HP 25

After Mina left his office Dimitrov walked past his desk and to the back left side wall. He tapped his wand in a pattern of three stones to the left, five to the right and two down before one in the middle of all of that pushed in. A door starting to reveal itself. One of his rooms in his area he had connected to the class room for convience purposes/ Dimitrov stepped into the room and headed for his liquor cabinet, pouring himself a large amount of alcohol for a first cup. He threw the cup back and gulped it all down in a flash. Irritation could be seen on his face. “
túl könnyű ugratni magát, Mina. Ilyenkor kevesebb okot találok arra, hogy ne szexeljenek veled.” Dimitrov poured himself another drink and went to sit on one of the chairs in his room He leaned back into his chair, as his tongue slowly slid across his upper lip. “Biztosan éretted.” His attention flickering to a letter that had popped up on his desk. What was it now…

Katsumi looked surprised to see a wand thrust in Chadwick’s face. He peeked over at Adeline who only shrugged. She didn’t seem phased at all. His gaze lingering around the room. None of the exchanges seemed that phase. Why was he phased then? It’s not like he felt that much pressure from her. Perhaps, he just didn’t want random long objects shoved in his face…
Autumn walked into the room right before she said go on. Go on too….Oh, they were pairing off. She looked around the room. Most of the Slytherins were already paired off. She scanned the different areas. Eloise had linked with Chigaru alright. Mina was definitely not going to be here as her reluctant partner. Katsumi was…. He was sitting glumly next to Celene. Where was she supposed to go?
Illych turned to look at Jen. He had no idea why she was being so touchy. He had already slept with her. He shook his head. “I was going to stick with my broth-” He turned his head to look at the Slytherin area. A few girls were looking at him for sure, but none seemed to want to approach them. Pyotr turned to look at him with a smug smile. “It’s fine, Illych. I already have an appointment.” Before Pyotr could turn around Illych mocked a look of shock. “What you made an appointment with someone else then me. How could you. We are brothers.” Pyotr rolled his eyes. “Not when it comes to a beautiful blonde.” Pyotr choosing to emphasize it in English so Jen would not become his baggage. He turned on his heels and walked over to Adeline. “Manquer, devons-nous faire le tour encore une fois?” Adeline smiled coyly at him. “Autor? Quand avons-nous deja fait une telle chose? Pyotr held his out to her. “Now?” She put her hands in his and nodded. “I suppose.” He turned back to his brother and blinked, pulling Adeline towards another side of the room.” Illych groaned and looked down at Jen. Fine. Fine. He wasn’t an impolite man, but the world’s most charming gentleman. He wasn’t going to hold her hand though. “Why not. Try to pick an area I would know.”
Autumn looked at Anthony wearily, but she definitely tried her best to wear a polite smile. “That is so sweet of you, Unnfortunantly, I…” Her eyes scanned the room. All of the exchanges were paired off. All of her Slytherin associates were paired off. Mina couldn’t be used as a reserve partner….. Then she spotted him a boy in red robes that was around Mina a lot. Surely, he would be an agreeable enough fellow with a stretched reason on why she chose him. Alright. Decision made. She pointed him out to the hufflepuff boy. “I already told him, I’d be his partner.” Autumn shrugged at him. “But if you would like to study sometime or partner another day, that would be great.” And with that she walked away from him towards the opposite direction.
Larissa was about to answer when she heard a few other boys call her name. She looked back and forth between them all. “I was actually going to-” Her words cut off by an approaching, Autumn??? She watched Landon’s collar get grabbed. Autumn not even looking at him. “Sorry. I need a partner. And you have so many options to choose from.” Larissa was too shocked to react. Autumn just nodding her head. “Thanks for understanding.” And with that Autumn dragged him away in the opposite direction towards a corner in the room. Larissa turning to look at one of the boys. “I guess I’m available for a partner.”
Amara turned to look at William. Matheus had been just standing by her and the second she thought she was free of him, William popped up to replace him. Now, Chigaru was paired off with that blonde girl again. This was just not her day. Amara saw Matheus turning back around to interject and for a moment she wondered which would be worse. At the moment, she decided Matheus. Amara nodded her head. “Sure, why not. We are both house mates right.” Matheus only falshed her a coy smile. She really didn’t know the consequences of her decision.
Autumn dragged Landon all the way to a corner before she let go of his robes. She turned around to slightly check if Anthony was looking at them. When he wasn’t she sighed in relief before turning around. She just actually realized what the guy she took looked like. Well, it was time to perform. “Sorry about that. I’ve seen you with Mina, so I figured it would be alright.” Her attention shifting slightly to look at Katsumi before turning back to him. “Bare with it today, and I promise to release you from this partnership….” She tilted her head for a moment, before she realized. Autumn apologizing. “I’m sorry. I don’t even know your name. It’s probably not red robes, huh?” Autumn listened to his response. She nodded her head. “Ah. That’s easy to remember. Landon. Like a hill, right? So, Landon. What are we exactly supposed to be doing?” Autumn listend quietly before frowning. “Well this is going to be difficult. We won’t be able to recognize each other’s choices…” She leaned back slight as she crossed her arms to think. An idea sparking in her mind. “Ah. There was that time my mom was on the Isle of Skye. That should be an easier description for you to remember?” Autumn began to describe the location. “Well, in the photos the sky is sort of like a greyish-blue. But not quite a said greyish-blue, or one just because of morning mist. More like a serene one. Where you can’t really see the tops of the trees or a clear image of the grass beneath your feet. And there’s definitely alot of grass. Rolling hills of it. Wet and muddy untill they end at a high cliffs edge. Where you can see waves crashing against the cliff’s wall. And the tree’s. Some are large and bushy others are thin, but clumped ogether like they are meant to be tied by something. The houses are…. Well they are stone with large arcing windows. But tiny. Tiny homes made to mimic large castles. Sometimes you will see little stone busts laying left behind scattered about. Or the occassional shards of rainbow glass laying about from an old home near the area…That’s the place I think.” She tilted her head at him. “Does that help? If not we can try yours?”


Isle of Skye

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