HP 21

Matheus watched Mina raise the objects with a bit of interest. It wouldn’t be an exageration to say that many of the international wizarding schools believed Hogwarts alumnae scooted on reputation more than ability. Besides for the few standout individuals or crazies. However, it appears some of them had some initiative. The movement was shaky, but she did truly accomplish the task. A small smile on his face. Larissa, sitting to his left leaned away from Landon to whisper to her brother. “She’s picked your interest?” Matheus shrugged. She was beautiful for sure, but… Mina didn’t really seem like his type. He didn’t feel any fire from her. No passion. He shook his head slowly. “Not in that way.” Larissa shrugged and returned to leaning towards Landon, a smile on her face. “That was quite naughty of you.” Amara eyeing the brief exchange from the corner of her eyes. A sigh escaping her lips as she turned briefly to catch a glimpse of Chigaru. He was leaning into that blonde girl. Irritation resurfacing in her. Charity besides her on the other hand had fallen back asleep. They were surely going to lose house points today.

Chigaru watched with lazy eyes at the sight of the Mina girl levitating the object. Books. How impressive. Eloise tilted her head slightly and pat his hand on the table. “No need to be so prideful.” He sighed wearily. Life didn’t get easier when his suspicions were confirmed. Eloise shot him a look. Chigaru feeling even more tired. Autumn on the other hand was glancing over to the left, at Oswin Nott’s notes. They were very thorough for a class that just started today. When she grew tired of that she turned to glance at Katsumi. He had completely zoned out looking a Chadwick’s back. Oh, kami. The problems she would have. Eloise leaned away from Chigaru for a moment to whisper. “You know you will only stress yourself out too soon.” Autumn grumbled. “Must you always poke and pry.” Eloise smiled and pushed the hair behind her ear. “Who said I was poking and prying.” Oswin Nott leaned over to the right. “Sssh. The Professor is going to ask people from each house to try. Celeste will torture you if we lose house points.” The three nodded quietly and ended their whispers.

Professor Flitwick nodded his head. “Excellent, Mina. Your charmwork always seems to be right on task.” He turned back to the Hufflepuffle table. His eyes spotting Jen, who was not looking at him, but rather the obnoxious boy besides her. “Jen. Why don’t you try to do this next.” He watched the girl standup, with such a confident face. Professor Flitwick wanted to sigh. People always were so confident about charmwork as if it was the easiest thing in the world. It was not. Surely enough, she exhibited a shaky foundation at best in this area. His candelabra spilling out onto the floor. Professor Flitwick sighed. “Sit down, Jen. We shall have someone else try this out.” He scanned the room and settled his eyes on the zoned out Ravenclaw boy. Was he going to be another troublesome exchange for him to have to deal with. “Katsumi. You seem confident enough. Please arrange the objects back on my desk.” When Katsumi didn’t answer Adeline pinched his side. He lazily lifted his head first looking at Adeline and then noticing everyone was looking at him. The piercing gaze of an annoyed Autumn drilling into him. Adeline through smiling clenched teeth whispered, “Pick up the objects on the floor with the non-verbal levitation spell.” He lazily nodded his head and was about to do it when he stopped for a moment. He had only ever learned about this sort of magic theoretically. Yabai. He was going to have his house lose points. He slowly stretched out his wand and flicked his wrist. The two books and candelabra got about half way up in the air before they feel. Adeline chuckled lightly besides him and his face turned bright red. Professor Flitwick shook his head. “It’s only the first day, so I won’t say much about this, but do try and pay attention in my class from now on.” Katsumi nodded his head. He turned his attention to the Slytherin table. “What about you Autumn? You are the other exchange from Mahoutokoro are you not.”

Autumn slowly stood up from her seat. Doing her best to ignore Eloise’s chuckling and Oswin Nott’s nervous apprehension. “Yes, Professor.” Professor Flitwick pointed to the more scattered pile of books and candelabra on the floor. “Rearrange the items back on my desk properly.” Autumn nodded her head and lifted her wand. Unlike Katsumi, she did not live in the realm of theoretical, but in the practical. That and with her mother and how much she had charmwork beaten into her there was no way she would have to struggle with this class. It would be all the other classes that would make her head feel like it should split open. She gently moved her wand slightly and the books and candelabra neatly rearranged themselves onto his desk. Professor Flitwick nodded his head and turned back to the Gryffindor students. “And we have made our way back to you. Who shall try next?” Autumn sat down quickly. Eloise looking at her with a grin on her face. “Already cleaning up Katsumi’s messes. No wonder you are stressed.” Autumn groaned. “Stick a rice cake in it.” Eloise chuckled softly. Chigaru cracking a small barely noticable smile. And the poor Oswin Nott looking seemingly confused.

“And with that the first day of class is over. Review up to page 25 before your next class. There is a brief assignment, so make sure it is done in time.” Professor Flitwick said as his parting words. Autumn turned to watch the other houses trickle out in a mad rush for the door. The beauty of sitting in the back row was that she could take her time on getting up. Autumn had no desire to head for the next class. Her mother had already informed her she would suck at it. Her father on the other hand had an embarrassing amount of unending confidence in her that was far from helpful. When she did finally stand up, Eloise was quick to link arms with her. What in the world did she want. “You know. I heard Hogwarts managed to snag quite the shiny new addition to be their Professor for Defense Against The Dark Arts this year.” Autumn pulled them through the door of the classroom and out into the hallway heading for the class. “So? This school changes their Defense Against The Dark Arts teachers all the time.” Out of nowehere Adeline somehow popped up right in front of them. What in the world just happened. “Yes, but this teacher is very special. Very special indeed.” She smiled at them. Oswin Nott and Lettice Macmillian bit the bait. Lettice leaning in. “Very special? What do you know?” Oswin nodding his head. “No one has seen this Professor yet.” Adeline and Eloise both smiled and at the same time coyly said. “We have.” Autumn watched as a small collection of Slytherins and the few Ravenclaws that Adeline somehow managed to popup with her leaned loser. Autumn sighing. “And?” Adeline smiled. “His name is Dimitrov. Sasha Anton Dimitrov Negrescu Lupei.” Eloise smiled even wider. “Now, don’t keep the most juicy part of this fruit away from them, Adeline.” Adeline smiled coyly at those around her and in the sofest voice imaginable. “He’s the famous young Dark Arts teacher from Durmstrung. The one who mysteriously left the school.” Oswin Nott leaned forward completely ecstatic. The boy really did love his gossip too much. “How do you know this?” Lettice Macmillian continuing his thought. “What is your source?” Eloise smiled at the poor little hatchlings. There was quite a few reasons why she knew this. The most recent one was because of the bad impression he left in some of his coworkers minds. A more previous one was because she had seen him before at one of the schools’ co-mingling events. He was the gloomy sort of wall hugger you would imagine from a Dark Arts teacher. The earliest reason was, because he had procured the materials for his class directly from her father. As Dimitrov had a tendency to use their family’s ability to purchase not easily found objects. Objects that would be of interest to those who dabbled in the Dark Arts. Adeline smiled at them. “He bought his teaching materials from our household. The materials were very different from his normal orders.” Eloise nodded her head. “Trust us. It will be Sasha Anton Dimitrov Negrescu Lupei.” Autumn rolled her eyes. “His name is too complicated. It sounds like he will be an awful Professor.”

“It is a good thing I do not require my entire name to be said everytime one of you responds to one of my comments.” Said a deep and quite grumbly voice behind her. She stopped dead in her tracks and turned around to see a shaggy haired dark giant behind her. Eloise shot her a look. SHE KNEW HE WAS THERE. Eloise and Adeline curtsied. “It’s nice to see you again, Mr. DImitrov.” Said Adeline. “Lurking about as usual.” Smiled Eloise. He perked an eyebrow at the two of them. “I should of warned your father I didn’t want the surprise spoiled.” Eloise nodded her. “Forethought is often harder than hindsight.” Professor Dimitrov rolled his eyes and stepped in front of them into the doorway. His gaze setting on Autumn. “Do try to judge a person on their merits and not their namesake, Miss Kwon.” Autumn winced, but nodded her head. Professor Dimitrov turning his back on them and walking into the classroom. Adeline smiled at Autumn. “Oh, you’ve made his bad list.” Autumn narrowed her eyes. “You two should of warned me.” Eloise mocked a scoff. “How simply foolish to use such an excuse. Come, Adeline. We must let her simply reflect on her horrendous descisions.” Elois letting go of her arm to link it through Adeline’s and pull her into the room laughing. Autumn groaned and quietly took her seat at the back of the classroom. She slid in next to Chigaru. He looked at her with eyes of disinterest. So he had already heard of what happened. Wonderful.

When all the students were in the room. Professor Dimitrov stood up. “My name is Sasha Anton DImitrov Negrescu Lupei. Sasha Anton Dimitrov is my name. Negrescu Lupei is a tittle. When addressing me in this classroom you may only address me as Professor Dimitrov. Anyone who uses anything else will immediately lose points for their house. First day or not.” Professor Dimitrov stepped around his desk. “Some of you may have heard of me. It is true I am a Professor of Dark Arts. Expect to take a practical approach to your defense instead of the drabble this school has insisted on teaching you before my arrival.” He leaned his waist slightly against the edge of his desk. “The first half of this year will approach the expected curriculum of Dementors, Inferius, and resisting the imperius curse. However, before we can dive into the set curriculum we will first review the materials of the previous years so I can see your aptitude in survival outside of a teakettle.” Professor Dimitrov flicked his wand and a chest went sliding out from one of the side closets into the center of the room. “This class is a Boggart. If you didn’t know that you need to find one of the students in their third year and take their textbooks. Because you are already severely behind on your lessons.” One of the Ravenclaw students raised their hands. Dimitrov turned to look at him annoyed. The boy mistaking the look for permission to speak. “Professor Dimitrov aren’t Boggarts usually found in wardrobes, dressers and standing clocks?” Dimitrov stood up from leaning against his desk and flicked his wand. The boy was lifted up from behind his desk and moved to the front of the classroom in front of the chest. Dimitrov sighing. “Since you haven’t been given permission to speak, and you haven’t provided any helpful information, I will gladly accept your invitation to review old material first.” Professor Dimitrov smiled at the frightened boy. “It’s alright. Based on your house robes you should do brilliantly in reviewing old material.” Professor Dimitrov flicked his wand and the chest opened. The image of a giant spider crawling out from the chest frightening the boy. Dimitrov sighing. “Riddikulus.” The spider didn’t appear to change really, except it was now a green instead of a black before it backed its way back into the chest. The lid closing behind it. Dimitrov just sighed. “Go on and return to your seat, boy. Prepare yourself for next time.” He turned to look back at the class. “I will not baby any of you in my class. If you are not prepared to be called upon at any time then you will severely fall behind. Miss Kwon.”

Autumn felt a chill roll down her spine as she looked up at the Professor. “Yes, Professor Dimitrov?” He raised an eyebrow at her. “That wasn’t an invitation to speak. That was a signal for you to walk over here and try it yourself. Unless you prefer to be lifted like the boy before you.” Autumn shook her head no and hurried to the center of the classroom. Of all things why did it have to be Boggarts. The chest opened and out stepped a young little girl. SHe was laughing and dancing and inviting Autumn to join her. However, Autumn did not move. Her fists clenched together and a pale greenish hue appeared on her face. WHen the boggart took a step forward it found itself hitting some sort of invisible wall. Autumn’s face turning into a healthier shade. Professor Dimitrov flicked his wand and the Boggart went slamming back into the chest and he glared at her. “The whole point of a lesson Miss Kwon is to review the new material. Not rely on old material as a crutch.” Autumn didn’t say anything. Professor Dimitrov frowning and turned to the rest of the students. “My lessons require you completing one unit before you will be allowed to move on to the next. Do take Adam and Autumn’s attempts to heart.” He turned back to look at Autumn. “Afterclass.” Autumn nodded and returned to her seat. SHe quietly slipped back into the wood compartment and sunk deep into her chair. Eloise and Chigaru were both looking at her. Chigaru surprisingly being the one to speak. “You are more fucked up then I thought.”


Boggarts Class

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