HP 14

Carson scoffed. “There’s nothing wrong with the sport. I just with the Gryffindor meat heads whose over inflated egos gives them the illusion that just because they have some talent they’re kings.” He replied with ease. “Everything is showmanship with them.” Just as he finished Mina climbed aboard and settled next to Chadwick with a soft huff.
Chadwick could see a collection of exchange students forming and as such wasn’t surprised when Autumn excused them. He gave them a nod of encouragement. “Good luck.” The Englishman offered a small wave meanwhile Mina shot them a thumbs-up. “Bye guys.” When she turned to enter Carson gave her a parting kiss on the cheek before entering the Great Hall to join his lot.

“I’ll catch you later. Try not go overboard on the pumpkin tonight.” Mina teased, giving Chadwick’s arm a small squeeze and then disappearing in the swarm of students. She ended up sitting next to Landon and a few of his Quidditch pals. “I thought you were going to ditch us fer yer new mates.” Landon joked, his eyes washing over his plate every now and again waiting for the feast to appear. “They have to be sorted first you twit.” Mina shot back.

Chadwick eased his way over to the Ravenclaw table where a girl by the name of Aria was already holding a spot for him. “How was the vacation?” Her voice was soft and unassuming. “Just helping my parents with the family business and visiting people when I could. How were your travels. I got your letters, but I’m afraid my owl might have taken a while to find you.” He admitted with a sheepish chuckle. “Oh it took at least three weeks, but I did get them eventually.” She assured him easily.
When the Castelobruxo students were sorted into Gryffindor, the Gryffindor table erupted led in part by no other than Landon Eccles himself. Mina clapped along, spotting Nicole and giving her a brief wave. Nicole smiled back before beckoning the Matheus and Larissa. “Welcome to Gryffindor!” Nicole clapped in delight, leading them to a few open seats. “I’m Nicole Wiltshire.”

News of the Durmstrung boys being sorted into Hufflepuff was initially met by silence. The Hufflepuff students needing a moment to fully process before actually responding with cheers and applause. Jen’s eyes lit up at the sight of not one, but TWO Durmstrung boys joining their house. AND THEY WERE TWINS. It was as if they’d hit the lotto. The girls around her seemed to agree. Making the girls next to her scoot down she stood and promptly waved them over to join her.

From his head across the hall Carson smirked at Jen’s display. “Well she wastes no time.” He regarded her dismissively. “Has she ever? She always has to try and get the first taste.” Priscilla noted, matching Carson’s smirk. “Too bad she’s never the last. Then it might actually be impressive.” A dark haired boy by the name of Kenton sneered. At the announcement of another Gryffindor, the tree watched Nicole stand again to bring them over to the Gryffindor table. Well, now Carson knew why they hadn’t seen her earlier. No one’s sorting had caught him by surprise, especially Autumn’s. If anything he was pleased with having been correct on all accounts.

Chadwick had been watching the process quietly, cheering in turn for every student who was sorted into his house whether they be first years or exchange students. When Katsumi was sorted he cheered all the same and made room when he saw him coming over. “Congratulations! You’re officially an Eagle.” He grinned before turning to the others at the table and starting to introduce him. “Katsumi this is Aria, Selene, Hamilton…”

As soon as everyone was sorted, Landon looked at his plate and watched with a grin as their food finally appeared. He wasted no time meanwhile Mina took the time to see how the rest of the team had faired over summer.


Gryffindor House [ Kings & Queens ]

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