HP 17

Matheus nodded his head at Nicole. Besides, being Gatinha she seemed to have the right back bone for her position. Her words were informative, polite, straight forward and still pleasant to the ear. This of course was no where as pleasant as if he would be the one to say it. They didn’t say latin languages were romantic for nothing. “It’ll be alright-” His words cut off by the two men introducing themselves. William and Stavros. The Stavros character was enjoying the view of his sister too much for his liking. However, by the way Larissa was leaning she was probably enjoying the attention. William on the other hand was practically drooling at the Ugadou exchange Amara. He turned so he could get a better look at her. Well, she was muito lindo. He leaned towards her. “Amara, Sim Senhora?” Amara turned her attention away from William. “Correct.” He smiled at her. “Between us amigos, I think your friend missed out.” Amara nodded her head. “I do not think he will enjoy the snake pit.” Matheus sighed inwardly. She was going to be a tough noz to crack.

Illych wasn’t really paying attention to any singular girl at the Hufflepuff table. Although, the Hufflepuff prefect was cute in a young love sort of way. His thoughts on categorizing his assumptions on where the girls lay on the open relationship pond when he felt a squeeze on his bicep. He turned to face the girl who had done it. It was Joan? Jess? Jen! Right…. It can be so hard to remember so many names when they all fly at you at once. He looked her up and down in appraisal. She wasn’t bad looking at all. You could say she had all the right material, but too much of a try hard attitude. It ruined the natural goods. Illych smirked at her. “All the secret passageways, huh?” He leaned in closer to her. “You may just have to become my new best friend here in Hogwarts.” Illych leaning away at the mention of his brother. He put his arm around Pyotr sighing. “Excited? Nem. A testverem and I have always been together. It is just expected.” Pyotr nodded his head sighing. In a much more dismal tone, “Igen, It is expected.”

Theo, just swatted away Chadwick’s retort. He absolutely adored the cauldron cakes the kitchens made. He had been trying to replicate the recipe all summer, but alas. It seemed to need a House Elf’s touch to actually come out magical. Katsumi on the other hand seemed to smile a bit at Chadwick’s remark. “There’s no need too…Er. Thank you.” Adeline patted his leg and leaned forward to whisper in Katsumi’s ear. “Now, now Katsumi. We musn’t be too obvious about these things.” Katsumi choking on his roll. Noah hurriedly handed him a glass of water. While, Adeline…. She had already turned to strike about conversation anew with a girl by the name of Celine.

As dinner ended and people began to linger out of the halls, Autumn had started to walk towards Katsumi to check in on him when Eloise grabbed her hand. “Non. He is fine.” Autumn turned to look at Eloise annoyed. A scowl appearing on her face. “I thought it was basic manners to not involve yourself in other’s personal affairs.” Eloise simply smiled at her. “Possibly, but it is also proper manners to simply stay for your introduction ceremony.” Autumn turned to follow Eloise’s Gaze. Celeste, Balthhazaar, Barnaby and Chigaru were waiting for the two of them by the door. Autumn could only sigh. “Point taken.” The two walking over to their housemates. When they arrived Balthazaar smiled. “Excellent. We can now begin our-” Celeste smiling as she cut him off. “First, we will show you where our dorm is. Second we shall show you to your rooms. Eloise, Autumn you will be with me. While Chigaru will be with-” “Me, of course.” Interrupted Balthazaar with a huge smile. Celeste nodded before continuing. “Thirdly, you shall be given the remainder of the night as free time. Where we encourage you to get used to your new robes and house mates-” “Just not too used to it. It wouldn’t be very good and all if you broke in your housemates too early.” Laughed Balthazaar interrupting once again. Before Celeste could speak Barnaby groaned. “Oh, just get a room already you two and stop flirting. This is an introduction not your boudoir.” He turned back to the three exchange students and promptly began walking out of the dining hall backwards. “Hogwarts was founded in 990 A.D. by the four founding wizards and witches: Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin…” It seems they were expected to follow. So they did…. With the two elder Prefects sighing. It was times like these Balthazaar found it a miracle his younger brother actually ended up in Slytherin. If being a pureblood didn’t count for something…

Autumn sat at the dining table feeling more tired then she should be. She had been kept up almost all night in-between Barnaby’s incessant inquisition, her new housemates apparently thorough rundown on the social politics of the school and worst of all the determined force that was Eloise Bellchant. Not only was she Autumn’s roommate, but she may be the very thing put on this planet to stop her from sleep. As she felt herself falling forward from lack of sleep a small hint of irritation filled her at the sight of how put together, rested and all around pretty Eloise looked. She wanted to grumble. Balthazaar leaned forward from across the table to pat her shoulder. When did she actually fall forward on the table? “The first night is always quite tough with, Lettice Macmillan’s and Oswin Nott’s run down on the school.” Celeste nodded with her morning tea in hand. “Oh yes. They are the pride and joy of our house.” The words coming off quite sarcastic. Barnaby leaned down from across the table. “Oi. Did you three open your schedule yet?” Balthazaar sighed answering for them. “Oi, slacker. You aren’t even in their year. You won’t be in their classes. Just enjoy the friends you got.” Barnaby frowned at his brother. But the girl besides him put her hand on top of his and shook her head no… Her name was Rowena?…No. That’s not it. That was someone else. It was……Rhoda? No. Reinett. Right. It was Reinett O’Brien. Her relatives were in…Hufflepuff. Ouch. Those mustard yellow robes. She sighed and looked down at her envelope. Slowly she opened it to reveal her schedule:

MON- Charms / DADA / Apparations / LUNCH / Transfiguration / Potions

TUES- Herbology / Arithmancy / Potions / LUNCH / Study of Ancient Runes / Divinations

WED- Charms / Transfigurations / Potions / LUNCH / Free Period / DADA

THU – Free Period (COMC) / Potions / Alchemy / Lunch / Herbology / Transfigurations

It didn’t seem too bad. Eloise leaned over from besides her. “Looks like you have just about everything. Ah. Where’s Care of Magical Creatures?” Autumn waved her hands back and forth. “Animals don’t like me. Mahoutokoro will have to forgive me not taking one class.” She glanced over at Eloise it was almost the exact same schedule. “Besides, you aren’t in it either.” Her nose wrinkled in distaste. “Please. Like you would see me rolling around in the dirt for some filthy animal.” Chigaru looked up from his own schedule. “Not all animals are filthy.” Eloise leaned over Autumn and patted his shoulder. “If you must tell yourself that, Ma puce.” Chigaru looked away grumbling. “I don’t have fleas…” Autumn groaned. She could even get under a statue’s skin.

Katsumi hadn’t slept very well at all last night. His new roommate, Noah snored. Loudly. He was thankful for the cup of coffee pushed towards him by Celine. It was the only reason why he registered the question asked to him by Chadwick. Katsumi slowly opened his schedule and showed it to Chadwick before even looking at it himself. “It’s probably horrendous. We are required to take as many /all classes available to us.” He leaned forward to grab a spoonful of sausages. Celine nodded her head slowly. “You certainly are in every avalaible class.” Katsumi started to cut his sausages into an octopus shape. It reminded him of home. “Well, at least I have built in tutors with the house I’m in.” He sighed wearily as he gulped down more coffee…


Nervous – Shawn Mendes

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