HP 15

Matheus and Larissa smoothly walked over towards the Gryffindor table. They were not the shy sorts. Immediately upon arrival, Matheus leaned forward towards the girl who had waved towards them. She was a little gatinha for sure. “Hello.” His sister Larissa turning to welcoming the other exchange Amara to sit besides her.

Pyotr and Illych hadn’t really cared about being sorted into Hufflepuff. That was until the room turned silent. Pyotr looking at his brother Illych to do something about the matter. He was met with a shrug. Illych casually walking over to the Hufflepuff table. Then the room erupted with the sounds of hollering. Pyotr sighing as he walked over to catch up with his brother. He found his brother had chosen for them to sit by a very excited short girl. He wasn’t in the mood to argue, and so when he sat down he turned to talk to the male across from them. “ Your name is…” The man smiled at him. “ Rory Wright. I am your Prefect.” He pointed to the girl besides him. She stuck out her hand. “ Poppy Evans. Your other Prefect.” Pyotr nodded his head and turned to his brother. At the sight of him holding court he sighed. He could of at least waited a moment….

Katsumi happily ran over to the Ravenclaw table and sat down right next to Chadwick. It finally felt like he had made the right decision coming here. He had got into the house he wanted and he had seemingly met a friend. Katsumi nodded his head at each of the people he was being introduced to. A girl from across the table clapped her hands. “Now, now everyone there is no need to overwhelm him.” She turned to him. “My name is Larkin, Lark for sure. I am one of your Prefects for the year. The other one…” She turned to point to the boy besides her, but he was busy eating. She coughed into her hand before continuing. “The other one is that nob Theo. If you have questions come to us, okay?” Theo looked up from his plate to smile. “Who are you again?” Adeline who had somehow been on Katsumi’s other side smiled at the table. “Je suis Adeline Dubois Bellchant.” She turned to look at the boy on her other side. He was still nervous. “Noah. Noah Ackerman.” Katsumi looked at the table of eyes on him. This was more nerve wracking then he thought…. “Kurosawa Katsumi…Uh. Iie. Uh. No. Katsumi Kurosawa actually.” Theo cracked up laughing. “well, which is it?” Katsumi’s face turned red. “Katsumi Kurosawa.” He leaned over the table to pat his head. “Alright, Kuro-kun.” Katsumi looked at him first with surprise and then with a hint of annoyance. “Actually, it’s-” Theo cut him off. “Let’s eat already.”

Autumn was swift to tune out the rest of the selection process after she confirmed Katsumi’s placement in Ravenclaw. Her attention to the blonde sitting next to her. She was reorganizing the table setting in front of her. It was oddly picteresque. It made her shudder. Her eyes drifting to look at the boy on her right. He sat perfectly silent and still like a statue….This was an interesting start. Across from them was a girl smiling, leaning on her elbows. “Celeste Carrow. Your Prefect for the year.” The boy besides her leaning in to her so their shoulders would touch as he leaned forward. “Balthazaar Burke. Your other one.” Celeste seemed to smile and tap his arm. They matched well together. Celeste smiled at them. “You three seem already acquainted with our house. That’s nice. No one likes to dull on about these things.” Balthazaar looked at her confused. “They have?” A boy a little ways down leaned forward to chip in. “They rode in a carriage with Carson.” He then turned to look at the three of them. “Barnaby. Barnaby Burke, in case you were wondering.” Autumn nodded her head slowly at the boy before turning back to the other two. The girl besides her, Eloise, turned to the boy on her right. “Yes, Chigaru. They are Pure-Bloods.” Autumn blinked a few times before turning to look at the silent statue. He still seemed like a statue. But his lips did open slightly to exhale, “How did you know?” Eloise shrugged. “Isn’t obvious?” Autumn turned back to look at her. She certainly had the assurance in herself a Slytherin apparently had. Celeste smiled at him sweetly. Autumn thought she could see venom dripping from fangs. “While it is true we do value a certain standard amongst our house there is no need to feel pressure to accumulate, so quickly.” Balthazaar smiled at them. It was slightly less reptilian. “We are quite aware that each Wizarding community holds their own beliefs. So just try your best while you’re here, alright?” Barnaby got up from ways down the table and sandwiched himself down between his brother?…..and the man besides him. He was the only one with a pleasant smile. “So, what’s your community like?” Autumn blinked a few times confused. What? Eloise pushed a few strands behind her ears. “The Bellchant name is associated with money. I believe it is somewhat of note here as well.” Barnaby pulled out a note pad and a quill. Was he taking notes? The boy turned to Chigaru. He did it! The lips moved again! “My family is a pure-blood clan of chieftains.” I guess that is a long sentence if it came from him. Barnaby turned to Autumn. “And yours?” She shrugged. “My mother is a pure-blood wizard from Scotland. My father is a pure-blood Japanese wizarding clan.” She watched him quickly scribble the notes. Celeste smiling pleasantly. “Really? I hadn’t heard that.” Her eyes moving to slightly glance over Carson. She expected more as their house Prefect. Balthazaar smiled lightly. “Which Family?” Autumn shrugged casually. “Prince.” Barnaby dropped his quill. Celeste covered her mouth in shock and Balthazaar laughed nervously. “That family hasn’t been around in years, you see and…” Autumn only shrugged again. “They just didn’t go to Hogwarts anymore. I forget the whole story. I’m sure my mother would remember.” Celeste and Balthazaar nodded slowly. Barnaby picked up his quill again. His eyes shinning. What inquisitive spirit. “Please be sure to ask your mother for the whole story next time!” Autumn nodded her head slowly. “Sure…” A part of her sighing inwardly. Why her mother told her to use Prince as her heritage she would never know. It was her mother’s surname at school. Not their actual surename…

When dinner was over everyone stood up to leave. It was time to head back to the dorms.

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