HP 23

Larissa stood up slowly. She wasn’t very keen on leaving Landon’s side as she felt the stare of Nicole in their direction way too much during their class. She was pleased to find that he didn’t seem to mind it. And that the Mina girl was the one who appeared by his side. There was no threat from two people being completely unaware of the potential or the ability to act on it. It was wonderful. She noted the arrival of William. He was fair looking. Not specifically his type, or the type of the girl he seemed to be keen on winning. It was obvious Amara was all about that dark chocolate by the way she looked at Chigaru. The poor little Cordeiro. Larissa turned to watch the exchange. Amara didn’t seem phased by her offer. She simply shrugged. “The more the merrier I suppose.” Matheus looked at the two of them with a cat like grin before meeting his sister’s eyes. Oh yes. This could be a fun jogos.

Larissa turning her head quickly to look at the blonde haired Slytherin who approached him. She had noticed he seemed friendly with Mina. But that wasn’t a surprise, since she seemed friendly with just about everyone. Something about him made her unnerved though. With some of the other Slytherin males she had met she had found them cold, but enjoyable honest about their ambitious nature. One could respect that. However, this blonde one did not feel that way to her. Not at all. He felt like what one would expect if they heard about the darkness of the Slytherin house. He felt only cold. Like a sharp needle of cold. She quickly turned to her brother who seemed to share her sentiment. Even Amara seemed warry around him. Perhaps, it was one of thhose things of outside eyes. Maybe they just didn’t get to see beneath the exterior. IN any regard neither of the three seemed eager to find out. Except Charity, who seemed to just be waking up. LArissa on the other hand did note on the displeasure in his voice when it came to Nicole. So everyone did know she was a thirsty hoe….. How nice. She ignored the smug smile from her brother. When Carson looked over them only Charity seemed to smile. The three watching him walk away at the look of the blonde girl. Charity stretching. “Man. You guys really have alot of blondes in those green robes.” Matheus bursting out laughing. The three ignoring the small talk untill the married to broom comment. Matheus could see the interest growing in his sister’s eyes. Oh boy, she loved a challenge. At least he could enjoy watching it.

Charity yawned a bit before answering. “Ah. Noah wanted to come. I figured he could use someone to look out for him. He tends to fade into the background a little too much.” She looked at Nicole and yawned again. “How many more classes till lunch?”

Amara didn’t even notice William held open the door for them until Matheus informed her. She had walked to a table and he had chosen to stand next to her. It was understandable his sister was next to Landon. “So. That William boy held the door open for you.” Amara shrugged. “He has manners?” Matheus covered his mouth to suppress his laughter. “Manners. Right.” Amara looked up at him like he was stupid, but before she could say anything the professor walked in.

Larissa elected to remain silent during most of the William debate. She simply enjoyed inquiring to Landon about what Defense against the Dark Arts entailed. They only had Dark Arts at her school. Although, the newProfessor was another attractive man and he already had accomplishments under his belt. Although, he seemed like the type if he walked into the forest the birds would scatter. She didn’t have time to reign in birds.

Katsumi turned to watch the Ravenclaw boy picked. He shook his head in regret. It wasn’t surprising to him that the poor boy failed. When Autumn got called he fell forward choking. Adeline havving to tap his back. She peeked her head in interest. “Surely, it can’t be that bad?” Celene leaned towards them. “What be that bad?” And then, they saw it was that bad. Adeline covered her mouth to muffle her surpised oh. Celene winced silently. Sarah turned her head to look at Katsumi. However, Katsumi didn’t seem to notice any of them. He had turned in his seat to look at the skulking Autumn. Yabai. This was bad. He looked down at the desk and started to whisper a prayer to the Kamis. Adeline giving him a skeptical look. While, Celine tilted her head. “What are you even saying right now?” Katsumi looked at her nervously. “A prayer.” Adeline covered her mouth to suppress the chuckle. It wasn’t right to laugh at someone embarrassed like that. Even if Autumn was such a depressive character. Adeline heard her name called and she gracefully stood up from her seat. She made her way over to the boggart and smiled. The boggart coming out in the shape of… was that a squirrel? Adeline simply waved her wand silently, not even bothering to say the spell outloud. The squirrel was suddenly wearing a pair of outdated heels and a cheesy bow tie before making its way back into the chest. Adeline curtsied to the crowd of spectators and quietly returned to her seat. Eloise smiling. “Honestly, I thought she was over that absurd fear of hers.” Meanwhile, Eloise’s fear, was being ugly….

After Amara went and conquered her fear of hornets successfuly it was Katsumi’s turn. He was not surprised to see it was his parents. When he uttered the spell, Riddukuls, they seemed to turn into randomly off dressed British wizarding parents. He felt himself embarassed by the whole thing. He kept his head down as he made his way back to the table where Adeline sat. She looked at him shaking her head in disapproval. “Now that, young man, is complete bias.” Celene leaned forward from the desk behind them. “British wizarding parents can be quite scary too.” Adeline nodded her head. “Take it from the Pureblood. They are crazy.” Celene looked at Adeline and blinked a few times. How did she…

Professor Dimitrov waited till the majority, if not the entire class, was called before he called out Mina’s name. His eyes finally settling on her. “Mina Draghi.” He watched her walk up to the chest ignoring his appearance. How adorable. Children did such amusing things at times. When the sight of the creature came out from the chest he sighed. A part of him tensing up. He couldn’t just rush in there and not have her attempt to finish the lesson. Still it managed to reach her. The whispers of forgiveness making him shudder. Whe she fell to the floor he lifted his wand and the creature immediately was pulled back into the chest. His step forward stopping when he saw a boy run out for her. His head snapping up to see one of her red robed friends stand up and call his name. Professor Dimitrov glared at her annoyed. “Miss Nicole Wiltshire was it not? As a prefect of your house you should understand the importance of allowing a student to face obstacles to overcome.” He met the gaze of the other Gryffindor students. “Aren’t you lot supposed to be brave. Freaking out because one of you might need to challenge something more than once is disgraceful.” He flicked his wand and Nicole was forcefully made to sit down. “You are lucky your house won’t be losing any points as it is the first day and your housemate needs to be taken care of.” He turned to watch her walk back with the boy. Irritation on his face. Of course she was going to stay behind. He turned to meet the gaze at whoever was staring at him with such a hard gaze. It was that Autumn girl. Something about her really did rub him the wrong way. Like a personal irritation.

“That’s it. Class is over. If you haven’t been asked to stay behind quickly leave the classroom so those who have been can get to work. Those of you in the back I expect you to move to the front of the room.” Professor Dimitrov said. As the students began to quickly file out of the room Autumn ignored the look from Eloise and walked forward to the front of the room. She completely ignored Oswin’s interest in sharing a table and sat down next to Mina. She moved her books to the top left corner of her area and said quietly. “It seems like we both will be here for awhile. At least we won’t have to move seats again.” Autumn not really making eye contact with her as she turned to look up at Professor Dimitrov.

Professor Dimitrov looked down at the students left. “When I call your name you will go again. And again. Until you make some sort of progress. Only then I will release you for your next class. Adam Hunt.” Adam slowly rose from his seat towards the boggarts chest. He had to do it three times before the spell worked. The last time the fear turning into Professor Dimitrov himself. When the fakr Professor Dimitrov suddenly had bright pink hair and clown shoes Professor Dimitrov’s ‘constructive criticism’ became harsher. “I’m glad to see you managed to pass by changing your fear completely. Hurry up and leave.” His attention turning to the other students who were suppressing chuckling. The one who didn’t was Oswin. His fear of pixies didn’t seem conquerable until the 6th try. After his clothes and hair and already become completely disheaveled from the fake pixies. Dimitrov cocked an eye at the boy. “Six attempts. It took you six attempts to overcome a tiny runt of a creature.” Oswin looked at him nervously. Dimitrov sighing. “Pathetic. At this rate you guys will never be able to leave your tea pot. NEXT.” Oswin hurried to collect his stuff and ran from the room. Everyone else, execpt Autumn, looked confused at who was supposed to go up next. Dimitrov tapping the top of his desk in irritation. “Do you expect me to do all of the work for you. One of you hurry up and come up here.” A hufflepuff girl by the name of primrose came up quickly. Autumn wanted to groan. They were to helpful for their own good.Turns out Primrose was afraid of the whomping willow tree in the back of the school. How ironic. At least it only took her two turns and a silent nod to scatter from the Professor to escape. Thirteen more students went, failed, failed some more, before they were demanded to leave the classroom. The only two left were Mina and Autumn. “Great.” Autumn muttered out of nowhere wearily. She finally deciding to break the silence she had the entire after class session.

Dimitrov walked past the boggarts and to the desk of the two remaining students. He stood in front of the two annoyed. “And now we have the two problem students. One a fainter and the other a scared little brat.” Autumn clenched her fist underneath the table. Professor Dimitrov shaking his head. “It’s not like I can have you fainting over and over again. It just wouldn’t be professional.” He turned his head to look at Autumn. “And I can’t embarrass you consistently that would be against the code of ethics as well.” Dimitrov turned back to look at chest that contained the boggart and sighed again before turning back around. “You see my two problem students this is the basic fundamentals of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Guarding your mind. Having some resolve. You two lack the obvious skills needed to actually continue.”

Autumn grew annoyed and glared at him. Dimitrov snapping his head to turn back at her. “You can’t even control your own temper and you think you can pass my class.” He leaned down so he was bending down to look at her. “Wake up, Miss Kwon. In my classroom you are nothing. No, you are less than nothing.” Autumn couldn’t help, but roll her eyes. He leaned away from her a very dangerous look in his eyes. “You seem to disagree.” Autumn turned to look up at him. “I just think someone shouldn’t be so confident in there unique advantages.” A split moment of confusion appeared on his face before it returned to its regular annoyance. In his head, Dimitrov wondered how she knew. Then he could smell it. A soft scent lingering in the air. A smell of bird meat. No wonder she had such annoying arrogance. “You should learn to take your own advice. If you cannot conquer this then you cannot move on in my class. Which means you will fail my class and lose your precious ranking in your home school.” Autumn couldn’t help, but grind her teeth together. Dimitrov smiling as he began to walk away from them with his back turned. “Each of you will be given one chance after every class to do what you are told and defend yourself against a boggart. Autumn. Since you like to talk so much you may as well go first.”

Autumn slowly stood up out of her seat and walked over to the chest. She looked no where near as comfortable as before. Dimitrov leaning back against his desk smiriking. “Remember, Miss Kwon. You may only use the Riddikulus spell.” Needless to say it was a complete and utter failure. Nce again the boggart hit an invisible wall and Autumn failed the lesson. Dimitrov clapping his hands at her failure. “See you tomorrow.” Autumn silently going back to get her books, take a note from his hands and walk out of the room. The second she walked out of the room you could hear the sound of the door locking behind her. A smug expression on his face as he walked back towards Mina.

Dimitrov ignored the area to stand in the front of the desk and walked to the side of his desk right across from her. “So, Mina. How do you plan to get past this.” He leaned forward slightly so she could feel pressure from him being so close. One of his hands snaking out to rest gently on her leg as he leaned forward. His lips just a hair’s breath away from her ear. “Tell me, Mina. Can you do something like this on your own.” Dimitrov slowly withdrew from her and took his hand off of her leg. Somehow he was now standing almost exaclty in front of her. As if he was in a way touching her. “Or do you need my help again.” Dimitrov taking a large step back to give her space to walk up to the chest. When she approached the chest he gestured to show her he planned to stay back by the desk. The chest opening to reveal such a creature.

When it started to get too close to her Dimitrov appeared behind her. Slightly leaning into her and bent down again he whispered, “Ridikulus.” The creature morphing into a certain xiradis male in one of their female summer dresses. A slight smirk on his face before he stepped around to face her. He handed her a note. “Go the infirmary and get something from Madam Poppy.” Dimtrov’s hands lingering on hers. “You are quite a bit flushed.” Dimitrov walking away to sit in his chair so he could watch her walk out. After he left he slightly licked his lips.

Autumn walked slowly into the Apparations classroom. “I have a note from Professor Dimitrov.” She said as she handed him the note. She looked around the room. All the Slytherins seemed to already matched off with partners. Adeline was waving besides Katsumi. Who hadn’t even noticed her arrival. He was too busy looking at Chadwick in the table in front of him. She turned to the professor. “I don’t know were I am supposed to sit.” Autumn turning back to look at the room. There was far less people than she expected.


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