HP 11

Autumn found herself dully gazing out at the changing scenery as the others in the cabin talked. It was not surprising to hear Hogwarts couldn’t maintain a more permanent Professor. She slowly turned to see who took sweets.

Mina selected a chocolate frog: sweet and hyper. Ironic. Carson selected a licorice wand: how predictable. While the brunette..Chad…Chadwick selected a pumpkin pasty: how homely of him. All in all they were prudent predictable sorts. If Carson was just as he presented himself here none of them should really be an issue for Katsumi. The sad part was Autumn was going to have to spend the time knowing if there was an if. Especially the way Katsumi’s eyes lit up everytime Chadwick delivered another fun fact.

Autumn shook her head no. Katsumi about to correct her when the door opened. What a horrendous sight. Not only was she looking at a short….a short spikey thing, but it wore those mustard yellow rimmed robes. It was like watching an internet video of children who mistreated their pets. The poor hedgehog.

Autumn leaned back into the cushion to allow the girl space to give the other side greetings. Katsumi scooting in closer towards her to follow suit. How garrish. Her greetings consisted of a fake kiss on the cheek and an awkwardly drawn out hug. This hedgehog was simply unaware of how badly she had been made up. o seriously think a short exchange of glances and an ounce of awkward attention to a possibly… ex? Would make any sort of point in this cabin. The whole thing was just a horrendous display of uncomfort. Perhaps, this was the result of failing to get into Slytherin: mustard yellow.

When she turned to acknowledge her and Katsumi, Autumn wanted to scoff. She looked her up and down and said nothing. She certainly also did not touch her hand. Katsumi glancing over to her for help was worrisome. The answer was just don’t engage. Honestly, why was he this dense.

It turns out Katsumi’s inability to read a situation didn’t even matter. The girl on her own leisure sat down centimeters from him. Her eyes narrowed as the girl continued to talk. Best friends? Isn’t that counter intuitive to your hedgehog points. There is no way you are getting to know Katsumi better.

Then it happened. The girl slid her arm through Katsumi’s as if they had been long time friends or lovers. She could see the anxiety on Katsumi’s face. Maybe it was the irritation from having to solve all of his problems, or maybe it was the irritation from having met such a dense intrusive person, but Autumn felt like she had been given to say what she wanted to say.

“It is highly unlikely that we will be requiring your services as a tour guide. As neither of us will most likely end up in your condiment colored attire.”

She smiled at Katsumi. ” Koko ni Kite. Iie, Yujo.”

Autumn watching Katsumi disentangle himself from Jen and scoot over. She turned back to the girl. “Chadwick, Carson and Mina have already offered their services. Finding lesser known place shouldn’t be too hard with the help of three well know houses. All who live away from the kitchens.”

She slowly took one of the chocolate frog boxes off of Katsumi’s lap. Before she opened it she tilted the box slightly towards jen. It’s not like she was expected to know of what the snack did. So she opened it immediately and watched as the frog jumped right on the girl’s lap.

Autumn leaning down to whisper loudly to Katsumi, “Don’t tell her your name.” When she was sitting back up she tilted her head towards Chadwick. “I’m sure you would know how to stop the snack?” Her eyes seemingly smiling along with her when they caught site of the frog jumping to the top of her head. Autumn simply opening her gillywater for a refreshing sip.


Chocolate Frog Scene

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