HP 26

Jen was practically giddy with excitement. That had gone over surprisingly well; even if Pyotr had taken up the company of a Ravenclaw as opposed to a Slytherin. Still, he had left her alone with her newest conquest! “I’m sure I can think of a place or two you might know.” Keeping a hand on his arm she brought him to an empty are of the classroom. “Are there any places close to the United Kingdom that you’ve been to before?” Perching herself atop a desk she crossed her legs and pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear. It was something she received compliments on quite often- her long mermaid, like hair which was often worn loose and free. Ever so often she’d have it braided in an agreeable fashion…Perhaps a new style might catch her Durmstrung’s eye. She’d have to find Mina later and set up a time to do it. But which braid would he like? Her gaze washed over him with true appreciation. God…she could keenly remember what he looked like under those clothes and it made her wish Hogwarts had a swimming course. “Why don’t you go first so I have a better idea of the places you’ll know.” Jen was never one to shy away from a chance to learn something about her future man- it would help the process go by easier.

Anthony started out with all the hope in the world, yet as soon as Autumn said ‘unfortunately’ his smile faltered a little bit. Of course not. Looking over in the direction where she pointed he felt an internal dread. Landon? Landon had already secured her as a partner? Merlin’s beard! No one was looking upon him today! He perked up a bit at her offer. “Sure. We can partner next class. I’ll see you then.” He couldn’t hide the grin on his face. He had secured a half date! Now he just needed Landon to slip up because Landon already had several people he could talk to!

Landon was truly impressed with how many men had approached Larissa in such a short time. He was just about to look for a different partner when he felt something grip his collar. “Oi! What the-” He had to arch his back in a weird way just to keep his footing right. He could see they had green robes? Oh. The moment she spoke he knew exactly who it was. Autumn K. “Er…no problem?” It came off as more than question, but to be fair he had a few questions on his mind.

There would be a day when his descendant would look back on this day. The day Amara chose William over the suave Mr. Matheus. He nodded. “Yeah. We are.” He wasn’t going to challenge her logic. Yep. They were housemates. It was a great gift. Placing his hand on her back he gestured with the other towards an empty table. She’s so fit! He couldn’t help, but give Matheus a smile as they walked away. Score one for William. Starting the year off strong! Pulling out the chair for her he soon took up the space at her side. “So, what place would you visualize to apparate to if you could go anywhere?”

Landon nodded as Autumn explained herself; an amused grin creeping onto his features by the time she finished rambling long enough to ask him his name. She didn’t seem to remember he introduced himself at Hogsmeade station which was a small blow…but, he’d give her a pass on it for being new. He chuckled. “Eh, no. It’s not red robes I’m afraid. It’s actually Landon Eccles.” He raised a brow at the hill idea, but nodded. “Yeah. I guess you could say that.” Since she had missed the lecture portion of the class he gave her a run down of how she needed to make sure she paid for the course, how it would only last twelve weeks, they could only try to apparate inside the castle during this timeslot in this room or else they risked splinching or death. He then explained splinching before going into the infamous Three D’s of Apparition. “I know it sounds it bit…stretched, but it’s a real thing and we all have to memorize it.” He explained, peeking up to make sure the Professor wasn’t in earshot. “Aside from that we’re just supposed to be picking a destination and then explaining it well enough for our partner to visualize it. Savvy?” This must be how Ravenclaws felt and he had to admit the pressure of trying to make sure you didn’t leave anything out made him thankful people didn’t come to him more often. His eyes lit up at the mention of the Isle, but he attempted to play it cool while eagerly listening to her explanation. “I um…Yeah, I’d say that helped.” Scratching underneath his chin he tried to keep himself from smiling and failed quite miserably. Landon leaned forward close. “I think I can picture it perfectly, but…it might help that I’m just a little more than a wee bit Scottish.” He gave her wink before pulling back to sit upright. “What was your mom doing on the Isle of Skye? Most people never think to make it out there even though it’s a real treasure if you ask me.” He’s been several times. Actually, it was probably more like hundreds of times if he were being honest. “In fact, if you ever do get the chance I recommend just about everything. You can’t go wrong, but ask half of the kids here and they’ll just say it’s a boring place where no one goes even though they haven’t even been.” He shook his head. “Anyway,” He perked back up, “back to your mother and why she was visiting.” Landon gave a somewhat apologetic shrug for rambling. He just couldn’t help it though! Normally the only people who really talked about the Isle were the other Scottish students and even then it was only a side note.

It wasn’t until the last three minutes of class that Professor Gudgeon clapped her hands to gather the students’ attention. “We will end the class here for the day. Upon the next class it will be your partners turn to share their location and then we will move on to the next point. You are dismissed for the day. Enjoy your lunch period.” With a flick of her wand an untouched briefcase flew into her hand and she waltzed out of the room.

“She’s probably going back to the Ministry.” Chadwick commented, earning a nod from Aria. “Most likely.”


Lord Have Mercy On The Workin Man – Travis Tritt

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