HP 10

Carson was content enough with Autumn’s response regarding her mother. Before our dark one returned…How dull. Katsumi’s additives on the topic were received with minimal insight. After all, Carson wasn’t too interested in a by who couldn’t even sit properly without being scolded first. Watching how swift Autumn’s tightening of reigns on the poor boy was applied only served to further solidify his opinions. The boy’s thoughts on potential courses made him positive the boy would no doubt go into Ravenclaw- another Chadwick to welcome into the world. Hearing word on the girls’ parents filled him with a sense of content- he was going to be two for two at this rate.

Chadwick listened to Katsumi eagerly. “Oh yes, our transfiguration department has made a bit of a name for itself over the years. You should look in on a first year course; it’s a great way to lighten your day.” Bits of a smile formed. “Defense Against the Dark Arts is a hit or miss subject. It all depends on the professor we have.”

“And we never have the same professor for more than a single year.” Carson interjected, his gaze flickering to the door only to see the trolley woman. Nicole was certainly keeping busy with her Quidditch boys and it was quite early, even for her.

The sight of so many sweets took Mina for surprise. “Oh! Thank you.” She had been about to buy herself something, but instead took a single chocolate frog. Carson helped himself to a licorice wand meanwhile Chadwick took a pumpkin pasty. “Thank you. Do you have any similar sweets back home?” Chadwick asked before taking a bite.

Just then the door slid open to reveal a young woman. She was short in stature with a pixie hair style and yellow adorning her robes. “I heard you guys were in here, so I thought I’d pop in.” Entering the cabin she leaned over and gave Mina a greeting kiss on the cheek before doing the same for Carson. When her sights set on Chadwick she merely watched him for a moment before giving him a hug. The type of hug that went on for just a moment too long. Once satisfied she looked to the two newcomers. “Hi, you must be exchange students. I’m Jen.” She held her hand out to greet them though her gaze scrutinized Autumn in a matter of seconds before moving on to the boy. Hmmm, he seemed the type. Quite, nerdy…foreign…a good type. Not waiting for an invitation she sat down next to the boy. “I see you’ve already met my best friends. Too bad I was caught up or else I could have gotten you know you better!”

Chadwick had no problems with hugs or really talking to anyone- except Jen. Just feeling her pressed against him gave him a nasty taste in his mouth. It was a relief when she didn’t try to squeeze in next to him. Glancing at Carson and Mina he could see Carson’s amusement at his discomfort meanwhile Mina was watching Jen as if she was just waiting to see where this went.

Carson smirked at the display. Jen wasn’t the person he was friends with for any sort of gain rather than the amusement gathered from watching her just be herself. It was like watching a train wreck. He just couldn’t look away and he known her long enough to know the Katsumi boy was in her current line of fire- not that it meant much. Jen was the type to cast wide net in order to hedge her bets. In fact, there was already one person in this cabin who had gotten trapped in the past.

“We should get together after you’re all sorted in your houses. I can give you guys a tour of some of the less well known places. Yeah?” Jen’s hand slid to the boys arm. Carson had to look at the ceiling to keep from snorting.


I Hope You Die – Bloodhound Gang

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