmistress McGonagall. The two french girls walked over to the stage. A stool and hat was waiting for them. Adeline sat down first. All of the new students shocked to see the hat come to life. Even more shocked to find out he was a cranky hat. She was sorted into Ravenclaw. Her classmate into Slytherin.
The next two called were Matheus and Larissa Oliveira from Castelobruxo. The twins were both sorted into Gryffindor. Neither of them seemed that surprise. The Durmstrang boys, Pyotr and Ilich Aleksandrov sorted into Hufflepuff. Something that cause quite a stir among the Hogwarts students. The Hufflepuff students freaking out over the sorting hats decision. Next came the Ilvermony students. Noah went first. He was immediately sorted into Ravenclaw. The sorting hat not even touching his head. Jasmine was the first to have the sorting hat to debate. When the words Slytherin and Gryffindor came out everyone looked shocked. That was not the most popular split decision.
“I have already been a serpent in America, I may as well try being something else while I’m here.” She said somewhat coldly. The sorting hat laughed as it was taken off of her head. She quickly joined the confused Gryffindor table. Autumn walked over to the sorting hat next. The sorting hat again saying this was a confusing decision. The choice making much more sense to the Hogwarts crowd, Slytherin or Ravenclaw. The sorting hat asking her to choose between her desire to be powerful and in control and her love of knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Autumn has no problem announcing to the world she wanted Slytherin. The hat chuckling as it was lifted off of her. She too quickly walked over to the Slytherin’s table. All of them welcoming her.
Katsumi was also left with two options, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. He took one look at the Hufflepufff community and the miserable looking Durmstrang boys and he responded with Ravenclaw. Noah waving at him as he walked over to the table. The last two were the students from Uagadou, Chigaru Ajanlekoko and Amara Jabari. One going to Slytherin and the other to Gryffindor. When the sorting was done Headmistress McGonagall once again walked over to the podium. “Now that the sorting has taken place, take the time to get to know your housemates. They will be your closest allies this upcoming year.” She turned around to go sit down at the Professor’s table. The room coming back to life.
Autumn stuck her hand out to Chigaru. “Autmun Kwon.” He shook her hand. “Chigaru Ajanlekoko. Don’t worry about pronouncing my last name right.” The French girl stuck out her hand, as well. “Éoïse Brodeur. It would seem we are the villains of the group.” Autumn shook her hand and the three of them laughed. A young blonde haired boy across from them shaking his head. “Not all Slytherin’s are potential Death Eaters, you know.” The brown haired boy next to him sighed. “Leave it alone Scorpius. You never know what the Exchanges think like.” Éoïse leaned forward, smiling. “Blonde hair, named after an insect. You are a Malfoy.”
He looked at her uncomfortable. “I didn’t know my family was known at Beauxbatons.” When she laughed all the ease dropping male Slytherin’s faces turned to mush. “You’ve had a few female cousins at our school.” Chigaru turned to the brown haired boy next to him. “If he is Scorpius Malfoy, then you must Albus Potter.” The boy looked at him uncomfortable. Autumn looking at him with interest. “I must say, for being the son of the world’s most famous goody two shoes, you don’t seem to be that innocent looking.” Chigaru nodded at her side. Scorpius laughing. “You are right. He’s-” Albus kicked him under the table. “I rather not be judged by my father’s actions.”
Autumn shrugged. “Fine by me. Harry Potter doesn’t interest me much.” Albus looked up at her surprised. Chigaru reached for some food on the table. Éoïse batting her eyes at Scorpius. He looked at his food very intently after that. A few minutes into eating Albus spoke up again. “Why did you guys come to Hogwarts?” Éoïse was the first to answer, “I wanted to see the infamous offspring of British Wizards.” Autumn smiled to herself. She may get along with the French beauty. Her bluntness was refreshing. “I wanted to expand my studies outside of Africa.” replied Chigaru. His uninterested in European wizarding politics very clear in his voice.
Scorpius turned to Autumn. “And you? Why leave Japan?” She looked at him and smiled, “To see if what they say about Slytherin is true.” Albus and Scorpius shuddered. Chigaru and Éoïse laughing. “Don’t be so callous. They have just met you.” Éoïse said. Autumn shrugged. “If I can’t be callous now then when?” Albus smiled at her. “Everytime you pass a Gryffindor.” The Slytherins around them cracked up laughing. The table happily engaging in conversation.
After their meal, all the students were instructed back to their dorm. Autumn, Éoïse and a girl named Cerys Abbot all shared a room. Cerys was the current Prefect for Slytherin. She handed the two girls their new Slytherin robes and then rushed them out of the dorm into their first class, Divination. The teacher was a scrawny man who flitted about the room in a nervous state. The only time he seemed relaxed was when he spoke on the lesson’s topic. Today it seemed it was a tester day. Each student was to choose a method of Divination that called to them.
Autumn, Chigaru and Éoïse sat at a table together. The table next to them on one side had Katsumi, Noah and Adeline Dubois . The other table had Jasmine, Amara Jabari, Matheus and Larissa Oliveira. Compared to the rest of the room which was heavily split by house, the exchange students still seemed comfortable being around each other. Conversations including people from all three tables. The Durmstrang boys however were squarely stuck deep within the Hufflepuff group. All crowding around the two in admiration. No one could tell if they were miserable or enjoying the attention.
Chigaru was struggling with his Ovomancy at the table. He kept cracking eggs and moving the yolk around the plate frustrated. Éoïse had already completed her assignment through the used of Tessomancy. She had publicly announced to everyone all ladies should be able to read the future in tea. Autumn herself being done. Her mother had insisted on developing a strong relationship with Tarot cards since she was young. A simple Cartomancy assignment was a breeze. 
“How are you two done already?” said Chigaru frustrated. Éoïse pointed to his plate in disgust. “Probably because we did not choose such a vulgar method. I don’t know how one can see the future in an egg yolk.” Autumn laughed. “Why don’t you try something else Chigaru. Divination isn’t something everyone is good at. Maybe try a crystal ball?” Amara catching the tail end of their conversation turned around to laugh. “Chigaru has never been good at Divination. Changing methods won’t help.” Jasmine hit her head on the table. “Who would be good at something like this. It is stupid and pointless.”
“Come on, Jasmine. Divination is not so bad.” said Noah from his table. Katsumi and him had just finished up their Palmistry assignment. Chigaru and Jasmine both sighed. “This is so dumb.” She said. Sadly, the Professor was standing right behind her when she said it. “Do you have a problem with my class, Jasmine?” She turned around to see the nervous Professor looking even more disheveled. All the Gryffindor students behind him started to shake their hands violently, trying to warn her not to say what’s on her mind. 
“Not at all Professor, I am just frustrated with the Crystal Ball.” He looked at her skeptically, but leaned in closer to look at the hazy ball. “Your problem is very simple. You cannot summon the feelings needed for a crystal ball to work. I suggest you try something else.” Jasmine looked like she wanted to attack the Professor. All of the Gryffindor student’s face turned white. “I do not think it is a question of feelings Professor. I simple just do not have something I desperately want to know about.” He looked at her annoyed.
“Ten points off of Gryffindor.” He said loudly. All of them groaning loudly in the room. “If you want to pass my class, I suggest you find something you are interested in knowing.” He turned around to the rest of the exchange students. “That goes for all of you.” They all looked at him like they wanted him to die. His response was to pick up all of the exchange students assignments one by one and grade them. The good ones got points for their house. The bad ones got points taken off. When he picked up Chigaru’s paper he took off almost as much points as he did for Jasmine. However, when he read Autumn’s and Éoïse’s assignments he gave out double the points to Slytherin. 
“Éoïse, who taught you to read tea leaves?” She smiled at the Professor. “It has been an interest of mine since I was child. A lady must be prepared for anything, Professor.” He smiled at the charming French girl. “You are so right, my dear. No wonder your fortune looks so good.” She smiled at him and he turned to Autumn. “Autumn, your skills with Tarot are also quite good. Who taught you?” Autumn smiled. “My mother, Professor Elizabeth Kwon.” His face lit up with joy. “You are Elizabeth’s daughter! We went to school together. She was still Elizabeth Fairbairn then, but she was quite the Divination expert. We were all shocked to see her specialize in Charms. Of course, we all thought it was because of your father. You know the one skill he was never good at was charms.” Autumn laughed with Professor. “Yes, I hear he was quite bad in his school days.” The Professor nodded his head and turned around to the room. “Twenty five points for Slytherin. For Éoïse and Autumn’s outstanding work.”
The Slytherin’s in the room clapped. Jasmine shot Autumn glare. She just shrugged. Divination was one of the things she was good at. The class ending right after as the students rushed to their next class, Defense against the Dark Arts. All the exchanges, except the Durmstrang boys, walked over together. Chigaru and Jasmine ranting about the stupidity of Divination. Éoïse and Autumn electing to remain silent on the matter. When they got to the Defense Against the Dark Arts class room Jasmine stopped everyone at the door. “I want you guys to take this moment to let it sink in. Divination may be a stupid worthless subject, but this one is not. I will clearly demonstrate my skills.”
Autumn laughed, “Go on then.” Jasmine glared at her. “Is that a challenge?” Autumn threw her hands up. “No. I am only average at this one.” Matheus Oliveira cracking up laughing, “Now we know why she didn’t get Gryffindor.” All the other exchanges nodding their heads. Jasmine turned around and walked into the room. The class was separated in long benches by house so all of them headed towards their respective areas. Autumn sitting down next to Scorpius. She noticed him looking at a curly haired Gryffindor.
“So you have someone you like?” She asked him. He turned to look at her, face bright red. Albus laughing at his side. “What makes you say that.” Autumn pointed to the girl. “You were staring a hole into her.” Scorpius looked at her confused. Albus patting him on the shoulder. “It means looking at something intently.” His face got even redder. “What, no. I was looking at her an average amount. Completely normal looking.” Éoïse cracked up laughing. “Please do explain what average and completely normal looking is.” Scorpius looked down at the wood as the Professor walked in. She was a tall, well toned woman, with an apparent love for form fitting black robes.
Albus leaned over to Autumn. “That is Professor Rhiannon. Not the one you want to get disliked by.” Autumn nodded and looked back over at the Professor. She was staring right at them. However, she said nothing to them and just turned to write the lessons theme on the board, Boggarts. Everyone in the room groaned. This was not a fun way to start off.
“Silence and line up.” Everyone begrudgingly got out of their seats as she swished her wand and all of the rows of benched cleared to the side. Another swish and a large antique closet moved forward towards them. “Class this is a Boggart. They are nasty Dark Creatures who like to take on the form of your worst fears. By your level all of you should know the spell for getting rid of a Boggart.” Her eyes scanned the room looking for a victim to pick on. They settled on Noah. “You Ravenclaw Exchange. Tell me what is the spell to get rid of a Boggart.”
Noah looked over at Jasmine. She flashed him a thumbs up. He took a large breath and said, “Riddikulus, Ma’am.” Her face twisted up with disappointment. “I am sorry, Noah, that was not the answer I was looking for. Ravenclaw loses ten points for not living up to their reputation.” No one made a noise. Professor Rhiannon turned to look at Jasmine. “And you, Gryffindor. What do you think the right answer is?” Jasmine didn’t seem the least bit intimidated by the woman. “Riddikulus is the correct spell; however, it is not the spell that casts a Boggart back into his hiding place. It is the caster thinking the Bogart has become something funny that frightens him off. In some cases a laugh has been enough.” The Professor raised her eyebrow at Jasmine, but simply turned away from her to walk back to the front of the room.
All of Gryffindor sighed in relief. “Miss Jasmine is correct. That was a decent enough answer to not have Gryffindor lose any house points. Since she has the correct answer she may as well move to the front of the line.” Everyone looked at Jasmine, who still seemed confident.  She simply walked to the closet and waited for the professor to open the closet door. Professor Rhiannon wasted no time in opening the closet door with her wand. The image of death coming out of it.
Autumn wanted to giggle. She had not expected such a basic fear. Jasmine simply swished her arm and said, “Riddikulus.” Death becoming a goofy looking zombie. Professor Rhiannon looked at the girl and everyone thought they could see a hint of a smile. She sent her back to her seat and began to go through all of the students. Autumn was surprised to see many of the students fears. Éoïse was scared of being ugly, Larissa Oliveira was scared of drowning, Pyotr was scared of spiders and Katsumi was scared of heights. Something she found ironic considering he was a Quiditch player. 
When it was her turn Autumn was not at all confident. She turned to see everyone watching her expectant. Great. Expectation that could not be met. Professor Rhiannon opened the closet and out popped a young Autumn. She was laughing. Autumn just looked at the girl, watched her walking closer. Still her wand didn’t move. Professor Rhiannon rose her wand to expel the Boggart, but Autumn put her hand up to stop her. “Riddikulus.” she whispered. The young girl turned into a wackily dressed child before disappearing into the closet.
She turned to looked at Professor Rhiannon who was watching her intently. When no one said anything Autumn returned to her seat. The class continuing on as normal. When every student was done she dismissed the class. Everyone except Jasmine and Autumn. The two of them stood in front of her desk. The Professor staring each of them down. Finally, she settled on Jasmine first. “It is clear your talent for Defense Against the Dark Arts is the best in the class. Most of the assignments at this school are theoretical. They will not benefit you. I would like to offer you an hour of tutoring every day in practical usage.” Jasmine smiled at the Professor. “Of course. I would love too.”
Professor Rhiannon nodded at her and then turned to Autumn. “Your performance however was dismal. I thought the Japanese were supposed to have strong minds.” Autumn’s face didn’t show a reaction. She was fighting the urge to point out the fact that she was not Japanese, but Korean. Half-Korean at that. The other half was Scottish. Neither pinnacle examples of a steeled mind. However, since the Professor was right about her performance the only thing that showed was a cold dead mask. Professor Rhiannon leaned forward on her desk to get close to her face. “It’s not that your magic power or potential is inadequate. Far from it. Your mind is too weak. Why would someone like you choose Slytherin. You can’t even handle the darkness.” It wasn’t the darkness she couldn’t handle. It was the light.
Autumn looked at the Professor, “I shall study to improve for next time.” Professor Rhiannon leaned back and frowned. “If it were up to me you would not have a next time. Sadly, this is a core class and you must take it. Three times a week you will come to me for an hour. That is already too generous, but I can’t in good conscious let someone like you out into the world.” Jasmine turned to look at Autumn in shock. She just nodded at the Professor. “Now go off to Potions. Here’s your note.” Jasmine took the note and the two of them left the room.
They walked towards Potions, slowly. “Want to tell me what that was about?” Jasmine asked, clearly exhibiting the Gryffindor boldness at its finest. Autumn looked up at her. “Is it not obvious?” Jasmine shrugged. “I suppose it is. Clear cut self loathing.” Autumn laughed. “Clear cut indeed.” The two of them silently entering the Potion’s classroom. The potions professor begrudgingly taking their notes and shooing them to their seats. Autumn found herself sitting next to Albus Potter. Scorpius had become latched to Éoïse. Albus pushed the textbook towards her. They were working on a antidote to Poisons. Albus had already ground the majority of ingredients together. All that was left was to wait for them to be finished heated and pour the Chizpurfle Carapaces in.
“Professor Rhiannon is not the nicest.” He said. When are professors ever nice? Their job was to educate not to comfort. Autumn shrugged. “She doesn’t have to be nice if she is right.” Albus looked at her confused and then back at the potion. He didn’t seem to have any issues with the class. In fact, Autumn could tell he excelled in Potions. “I have never thought of it that way.” He responded to the beaker. Autumn began to flip through the potions book. “I suppose most have not.” She did not tend to think on the optimistic end. Practicality and realism was the gift of her father.
The Potions professor stopped at their desk. “Miss Autumn, I believe the recipe you should be looking at is the Antidote to Uncommon Poisons.” She turned to the Professor. “I was looking for more information while the ingredients boil. I am sorry Professor.” He looked at her warily. “You came in late correct?” She nodded. He flipped the pages of her book back to the Antidote to Uncommon Poisons and hit the page with his finger. “Then you should not rely on Albus Potter’s work and study this material yourself.”
Autumn looked down at the page, clearly uninterested. The conversation from earlier was still on her mind. “I apologize Professor. When I came in everything was done except for the Chizpurfle Carapaces. Reliance on charms was the only way through this. Albus has already asked me to finish the potion once the current ingredients finish boiling. I was trying to catch up with his understanding of Potions.” The Professor turned to Albus. “Is this true, Albus?” He nodded yes immediately. She was beginning to see how he fit into Slytherin. There was a realism to him that she suspected Harry Potter did not have. The Professor sighing. “Albus, I know you have a talent for Potions, but you cannot encourage other students to learn more then they are ready for. Autumn Kwon must start with the Potion from today’s class. We must evaluate where Mahoutokoro left them.” Now she really had to bite her tongue.
Albus bowed his head and apologized to the Professor. A few Gryffindor kids snickering. The Professor turned around and glared. “I was going to take points off of Slytherin, but after seeing how deplorable Gryffindor was in my class I would much rather take ten points off their house.” The other Gryffindor kids glared at them. It was a well known fact the Potion masters tended to be Slytherins. They always had to walk a finer line. Jasmine sighing dramatically in the background. The hard earned points she gave her house for her marvelous potion skills was now a waste.
He turned back towards Autumn, “If you are interested in Potions, come see me after class. I will lend you a book of supplementary material to start with.” Autumn nodded her head. “That would be lovely, Professor Lacertus.” Yea right. He smiled at the girl and moved on to check the other students work. Albus looked at her shocked. “He isn’t normally that nice even to us Slytherins.” Autumn shrugged. “Part of my charm I guess.” By that she meant her mother’s skill with charms. The potion’s top began to boil and Albus quickly turned the flame off. Autumn removing the vial from the burner and pouring the Chizpurfle Carapaces in. The potion turning a bright green. Professor Lacertus turned around to nod his head in approval. Autumn transferring the potion to a storage vial and labeling it with a big fake smile on her face.
When Potions was over she picked up a book from the Professor and followed everyone else out to the dining hall. She decided to walk with the Slytherin’s back and not with the Exchanges. The goal to delay the Bogarts conversation seemingly ridiculous. All of them looking at her with such curiosity. Not that she avoided much though. As soon as she sat down at the table Chigaru and Éoïse sat down right next to her. “So what was that about earlier with Professor Rhiannon?” asked Éoïse. He honesty showing the fact that hasn’t yet refined her tacts Chigaru reached for the food on the table, “Isn’t it obvious. Strong magic, but a weak mind.” Autumn glared at him. He obviously choosing to ignore the disdainful look.
Éoïse shook her head. “No. I was’t asking about that. I was asking about her fear. She was the only one with a laughing little girl.” Autumn looked at the French girl like she had just realized she was an idiot. Albus responding to her question from across the table. “It’s the fear of being happy. Autumn has self loathing problems.” She mentally took back the compliment she gave him earlier. He was just as bad as his father. Éoïse went silent. She was suddenly very interested in the potatoes on her plate. Scorpius laughing uneasily, “I wouldn’t let it bother you, Autumn. We’ve all had that fear once in our life. I’ve had it plenty of times. You know the whole Malfoy thing.” Albus just kicked him under the table to shut up. The hypocrisy of it all.
Autumn instead turning her attention to the owl’s flying in with the mail. Letters falling into wizards and witches laps. A small letter in a floral envelope falling on to hers. She opened it quickly. A sweet voice with a strong Scottish accent speaking out,
Dear Autumn,
How are you? Is everything ok? Are the people nice? Do you like Slytherin? Have you made any friends? Please write to your father and I soon. We miss you. 
P.s. There are charm bracelets in the envelope. Go give them out.
Autumn sighed and pulled out the charm bracelets. She handed the pale pink one to Éoïse. “This is a beauty charm. It will keep your skin clear.” She smiled and grabbed the charm from Autumn. The blue relaxation charm was given to Scorpius, the green protection charm to Albus, the dark red resolution charm to Chigura and she kept the purple sleep charm. The other charms stayed in the envelope for her to give to the other Exchanges later. Lunch passed by quickly father that.
Everyone heading to Herbology. Many of the students seemed happy to see the legendary Professor Longbottom. Autumn herself excited to meet him. He was teaching the class on Chinese Chomping Cabbage. Autumn and Katsumi both groaned. They were both feeling disappointed. Hogwarts had better mandrake education then their school. Mahoutokoro didn’t even cover Chinese Chomping Cabbage. In the East it was something all kids learned how to deal with from their parents at the lunch table. The whole class Autumn and Katsumi watched Jasmine fight the struggle to stab the cabbage repeatedly for trying to bite everything. Noah seemed fixated on the number of leaves his cabbage had. Éoïse attracting all other attention with her brilliant display of French salad. 
After Herbology was free time. However, the Exchanges were required to head to the Quiditch field. Try outs had already occured, but each house was allowed to test their Exchanges since they came late. Katsumi relieved to be handed his pale blue balance charm from Autumn’s mother. Everyone eagerly wanting to get on broomsticks and impress people. Jasmine and Katsumi both at the front of the line. Autumn happily at the back.
“Alright, Exchanges let’s see what you got.” said the Hufflepuff Prefect. Everyone immediately told their broom to fly. A mixed collection of kids zooming in the air. The Gryffindor Prefect looking at Autumn to join everyone. “I don’t really want to play Quiditch. Can’t I skip this?” He looked at her in confusion. “No. It is on your schedule.” The female Gryffindor Prefect put her hand on his shoulder. They must of been a couple. “Let the little Slytherin girl stay on the ground. She’s allowed to be scared.” Gryffindor’s dark side coming out.
The two Slytherin Prefects glared at her in frustration. Autumn glaring at the Gryffindor Prefects. “Fly.” Her broom zoomed off the ground. Autumn feeling sick to her stomach. The others already in the middle of a game. Jasmine was one team’s seaker. Katsumi the other’s. Noah flew over to her side. “It’s Slytherin and Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.” Wow. That really shocked her. She yelled at Éoïse to toss her the beaters bat. The dainty French girl should not be the one holding it. She switched with the other french girl and became the Keeper. 
Katsumi waved at her from below. Both him and Jasmine were waiting for the Snitch to be released. Autumn just ket cursing in her head. She hated being on broomstick. It made her sick to her stomach. Still, hitting Bludgers away was good stress relief. Every time one got close to a teammate she hit it back at the other team. She was not particularly strong, but she had good aim. The bludgers appearing in the other teams blindspots. By the time the snitch was released the only player that hadn’t been hit by a Bludger on the other team was Jasmine. Her race with Katsumi an epic exchange of red and green.
Autumn fully expected Katsumi to win. He was one of the best seekers Mahoutokoro had ever had. However, Jasmine’s skill on a broom and her clever flying allowed her to steal the snitch at the last second. All of them landing to an extremely ecstatic Gryffindor. “Nice steal.” Katsumi said, shaking her hand. Jasmine smiled. “You are pretty good.” They smiled at each other and walked back to their sides. Ravenclaw immediately having him join the Quidditch team. Éoïse turning out to be a surprising brilliant keeper, joined Slytherin’s team. When the Prefects turned to ask her if she was interested in being a Beater she put her hand up to stop them. “Only in an emergency.”
She walked away from them hoping to enjoy some free time this chaotic day. Autumn beating everyone back to the Slytherin common room. When she entered she found Scorpius and Albus playing wizard’s chess in the lounge area. She pulled over a chair to watch the match. Scorpius was clearly doing a better job at getting his pieces to go where they wantexd him too, but Albus was a much craftier player.
“Have you guys been playing chess this whole time?” She asked them. Scorpius nodded. “Albus was waiting for you.” Albus looked away from the board and at his friend. “Scorpius.” Scorpius looked from Albus to Autumn and then looked away awkwardly. Autumn laughed, “What’s up, Potter?” His faced turned white and he started to fidget with his hands. “I was wondering if you wanted to study. I know it’s your first day and you are probably exhausted, but we have a test coming up in Potions and Divination and…”
Autumn cracked up laughing. “You want to help me study Divination?” Albus shook his head no. “I was hoping you would help Scorpius and I. In return I can help you with the Potions test.” Autumn looked at Albus and smiled. “Sure. I would be honored to help you two with Divination.” The two sighed in relief. Their chess pieces rioting on the board. Autumn turned to the chess pieces and wagged her finger at them. “Oh shush you little pieces. You both know Albus is going to win in three moves.” The pieces stopped rioting and became still.
Scorpius looked at her and then Albus. “You are three moves away! Where?” Albus looked at Autumn in shock. “How did you know.” Sh just shrugged and headed over to a table across the room. “Come find me when you guys are done and ready to study.” When she was gone, Albus quickly cleared the board. Scorpius protesting, “Hey, I could of stopped it!” Albus looked at his friend and Scorpius sighed, “alright, alright. It was game.” The two of them walked over to the fridge to get Gillywater and then headed over to the tables. Chigaru and Éoïse already setting up to study too.
The Slytherins studying and laughing until the wee hours of the night. The Prefect coming down to yell at them to go to bed. All of them too tired to talk anymore. A peaceful, dreamless night awaiting all of them.
-The End

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