HP 24

Outrage colored Nicole’s features at the Professor’s complete disregard for the safety of his own students. Gripped the table she dared not utter another word after being forced back into her seat. Thankfully, the Professor had allowed Landon to help Mina instead of just leaving her there on the floor like last week’s bag of rubbish. Mina cast a quick glance in her direction and gave her a thumbs-up, but Nicole wasn’t buying it. This Professor was well out of order. Students had been made to face Boggarts before and it was NOT handled like this in the slightest.

Mina glanced over, a brief smile forming at her table mate. “Yep.” She sighed before resting her chin on her palm in wait. There was something to watching the poor unfortunate souls around her attempt to face their fears again and again and again…It sort of numbed her to watching others in panic. Seeing students’ fears morph into none other than their infamous Professor managed to bring just a tinge of a smile to features. It was rightly so after how much he was terrorizing them, after all. She fully supported it. Plus seeing him get transformed into something funny every now and again was an obvious delight. While he might be rude and just awful, everyone was definitely managing to defeat the Boggart. She supposed it was just like anything else really- after so long you’re merely desensitized. Autumn’s sudden comment broke her out of her daze. “Hm?” Blinking a few times, she looked to see it was only them. Bollocks. Did he call them problem students? For not mastering a bloody Boggart on the first try?! Absolutely mental. And now she was the fainter! Lovely. Turning her head slightly it took every ounce of discipline to hold her tongue. On a positive note she could never say he only picked on her. Her leg began to shake up and down in an unconscious effort to release some- no, ANY bit of tension possible. Flicking her gaze between the two she silently watched their interaction. Autumn hadn’t even said anything, and he was already snapping at her. Dark brows rose at the momentary confusion. Oh dear, had she missed something? She must have. The threat of failing the class seemed to end their discussion. His smile made her nose scrunch. They were only allowed one chance as opposed to the others? A part of her was truly rooting for Autumn to defeat the Boggart, but alas she had no such luck. Mina gave a soft wave to Autumn, her body tensing at the familiar click of a lock. Shite. Her slender frame tilted backward as he leaned forward. Her eyes focusing on his hand before flitting back up to find him whispering in her ear. Curling her fingers into her skirt she attempted to keep her breaths even. He was much too close. There was the innate compulsion to respond to him, but after an hour of verbal assault she reminded herself he had not given her permission to speak. Biting her lip, it wasn’t until he planted himself behind the desk.

Once again, the cloaked figure rose from the depths and Mina found herself unable to produce the spell. It was horrendous. A shiver ran down at her spine at his presence, her body leaning slightly into his whilst the Boggart morphed into her elder cousin. Merikh…That’s right. If Dimitrov was here, then it was only matter of time until he arrived as well. How time flew when you weren’t under the watch of others…Reaching for the note she didn’t pull away at first, secretly reveling in his familiar touch. “Pro-” His statement of her being flushed whipped her back into the present. “Hm?” With a quick flip of the note she realized it was a ticket to the infirmary. Wow. “Really?” The words were nothing more than a mumble as she crumpled up the paper and tossed it aside. She exited the room without another word. It wasn’t until she was alone in one of the courtyards that she finally took a few much needed deep breaths. “Bloody hell.” She sighed, sinking down the wall to settle in the grass. “Bloody- Fucking- Hell.” Each word was followed a light banging of her head against the wall. At the third she winced and found herself rubbing a sore spot. “Of course.” Not wanting to get up she chose simply sit amongst the plant life in quiet solitude. She needed it after that. “Get a hold of yourself. It’s not that deep. Just a class….JUST a class..”

The Apparition Professor went by the surname Gudgeon. She was a woman of average stature with a strong jawline and hard set eyes. It wasn’t until all of her students were present before her and had silenced themselves that she spoke. “I am Professor Gudgeon. I am an employee at the Ministry of Magic and I will be your instructor in Apparitions. All of those in this class will have paid the fee of twelve Galleons beforehand. If you have not then you can see me after class. Anyone who has not paid by tomorrow shall be removed indefinitely.” Moving to appraise her students she began once more, “This course shall take approximately twelve weeks by which time you will either be proficient enough to apparate your self or in need of a private tutor. While this class is in session you will find the Anti-Apparition Charm has been lifted for the hour by the Headmistress, but will be reinstated as soon as the clock strikes twelve. Outside of this hour I do advise anyone attempt to apparate in this room or in within the confines of the castle or else you will be met with disastrous results.” She warned them all once and only once. “We will start with the Three D’s of Apparition: Destination, Determination, and Deliberation. For today we will not be making any actual attempts- just simply familiarizing ourselves.” While walking amongst the students she abruptly turned on her heel to point at a random Ravenclaw boy. “Explain what we mean by the Three D’s.”

Chadwick jumped a bit at Gudgeon’s wand suddenly pointed directly between his eyes. “Um. We-uh. It means we have to be completely determined to reach our destination with deliberation.” He managed to force out.

Gudgeon nodded one. “Correct.” With two more steps she pointed her wand in another random student’s face. “And what do we make sure NOT to do.”

Nicole was a bit more prepared to have a want in her face, but truly found herself reaching for an answer. “We aren’t hasty about it?” She offered. It was the only thing she could remember from the seventh years chats about this course last year.

Just as Gudgeon was about to answer when a student came rushing into the room and handed her a note. The note was signed by the Defense Against the Arts Professor apparently. How disruptive. “Join the rest. They will catch you up on the material.” She decided only to then be cut off by another student entering with an eerily similar note. How many student trickled in before she finally ignored the rushing bodies? She stopped counting at five. “That was correct. We must make sure not to be hasty or else we risk our own bodies.” A student raised their hand but she dismissed them. “ Apparition requires great knowledge of the place you are attempting to travel to. You have to be able to visualize it clearly. This does not mean you have to have been to the place before. If you have a strong enough mind you can travel to a place just after seeing a photograph, but until you have mastered range it won’t be advisable.” Shooing the students out of her way so she could stand in the center of the room she faced them all, whilst also taking count of how many bodies she had. “When it comes to range it is normally best to keep it as short as possible. For those of you thinking you’ll be going intercontinental- I’m here to tell you now that you’ll be lucky if one of your can. It’s only for those highly skilled and trained in Apparition. Trying such a feat can result in everything from severe injury, to splinching, to death.” Her gaze flickered over the young faces. “Does anyone know what Splinching is?”

A young man in Hufflepuff robes spoke up. “Splinching is when parts of you don’t make the trip.” He explained with a shaky resolve. The Professor merely glanced in his direction for a once over. “Does anyone have a more concise definition for the class?”

“It’s when body parts get left behind. Anything from an eyebrow to a leg, really.” Landon spoke up, nodding slightly towards the Professor. She eyed him once and nodded. “That is correct. You will all pick one partner. This will be your partner for the duration of this course. You will go over the three D’s and discuss a destination you have in mind. You need to be able to articulate it well enough for your partner to be able to imagine the place themselves as if they were there with you.” Seeing none of the students move forward she waved her hand. “Go on.”

Carson and Priscilla linked up without even having to look at one another. “Let me guess. A certain summer house in the Isles?” Carson smirked, turning to meet eyes with his friend. “I was thinking something more…local.” Priscilla retorted with a wink. “Oh. Do tell…” Carson raised a brow at her sudden coyness, but followed her so they could better speak about this new place.

Jen smiled up at Illych, resting her hand gingerly on his arm. “I’ll be your partner if you need one.” Choosing Pyotr would simply be cheating, after all. “Pyotr I think one of the Slytherin girls was looking for you earlier.” It wasn’t a lie. A few had been; she just couldn’t remember which one it possibly was.

Landon figured his normal partner wasn’t going to be showing up to class anytime soon and looked down at Larissa. “Did ye want to be partners?” Just as he finished asking, the Hufflepuff boy from before came up to ask if Larissa wanted to be his partner. He smiled a bit a looked over at Larissa with a shrug. He didn’t mind either way. Anthony was a good guy.

Aria linked up with Chadwick in an instant. “Alright Mr. Three D’s. What would your place be?” She asked, idly fixing some of his hair while he spoke about a library he’d visited over the break. “Was this in the United Kingdom?” Her expression softened a bit when he explained he had visited one in continental Europe while staying with Mina. “It’s sounds lovely. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about it sooner.” She gave the boy a joking nudge to which he chuckled. “Yeah, I’ll definitely bring you next time. You’d love it.” Chadwick promised, smiling down at her.

William arrived behind Amara and gave her a tap on the shoulder. “Did you want to be partners?” He asked, trying to gauge out of the corner of his eye where in the bloody hell Matheus was. He would not get usurped again! Seeing Anthony walking past he gave him a bit of wave. Poor Anthony never seemed to have any luck with the ladies. Anthony sighed a bit, looking around the room until he spotted the new Slytherin girl. Autumn Kwon if he remembered correctly. Stepping over to her he held out his hand. “Morning. We’re just going over the Three D’s of Apparition and going over Destination. I can catch you up if you’d like.” There was a bit of a twinkle in his eye as he spoke…


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