HP 18

Aria nodded quietly before turning to Chadwick. “You didn’t take Care of Magical Creatures or Muggle Studies this year, right?” “No. I wanted to use the free period to study.” Chadwick explained, filling a bowl with porridge and adding a generous amount of honey. “I figured as much.” Aria agreed. With a quick flick of her wrist, the young woman opened their schedules to give a quick appraisal. Not a single surprise was found. Chadwick noted the nod from Aria and looked at their colleagues. Flicking his gaze to the young man’s schedule he nodded slowly, waiting to finish a bite of porridge before speaking. “Looks like we’ll have most classes together save Magical Creatures.” Mornings were a bit rough for Chadwick with the boy never fully awake until the first class started and given it would be Charms this year- he needed to be at full attention by then. Seeing Aria hand over his own schedule he set it down on the table a quick once over:

MON- Charms / Defense Against the Dark Art / Apparition / LUNCH / Transfiguration / Potions
TUES- Herbology / Arithmancy / Potions / LUNCH / Study of Ancient Runes / Divinations
WED- Charms / Transfigurations / Potions / LUNCH / Free Period / DADA
THU – Free Period / Potions / Alchemy / Lunch / Herbology / Transfigurations

Mina had just finished her last bite of toast with the intention of standing to leave. Too bad Landon had arrived in that instant with his arm casual draped around her shoulder to give a light shake. “Mornin’! Yer always up so early! It’s the first day, mate. Sleep in. I promise it won’t kill ya.” Landon chuckled. “I guess I just don’t need as much beauty sleep.” Mina retorted cheekily, waving as more Gryffindor students filled the space around them. “Yeah, Yeah. So, what’s the schedule this year?” Landon asked, opening his own to compare with the rest of the team. Mina followed suit just as Nicole walked by. “Oh! Let’s see what we have!” Nicole leaned over Mina to see what everyone had. “This is me.” Mina pointed to her own schedule.

MON- Charms / DADA / Free Period / LUNCH / Transfiguration / Potions
TUES- Herbology / Muggle Studies / Potions / LUNCH / Study of Ancient Runes / Divination
WED- Charms / Transfigurations / Potions / LUNCH / Free Period / Defense Against the Dark Arts
THU – Care of Magical Creatures / Potions / Alchemy / LUNCH / Herbology / Transfiguration

“Oi, yer taking Muggle Studies this year? Everyone knows that Professor is a real leach on the girl students.” Landon pulled a face. “So, I guess I won’t see you there then?” Mina remained unbothered by Landon’s remark. “You’d first see me in Astronomy again, mate and the day I’m in astronomy is the same day I’ve been kidnapped.” Landon joked, earning a few laughs from his fellow Quidditch players. Mina simply rolled her eyes and stood, “Always so dramatic”. “We’ll see you in Charms then, yeah?” Landon called. “Sure thing, mate.” Mina teased, flashing him a smile before leaving the Great Hall.

Chadwick noticed many students starting to take their leave and followed suit. “I guess it’s time. Are you ready for the first day?” He smiled at Kastumi, now fully alert. “I’m sure the Prefects are going to want to take you to class, but we’ll save a spot for you. The seating arrangement can seem a bit strange on the first day.” A few others nodded in agreement while collecting their things. “We’ll see you in there.” Aria gave their new additions a wave before rejoining Chadwick’s side.

After comparing schedules with her friends, Nicole went to check on her exchange students. “Morning guys. I take it you’ve all gotten to look at your schedules and since you’re all sixth years you probably noticed a lot of overlap. The first class for us is Charms, so if everyone has finished breakfast I’ll take you over and show you the seating arrangements.” She hadn’t seen her partner yet, but figured he was finishing paper work he had forgotten to finish the night before. How he’d managed the title of prefect was often lost on her. Nonetheless, they’d known each other for year. Once her three were ready she led them out of the hall and to the Charms room. The Charms class was held in Class 99 in the South Tower. Once inside she began to explain where they’d be sitting. “Each house has their own column or row of tables in each class. In Charms we go by rows and Gryffindor sits in the second. You can pick anywhere you’d like within that row, so don’t be shy. Everyone tends to just fill in.” As she spoke she watched a familiar Gryffindor face slip in. “Isn’t that right, Mina?” Mina looked over a bit caught off guard. “Oh! Um-yeah. We all just try to figure it out.” She agreed before taking a spot next to the window.

It wasn’t until the first students appeared in the Charms classroom, that Carson could be seen making his way over to a table in the Slytherin section. Priscilla arrived shortly after to take a seat next to him. “You weren’t at breakfast this morning.” She observed, busying herself with pulling out her books. “There were some…preliminary things to sort out for the year.” Carson replied quietly whilst watching Ravenclaws make their way to their respective area. “Anything interesting?” Priscilla began to pry, but Carson merely offered her a smile. “Quite.”

Soon Landon and his hoard of Quidditch mates entered the room. Upon seeing their Gryffindor exchange students Landon lit up. “Hey guys! I didn’t realize Nicole was bringing you guys so early. Nice to meet ya.” He stepped forward to shake each of their hands. “This is Landon Eccles. He’s captain of our Quidditch team.” Nicole’s gaze lingered on the man as she spoke. “Don’t be intimidated. He’s loud, but is usually pretty kind.” Landon chuckled at being spoken about right in front of his face. “If ya guys were lookin’ for a place to sit you can come right over with us.” Looking at Matheus again he couldn’t help himself, draping an arm around the guys shoulder and leading him over to the tables. “Have ya ever thought about playin’ Quidditch?”


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