HP 13

Autumn found one thing pleasant about the whole interaction: she got to relive stress. Watching the girl flail around from a chocolate frog was quite amusing. Katsumi had scooted even closer to her to take refuge from her arms. It was so enjoyable to watch. Autumn losing her smile when Chadwick so timely froze the frog. He needed to learn to enjoy others misery more. Her eyes perking up at the sight of Jen throwing it at him. How inconsiderate. She felt her kimono sleeve rise to cover her mouth as a light chuckle escaped her lips at Jen’s goodbye. After the door closed Katsumi scooted away from her. He sighed wearily. “I don’t like her very much…”

They arrived in Hogsmeade around the evening. Within the chaos that was Hogwarts’ students the two exchanges simply followed behind their cabinmates silently. The pair arriving to standing front of a row of carriages. A male voice calling out to them. Autumn turned to look at a tall well built boy. Why was everyone so tall in this country? With his red robes and carefree attitude it was not surprising for him to be an associate of Mina. She turned to check on Katsumi during their exchange. He was fidgeting in front of Chadwick. Please Kami. Pleeeease.

Her attention turning back to Mina and the rest at the sound of her name. He was polite. “Thank you.” She said. Her attention turning to Carson. Ah. Green vs red rivalry was in the works. Autumn watching Katsumi enter the carriage with Chadwick. Autumn turned to Mina. “I’m sure they have people for that.” She glanced at the girl and the horse before entering the carriage. Once inside she found that Katsumi had ended up next to Chadwick. She sat quietly down next to Carson. “Not a fan of Quidditch?”


When they got off the carriage, Autumn and Katsumi saw the Durmstrung exchanges waving at them. The others beside them seemed to be waiting by one of the halls with a solemn looking female professor. Autumn nodded her head at Mina. “Please, excuse us.” She took Katsumi’s hand and began to pull him over to the exchange group.

Once over there one of the Durmstring students laughed. “So you did manage to find a place to sit with other.” Autumn raised her eyebrow. Why were Durmstrung men always so arrogant.The blonde girl besides him smiled before pulling Autumn forward towards her.“Ce n’est pas nécessaire.” Her expression softened. The girl besides her shot the two boys a look. The other exchange students chuckling. The gloomy looking teacher rushing them to follow her. “Come on already.”

The small group was herded to wait outside the doors of the great hall. Once everyone was seated inside the doors opened once again. Where the teacher lead them to stand behind a line of young first years. When the first years were done being sorted the Headmistress stood up once again to give an introduction. Autumn zoning out until the names began to be called.

“Adeline Dubois Bellchant and Éoïse Brodeur Bellchant from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Come forward.” The two French girls walked away from Autumn over to the stage. A stool and hat was waiting for them. Adeline sat down first. All of the new students shocked to see the hat come to life. She was sorted immediately into Ravenclaw. Her creative immediately into Slytherin. It seemed like a very quick process. Students from both houses stood up and cheered. The relatives kissing each other on the cheek goodbye before they found seating in their respective houses.

“Matheus and Larissa Oliveira from Castelobruxo.” The twins both ended up sorted into Gryffindor. No one seemed that surprised by it.

“Pyotr and Ilich Aleksandrov Tchaikovsky from Durmstrung.” The room seemed shocked by their sorting into Hufflepuff. The mustard colored robes. The brothers simply shrugged and looked for comfortable seating at their new table.

“Noah Ackerman and Charity from Ilvermony.” Noah went first. He was immediately sorted into Ravenclaw. The sorting hat not even touching his head. Charity was the first to have the sorting hat to debate. When the words Slytherin and Gryffindor came out everyone looked shocked. That was not the most popular split decision. However, she ended up in Gryffindor by her own choosing.

“Autumn Kwon and Katsumi Kurosawa from Mahoutokoro.” Autumn walked over to the chair first. The hat settling on her head. “Hmm, difficult. You have a mind I see. There’s talent oh yes. But where to put you? A thirst to prove yourself, perhaps?” Autumn glanced over at the table with the green colored robes. “Slytherin. I want Slytherin.” The hat hummed on her head. “Not Ravenclaw? Are you sure? You could learn a lot from them?” She shook her head no. The Sorting Hat concluding, “If you’re sure… SLYTHERIN.” Autumn stood up and casually walked over to the Slytherin table. She slid down next to the blonde from before, Éoïse.” The girl was smiling at her. Katsumi went up next. The hat immediately announcing Ravenclaw for him. Autumn was not surprised to see him slide down next to Chadwick smiling.

“Chigaru Ajanlekoko and Amara Jabari from Uagadou.” The boy, Chigaru, was sorted into Slytherin. The girl, Amara, into Gryffindor. Chigaru sliding down on the other side of Éoïse.

With the sorting done the Headmistress once again took to the podium. “Now that the sorting has taken place, take the time to get to know your housemates. They will be your closest allies this upcoming year.” She turned around to go sit down at the Professor’s table. The room coming back to life.


Sorting Hat Scene

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