HP 16

Nicole suppressed her excitement at having the privilege to welcome such a…handsome exchange student. “Gryffindor has a habit of bombarding their exchange students once we’re in the common room, so I just want to warn you now in case it’s a bit much.” As if on cue, two boys leaned forward. “Nice to you, guys. I’m William and this here is Stavros.” A fair-haired boy with a slender build introduced himself with a gesture to a larger built, dark haired counterpart. They both seemed quite taken with the female exchange students. William staring at Amara whilst Stavros allowed himself the pleasure of appreciating Larissa. “If you need anything. Feel free to come to us with any questions.”

Jen was absolutely taken with the twin closest to her- Illych. He was practically perfect. “You’re the first exchange students we’ve had in a while. We’ll be sure to make you feel right at home.” Resting her hand on his arm she gave him a light squeeze. Oh yeah. He was built. “I know all of the secret passage ways and everything, so you guys’ll have a good time.” She added, ignoring the other girls redundant prattle. “Are you excited to be sorted with your brother?”

Chadwick turned his attention to the lovely girl from Beauxbaton in order to better catch her name. Leaning farther over to see Noah he gave him a polite nod. Turning his attention to his plate it was almost took him a moment to register Katumi’s answer; er- attempt at answering. He wondered if this was his first time really being separated from his friend. Watching Theo shut him down so abruptly caused a small furrow of his brow. “It’s Katsumi, Theo. At least learn the poor chaps name before you gorge.” A short lived chuckle escaped the young man before he rightly returned to his food.

Carson, who had been listening in on the conversation taking place a mere table- met eyes with Celeste briefly. He wasn’t in the habit of snooping into the lives of others if there wasn’t a pay off just like he wasn’t in the habit of sharing information with people for no reason. The girl was in Slytherin. They could extract whatever information they wanted from her. It wasn’t as if exchange students usually carried much weight anyway. The family name Prince ignited a low burning fire of curiosity; however. Now that was an interesting name to have resurrected. At least she was in the right house for it. Others might not welcome her so gracefully.

When dinner ended the first to depart were the first years who were always given enough time to be shown the ways of their future common rooms without the added hassle of dealing with six years-worth of students running around. Nicole stood from the Gryffindor table and rounded the first years with a small clap. “This way guys. Time to show you your rooms.” She gave Russel a quick nudge for him to follow suit. Before leaving she turned to the exchange students. “You guys will come with those in your current, so just hang tight.”

Jen waited until the first years had enough time to settle in before turning her attention back to their golden boys. “Are you guys ready to see your new home?” She could tell a few girls had been waiting for a chance to ask themselves, but the early bird catches the worm. Or more aptly put- you can’t just stare at them all day.

As time went on students began trickling back to their common rooms until the Great Hall was bare save the empty plates slowly disappearing into the kitchens.
The next morning Mina sat in the Great Hall reading a copy of the Daily Prophet over a piping hot breakfast. A letter sat unopened next to her plate. Her schedule for the year. She had a habit or rising early and was one of few who had bothered to wake this early. By the time she had finished reading the Great Hall was buzzing with excitement.

Jen was sitting with a beyond pleased expression as she chatted with her girlfriends. A few squeals could be heard from the table. A sound that was like grating chalkboard on Chadwick’s ears. He sighed and took a bite of sausage. Somehow her voice carried in a way that shouldn’t be possible. Shaking the thoughts from his mind he turned to his comrade. “That letter is your schedule for the year. It’ll list out all of your free periods- if you have any, and explain the time slots. A lot of them will the same as ours when it comes to core classes, but your electives might not be the same.” He explained, earning a few nods of agreement from his fellow Ravenclaw students. “So what did you get Katsumi?” Aria asked curiously.


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