HP 2

“This is it, dear.” An assuming elderly man clad in a three-piece suit popped his head from the back of a vintage Rolls Royce, two trunks in hand.

“Hm?” Mina had just finished loading a trunk on the trolley when she spotted her grandfather attempting to bring all the luggage at once. “You didn’t have to do that. I’m going to have to learn to do it myself one of these years, you know.” Offering him a smile she quickly eased the larger trunk from his grip. “Another year won’t hurt.” The elderly man protested while Mina loaded the trunk.

“Won’t hurt who?” She huffed. “Me or you?” A smile formed at his grandfather’s expression and she took the opportunity to take the last trunk. “Will I see you in December?”“Depends on the next few months, but I’ll send an owl. We might have to do some traveling.” The emphasis he placed on traveling earning a silent nod from the young woman. “Well, I’ll write once I’m settled.” Mina promised, giving her grandfather a squeeze. “Of course, and you let me know if you start feeling a bit shaky.” He gave her a pat on the head earning a soft sigh followed by a smile. “Yes, yes.” She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Now take care of yourself!” Pushing the trolley along she turned to give one last wave before she was engulfed in the sea of travelers. Mina peeked into the pet carrier atop her luggage and couldn’t help but smile a bit. The clump of fur was so desensitized to this trip that it was already asleep.“Mina!” A tall, lanky boy with dark hair and freckles sprinkled on his features waved his hand above the crowd. “Chadwick!” Mina met his enthusiasm, waiving her hand until he caught up. The two exchanged a brief kiss on the cheek. “I saw your grandfather on my way in; vintage as always.” Chadwick noted as the two continued on their way towards the platform. “A lot like someone I know.” Mina teased. “What can I say? He’s rubbed off on me.” Chadwick gave her a light nudge. Mina smiled and shook her head, leaning forward on the trolley while they waited their turn. “Did you enjoy the summer gala?”“It was honestly more than I anticipated.” Chadwick admitted with a nervous laugh. “But it was nice all the same. It’s a shame I couldn’t attend the other one with you.”“Ah, well maybe next year. I think they might finally be warming up to the idea…”
DISCLAIMER: We decided to make an RP based off this short story, so it will continue from here.

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