HP 19

Katsumi looked up wearily from the table. Eh? Charms? Eh? Now? “Eto…. Boku wa nemutai desu.” He took another sip of his coffee. Eh? Pre-fe-ke-tu? Katsumi blinked a few times before realizing what Chadwick was trying to convey to him. “Alright. I am sure I can pick it up. Apparently, that’s my only skill set. Learning things.” He sighed wearily and poured himself more coffee. Katsumi honestly wanted to know how people could function on such little sleep. These classes in the morning better be easy. He felt a pat on his shoulder. “Wake up sleepy head. We have a reputation to uphold and you sleeping in class won’t help it.” He looked up to see Theo grinning at him. He groaned. Lark flicked Theo’s forehead. “Honestly, Theo. Must you be such a Pillock in the morning.” Theo rubbed his forehead. “Bloody hell, Lark. It’s like we aren’t even dating sometimes.” Lark’s face turned red as she flicked him again. Adeline standing up promptly with Celine and Sara by her side. “Come. We will be late for class if you all don’t hurry.” Theo looked up at her confused. “Aren’t I the-” His words cut off by Lark pulling him up and dragging him towards the door. “Just hurry up, twit.” Katsumi took one last gulp of his coffee and stood up wearily. He turned to Adeline. “Please tell me you don’t have some evil plans to run this house so early in the morning.” Adeline smiled at him before walking away with her girls. Katsumi looking back at his coffee with longing and bitterness before walking towards them with Noah. Who everyone forgot to notice was silently waiting for them.

Larissa was happily chatting with the many boys who she had arranged to hold court with when she felt her brother’s slight tap on her leg. She turned to look at him quizzically. Wasn’t he getting along with this Amara girl and one of the other girls of this new house of theirs. Nicole, their prefect, seemed to be making her way over. Ugh. Larissa was not a fan of her. She had such a goody two shoes little act she was not buying what she was selling. Not at all. But she was a proper senhora, so she straightened her back and pretended to be listening. Larissa was not surprised at all when her brother chose to be the one to speak up. “Sim, senhora. If a beauty like you is reminding us to finish up there is just no need to waste time on such food.” Matheus smiled at her coyly. “Perhaps there might be enough overlap for you to always be my tour guide.” Larissa rolled her eyes and stood up. “Jogador…” Amara stood up as well. Something about Nicole seemed to rub her the wrong. Perhaps it was the feeling that Nicole always tried to seem so shiny. But that shininess wasn’t who she naturally was. Or perhaps she simply did not care. Amara turned to glance over at the Slytherin table. Chigaru was seemed relaxed as he conversed with the other two girls sorted into that house. She felt a slight tinge of annoyance about not being right so far about his discomfort. Amara was never wrong about him. Matheus seeing the two got up slowly. He nodded to Nicole. “Please lead the way.” Matheus keeping pace with her as they walked to the room. Larissa and Amara walking slightly behind them talking softly. When they arrived in the classroom, he was slightly annoyed to receive another explanation. It’s like none of these students ever had to use their brain. Everyone was sitting with just their houses didn’t take much to figure out their was a seating code. The three turning out untll the girl Mina was brought in. Matheus smiling at her. “It’s nice to meet you, senhora.” She was an attractive sight.

Celeste was calmly drinking her tea until most of the students had left the dinning hall to head towards class. She smiled sweetly at her exchanges, but one would be surprised if you hallucinated venom behind that smile. “Now, my little serpants, you’ve had quite an easy transition so far. It’s time to be a little more upfront with you.” Balthazaar put down his cup of coffee. An annoyed look on his face. “Houses always only sit with their own during lecture.” Celeste nodded. “And even if it wasn’t, no matter who you socialize with outside this house we do not ever put the priorities of them above the unity of our house.” Balthazaar nodded his head silently. Celeste continuing. “That sentiment being said the rules are simple. Do not cause an embarrassment, a problem, or a link that will become an issue for us. Show up in class on time, do at least reasonably well and for the love of everything that is pure about our wizarding world do not ever bad mouth our house to others.” Balthazaar slowly stood up. “You will not survive if you don’t follow these rules.” Eloise simply sighed and put her tea cup down. “You UK wizards are so up in arms about this show of yours. It’s not like any of us care.” Autumn nodded her head. “Precisely, It’s not like we are the ones at risk of ruining your reputation. We aren’t starting a war.” Chigaru just nodded his head silently. There was nothing to add. Celeste narrowed her eyes. “Be careful where you slither you three.” Eloise simply shrugged, flipped her head and gracefully stood up. Chigaru silently standing up after her. Autumn looked at the two for a moment, holding back her desire to say more before she too stood up. A smile returning to Celeste and Balthazaar’s face. “Excellent. Now we must hurry along or we shall be late to class.” Celeste said sweetly.

Matheus has struck up a conversation with Amara and Larissa in the aisles, since class wasn’t starting yet when a boy walked up to them. Landon Eccles. He was the Quiditch guy in their house. Super loud and always crowded. Didn’t seem like a bad guy. More like a idiota, really. Matheus nodded his head. He knew his sister was going to be the one to meet his hand with a smile on her face. Matheus slightly surprised to see him ignore his sisters flirtations and drape an arm over him. Initially he assumed Landon was gay, but no. He really was just an idiota. Too obsessed with a sport. Matheus shrugged. “I have played a little. I don’t see why not do it again if it a popular thing.” He turned around to his sister. “Larissa, you interested? You were quite a good keeper if I recall.” Larissa appraised Landon and then smiled. “Sure, why not. It may be the perfect way to get to know our new house members.” Matheus turned to look at Amara. “You in, Senhora?” Amara smiled. Matheus slightly shocked she could smile like that. “Of course I am. I was the Captain of our School’s team. It shouldn’t be too hard to whip those around me into shape.” Matheus smiled at her. “Into shape? Oh, Senhora, I don’t think you’ve gotten a proper look at me.” Larissa rolled her eyes and scooted into the bench so she was next to Landon. “Please, Matheus. Not everything is about your muscles.” Matheus scooted in next to his sister. “I know it must be hard for you. Having a brother who can outshine you so easily.” Larissa turned to smile at Landon. “Oh, I am definitely playing now. As long as you promise me to hit my brother a few times and have your beaters miss.” Amara scooted down next to Matheus. She leaned forward. “I don’t think you will even have to set that up. He seems to cocky.” Larissa laughed and nodded. “Oh, he is the worst.” She went to continue when stopped all of a sudden and looked around confused. Matheus looked at her in confusion. “Larissa, what’s wrong?” She looked up at Nicole. “Where’s Charity?” Matheus looked at her in shock. Right. They had totally left without Charity. Where was she? Amara turned to Nicole. “Charity didn’t get up for breakfast. If she is awake she is probably lost in the castle.” Matheus looked up at Nicole. “It sounds like you get to be the dazzling hero today, Senhora.”

Celeste and Balthazaar lead the three into the charms room. They certainly were one of the last few to enter. Autumn glancing over at Katsumi. It seems he was sitting inbetween Adeline and that Celine girl. HIs attention was completely on Chadwick though. It seems he woke up and chose to be a problem for her. Autumn sliding in next to Celeste quietly. Evangeline sliding in next to her. “You know. You musn’t be so judgemental about Katsumi.” Autumn turned to look at her. “And you musn’t keep peering in to people’s heads.” Eloise looked at her confused for a moment. Autumn sighing. “Please. It’s not hard to recognize a Leglimens when you were raised to be conscious of Occlumency. Your talented, but even I can keep you from things.” Eloise perked up a brow smiling. “Challenge accepted.” Chigaru leaning over towards ELoise. “You are a leglimens?” Eloise rolled her eyes. “Please. Chigaru. Your acting is unsightly. We both knew you already assumed. Besides, one musn’t take such advantage with their enhanced hearing.” He leaned back away from her. Beauxbaton girls. They were such a pain. Eloise shot him a look and Chigaru looked down at his desk. Mchawi, were so difficult.

The door to the classroom opened. In walked in Professor Flitwick. Autumn had heard about him from her mother. A short little man with an intense passion for charms. He was apparently astute in his craft and simply average and pleasant about most else. How wonderfully boring for an early morning class. She may fall asleep instead of Katsumi. “Good Morning class. As you know I am Professor Flitwick. For those of you who didn’t know this congratulations we have now been introduced. Before I began our introductry lesson I would like those new to HOgwarts to stand up and briefly tell me about your proficiency with charms so I know if I must seperate you. Those in Hufflepuff.” Illych and Pyotr stood up. Illych speaking for the both of them. “In order to qualify we must be top ranked students in our respective schools.” Professor Flitwick shooting him a look. “I am quite aware of the standards your schools posses, Illych Tchaikovsky. That tells me nothing about how the curriculums match up.” Pyotr gave his brother a look before speaking. “What my brother means to say he doesn’t perceive a problem.” Professor Flitwick nodded and turned to Gryffindor. “And you new Gryffindors.” All of them stood up and repeated it shouldn’t be a problem. Professor Flitwick turning to Ravenclaw when Katsumi, Noah and Adeline stood up he didn’t even ask them. “I already expect you three to challenge yourselves if an issue arrives. You may sit down.” The three looking at each other for a moment before sitting. Professor Flitwick turning to Slytherin. “And you three sitting in the back? Surely you won’t declare the same thing as them.” Eloise stood up and smiled brightly. “I wish I could say somethign else Professor, but I simply do exceed at Charms. I’d be happy to prove myself if need be.” Professor Flitwick turned to Chigaru. With no emotion in his voice he simply said, “Charmwork is not my fortay, but we started non-verbal spell work in our fifth year. I believe a challenge will begin for us once we move on to the intermediary point of water-making spells, Professor.” Professor FLitwick sighed. “Well, at least there’s an honest one in this bunch this year.” The Professor turning to Autumn. She did her best to smile nicely. “You know my mother Professor Flitwick. She taught charms in Ilvermony for a year or two. Professor Fionnula. If I was to do bad in this class I would simply embarass my mother.” Professor Flitwick smiled for a moment, before he returned to a composed state. “Ah, you are Fionnula’s child. I had heard she left America to pursue research in Japan. You certainly do have big shoes to fill.” Autumn nodded her head. “Please do challenge me Professor.” Professor Flitwick nodded his head. “Yes, yes. If they are all indeed such confident individuals I suppose I can’t seperate them until I see proof to do so. Let us start our lesson. Please open your books to Page 12. We shall begin our practice in non-verabal charmwork with the simple levitation spell.” Professor Flitwick turned to Illych. The boy rubbed him in the wrong way slightly. “And the charm is normally.” Illych sighed. This was first year material. “Wingardium Leviosa, Professor.” Professor Flitwick nodded. “Good. You aren’t all complete problem cases.” He turned towards the Ravenclaw area. “Would one of you please demonstrate how to do the spell non-verbally. As I am sure at least one of you has practiced it before hand.” Katsumi looked around to see who would do it, but Adeline slowly raised her hand. “If you would like Professor I could do it.” Professor Flitwick shook his head no. “One can not simply favor the new recruits. Even on day one. I shall count to three and if no one volunteers I shall move on to a different house.” Professor Flitwick glancing at Gryffindor to prepare themselves in case…. The door opening as Charity arrived out of breath. Professor Flitwick looking at her in shock. “You’re late.” Charity nodded her head slowly. “I am sorry. I got lost.” He turned to the male Gryffindor prefect. “Did no one think to guide the new student to her class.” Charity put her hands up asking for forgiveness. “It’s my fault professor I over slept. I’m not used to waking up this early you see.” Professor Flitwick sighed and pointed to the Gryffindor table. “Hurry up and take a seat. One of the members of your house was just about to demonstrate how to properly levitate an item without using an incantation.” Charity nodded and hurriedly slipped into the seat by Amara. The girl saying nothing to Charity. To much was already at risk.


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