HP 20

When Chadwick and Aria arrived at Charms they were animatedly exchanging notes on things they’d attempted over the summer. They had a system of sorts. She would get a head start on Charms, Herbology and Runes while he did the same for Transfiguration, Potions, and Arithmancy. After four years in the making it was practically unsinkable. The two took up a space together and settled in, wasting no time in opening their books before returning to their conversation.

Mina offered a small smile to Matheus. “Nice to meet you- all of you.” She quickly added, not wanting to seem rude. There had been a time when she wanted to be Prefect, but seeing it action… she supposed it was a loss she could live with. Seeing Landon on brand so early in the morning earned a small laugh from her. “Can you please allow them to at least make it through the first class before you start with Quidditch talk?” Mina teased earning a grin from Landon. “It’s never too early to scout, BUT if you’d finally become my team manager then I could POSSIBLY take it back a bit.” He retorted, sliding himself down the bench so he was sitting next to his friend before turning back to Matheus. “It’s definitely popular here, mate.” He nodded, giving Mina a nudge at his success. “Great! We’re always looking for new people.” He gave Larissa an encouraging smile before his attention perked at Amara’s comment. Watching the woman as she interacted with Matheus he couldn’t stop the grin from forming. “Captain you say? I could never say no to a co-captain. I’ll let you all know when tryouts are.” He assured them with scouts’ valor. Mina merely smiled and shook her head, reflexively raising a hand in Landon’s face when he turned to give her that gloating expression he always did. “Still not going to do it, love.” She stated flatly before nudging his back with a whisper, “But congratulations.”

Nicole watched the entire ordeal quietly though her emotions ranged considerably. Her attention soon flitted from the exchange students to her two housemates where it remained until there was a mention of Charity. Oh bollocks. “Right, I’ll be back.” Turning on her heels, the brunette hurried out of the room in search of her lost student. How a student could oversleep on the first day of all days was beyond her, but everyone made mistakes.

Jen entered the classroom in an effort to strategically place herself next to Hufflepuff’s new guests. It wasn’t all that difficult considering most of her female counterparts were still quite groggy. Resting her chin on her hand she watched the two boys rise at the command of Professor Flitwick. Gosh they were so handsome. Much better than the last guy she’d talked to- a Ravenclaw who was just too…Ravenclaw for his own good. Every once in a while you needed to go against the grain a bit and these boys were definitely it. The question was which one she preferred. Appraising them a bit she noticed Illych was slightly more built than Pyotr and just like that her mind was made- both, but she’d settle for one of course. After all, she had to see how well they did in…other areas besides just appearance.

Landon turned to get another look at all the exchange students, making mental notes on each of them. “That one sounds like he’d be a good Quidditch player.” He murmured to Mina about Chigaru. Mina had to refrain from hitting herself in the face with a book. “Shh.” Why had she chosen a spot next to the window? Now she was trapped! Opening her book to the required page she had to fight back a laugh at the Professor’s comment on Illych. All she could do was mouth ‘wow’ and pull a bit a face. Already starting off that rough? Jen on the other hand wasn’t very pleased with Professor Flitwick’s verbal attacks on Illych. He hadn’t done anything! Except be perfect eye candy, of course. When Nicole came busting through the door with a loose exchange student, Jen merely smirked. Good. Nicole was a pain in her ass and always had been.

“I take responsibility for her tardiness, Professor.” Nicole spoke up a bit breathless, moving from behind Charity so the Professor could better see her. “It won’t happen again.” As soon as they were dismissed, she led Charity to an open seat before taking whatever was left. Straightening up she looked at her fellow housemates waiting for someone to rise to the occasion. On the count of two Landon pinched Mina to send bolting up out of the seat. “A-um. I will professor.” With a slight of her hand a large book rose meters from the Professor’s table with enough stability so the candelabra resting on top of it stood unwavering. After a few moments she returned it to its’ original place among his other items.


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