HP 27

Illych raised an eyebrow at her. She was so clingy. He hated those times, but tried his best to not let it reflect on his face. That would be rude of him. “I’m sure you would know areas that I wouldn’t know about.” He ignored the fact she wouldn’t let go of his arm as they went towards and empty area of the room. A hint of irritation seeping out. Why must they move to an empty out of the way area. Clingy. Illych shuddering. His brother was such a little bitch sometimes. He watched her perch herself on the desk. How she tilted her body and try to entice him. The problem was with these types is the tried much too hard to actually be that entertaining. They were the easy lay. The welcome to the neighborhood sort of event. The welcome party was already over. “I’ve been to quite a few places in the U.K. you may need to be more specific about the parameters.” Illych choosing to zone out as she assesed his valuable goods. Of course he was prime material. That doesn’t mean you get to cling on to it. High class was a treat for most people. Not a day to day lifestyle. Illych simply shrugged at her response. He didn’t really care much about this course. It was meant to give him an easy passing mark for his requirements.”Imagine a dark room. In it there is a large bed, white silk sheets and pillowing canopy. The room sparsely lit by red and beige candles. You can see the mirror on the wall. They are a deep red. Only a few pieces of furniture scattered about. armoire, a small circular dinning table pushed off into a corner, and a dresser away from your main line of sight. Across from the bed is a large open doors that lead out to a balcony. It is large with black stone floors and barbed wire and stone railing. There is also a small table on one side. The other a collection of potted plants. The view from the balcony is a cliff by the sea. It is night, the water is a dark black. Only the reflection of the moon can be seen.” He smirked at her when he saw her reaction. He leaned forward slightly to appear as if he was slightly interested. “That is Pyotr’s room in our estate in Ireland.” Illych took a step back and smiled. “Good luck, Malyshka.”
Katsumi stood facing Celene sullenly. She seemed so eager to try this whole class assignment. He sat down in one of the stools by them and sighed. “This is such a tedious task. How can we even understand each other’s choices when we’ve never been to each other’s respective countries.” Celene looked at her housemate and rolled her eyes. “Please, Katsumi. I have read a book and seen pictures I’m sure I can keep up.” He sighed and leaned back. The image of his home flashing in his mind. “My house is mostly white. Except for the base which is mostly stone. It sits on a hill. Trees and rivers with bridges surrounding it. The 83 main rooms are stacked in different levels with the left being shorter than the right. Like an egret taking flight. Imagine a view so beautiful people flock to see it. The tradition the heritage. How something can be so perfectly perserved.” Celene looked at the sullen boy her slight irritation fading away. “It sounds like you regret coming here.” Katsumi shook his head. “I don’t. I was the one who wanted to come in the first place not Autumn….Mahoutokro is lacking on magical theory of European wizardry. It’s an exciting curriculum change.” Celene sat down in another stool. “This is a curriculum change for you.” Katsumi shrugged. “It’s not like I have any ties to this continent. The only opinion I have of it is you tend to be overly proud and obnoxiously vocal individuals.” Celene felt herself becoming irritated. Did he even hear how he sounded? And she is someone with a large amount of patience! “You offended a lot of people with that boggart example. I wouldn’t let people hear you say that opionon.” He leaned away from her and shrugged slightly. “Why do I care what they think. Some pureblood family’s ‘status’ doesn’t mean anything to me.” Celene tapped her finger on her leg. No wonder he needed a blunt person like Autumn. Him opening his mouth was disasterous. “You do realize your guardian is a pureblood wizard that has ties to here. Or some of your housemates. Like Adeline and I.” Katsumi didn’t even react to her response. “Autumn has her own ties. What does that have to do with me. My cousin can do whatever she wants. And why would I care about the opionon of the Bellchant’s or the Greengrass’. I don’t buy from one and I don’t associate with the other.” Celene narrowed her eyes. “You associate with me and I am a Greengrass.” Katsumi found himself sighing wearily. “And? The most logical outcome is that you will marry another pureblood wizard. Which at that point would put you in a realm of not associating with me. A foreign wizard.” Celene stood up from her stool annoyed. “It’s not like you are such enjoyable people. Staying so isolated in your pompous castle. Himeji castle isn’t that spectacular.” Katsumi found his interest perked as he turned to looked at her. “Himeji castle…” Celene glared at him. “What. You don’t think I can recognize the name of your home.” Katsumi winced a little bit. This conversation was going off track. “I just didn’t think you would of cared about knowing about foreign castles.” Celene rolled her eyes. “For a Ravenclaw you seem to not think a lot.” Katsumi could only remain unmoved. “Well, I apparently have to now. Since you already know my location why don’t you try yours.” Celene smiled a bit. He surely wouldn’t know hers. “Your house isn’t the only one on a hill. Mine is surrounded by many hills. Rolling green pastures and guarded by a rim of a mini forest of trees. Theirs two main entrany ways. One an image of European castle, the other a large guard gate. On top of the main hill is an old stone guard area. Know where it is?” Katsumi smiled a little bit. She didn’t think he did. “It’s Cardiff Castle. The Greengrass family are from Wales.” Celene’s surprise was clearly visible on her face. She took a few deep breaths before replying. “I suppose it’s a draw.” Katsumi smiled at her. “I suppose it is.”
Pyotr smiled at Adeline. “I don’t mind going first?” Adeline smiled back at him coyly. “Oh. I’m sure you don’t mind finishing first. You are of that breed of stock.” Pyotr flinched in irritation for a moment before swallowing down his comment. He had to remember, Beauxbaton girls always had a sharp edge behind their butterfly illusions. This was a test. To see if he was even worth her attention or affections. A part of him wanting to sigh wearily, but if he did then he would lose points. Pyotr looked at her smug. “Am I? I have no problem allowing a beautiful girl to finish first. If that is what she desires.” Adeline bit her lip. Durmstrung boys were just so easy to tease. “What I desire…” Pyotr zoned in on her lips.He would not fall for their trick. Adeline running her hands through her platinum hair as she tilted her head slightly. A scantilously conservative view of her collarbone appearing. “Well, I want to pass this course. What ever method I need to achieve that.” Pyotr raised an eyebrow at her. Beauxbaton alright. “So you may as well tell me about her location.” Adeline simply nodded in response. “My mother’s family owns a villa Giverny. Right by the riverside. Not to far from Monet’s old area. It’s on the edge. Closer to Normandy. The house itself is a pale green. The shutters and door a pale blue. Ivy climbs the walls and all around the villa is water lilies, weeping whillows and wisteria. You can see the green bridge just close enough in front of it.” She took a step closer to him and smiled. “So, mon petit. Can you imagine such a sight.” Pyotr knew she was baiting him on purpose, but he just couldn’t help it. Beauxbaton girls were even more attractive with their crazy. He leaned closer towards her. “It’s not too hard to imagine you sitting underneath a wheeping willow. Staring out at the water.” Adeline gently placed her hand on his chest. “Sitting beneath the tree?” He clenched his jaw. “Or perhaps you fonder of laying down for an afternoon nap.” Adeline pressed her hand slightly harder against his chest so he could feel the pressure. “If I am on my back I am not sleeping beneath a tree.” Yobannae dno. Pyotr took a deep breath and didn’t say anything. Adeline smiling at him. “Now that that is settled. Why don’t you tell me about your Russian home. All about the woods.” Adeline taking a step back away from him.
Autumn inwardly sighed in relief. Clearly, he wasn’t too upset about being dragged away by a random Slytherin. It had been an oversight on her part that he may not enjoy that with them being house rivals and all. Autumn nodded her head in understanding. “It does sound a bit ridiculous. 3 D’s and all.” She didn’t really take note of his attitude towards her her explanation, other than the fact he seemed entertained enough. This was an assignment they were required to do is all. Autumn couldn’t control the flustered feeling when he suddenly leaned in close. What was he doing! She was young maiden! Boundries! She coughed for a moment to collect herself when he leaned away. Ah. He asked her a question. It was fiiine. She could collect herself to answer it. It’s not like he touched her or anything… “On the Isle? Well, I suppose you could say it helps to be a wee bit Scottish.” She resigned to be quiet as he suddenly started to ramble. Clearly, he has been to this island and enjoyed. “My mom wasn’t really visiting. Her family’s from there. She’s not any bit of Japanese. In fact, she has the brightest red hair you probably has ever seen….Eto. Maybe not. You may have seen her hair… You know the the Storr? Apparently, her family runs the stores within the rock.There’s this stone building inside, it has an image of a wolf’s head? I think she said it was a trading post. That’s there’s…And the buildings by Neist point. The mini castle mimics. I think that’s there’s too.” Autumn shrugged as nonchalantly as she could. “But I don’t know if any of that is true. I’ve never been. She normally goes alone when she returns to visit her family. I’ve never really left Asia. Except for here. Hogwarts is quite…it’s quite.” She smiled up at him. “But you’ve clearly been. Even I can feel the excitement you have towards it.” She did her best to smile warmly. “Must be some place.”
Amara didn’t seem that phased by William. She just answered him bluntly. “The falls. The ones named after one of your Mggle Queens. It’s a spectacular sight.” It was also the first place her and Chigaru had traveled too when they left their home for the first time. The various chiefs and elders were having a meeting at the scenic place. It was her her marriage to Chigaru was announced. And where he presented her with the rope and beaded bracelt she was wearing on her wrist. He had made it for her himself. She looked back at William. “And you?”
Eloise smiled at Chigaru. “Your friend over there seems to be admiring her bracelet.” Chigaru turned to look at Amara and then back at Eloise. “You really should correct such a bad habit.” Eloise simply shrugged at him. “It’s not like I chose her specifically. She was just really loud for a moment.” Chigaru turned back to look at her once more. She really was very found of that thing. He turned back to Eloise. “I suppose you have some sort of intention if you were to bring it up.” Eloise nodded her head. “You see I am quite bored.” Chigaru tapped the wood desk besides him. “Hogwarts not stimulating you enough in your brief two days.” Eloise smiled and leaned against the desk closer to him. “It is not the most stimulating environment. There’s no challenges. No dramatic entertainment.” Chigaru shrugged. “Not everything is going to be.” Eloise wagged her finger back and forth. “That’s where you are wrong my canine friend. It’s not that hard to stir the pot.” Chigaru raised an eyebrow at her. Breaking his masking for once. “And what does that have to do with Amara’s bracelet or your insistance on referring to me as a dog.” She smiled up at him. “I can get entertainment with no strings attached. It’s a wonderful side entertainment.” Chigaru sighed. Side entertainment? She must be quite bored by this two day environment. “Why would you even proposition that? You have nothing to gain out of it.” Eloise stepped closer to him. “I already told you it’s entertaining.” Chigaru turned back to look at Amara. Its not like she didn’t have a few boys interested in her. She could easily play around and should. Their ceremony was coming soon enough. He turned back to Eloise and remained silent. An evil smile on her face. “We both know you have frustrations building up. I wonder how long you can imagine.” Chigaru smirked at her. Not everything was a challenge. But if she wanted it to be. “I’d be more worried about your frustrations then mine.” Eloise covered her mouth in fake shock. “Chigaru, I am a proper lady of Beauxbaton. You shouldn’t be so vulgar.” He rolled his eyes. “Yea, real proper, alright. Propositioning me to play around with people for sport.” Eloise smirked at him. “It’s not like you haven’t done it before.” Chigaru thought about it for a moment. She has a valid point…
When class ended, Autumn realized for a moment Landon hadn’t mentioned anything about his location. Their conversation took up the entire time. In fact, the two had been so engrossed in their conversation Autumn hadn’t even noticed people began to trickle out of the room and the Professor had disappeared. She saw the fleeting image of an exiting Chigaru and Eloise in the doorframe. Traitors. Not waiting for her. Autumn in irritation grabbed Landon’s sleeve and started pulling him towards the door. “We are going to be late for lunch.” When she exited the classroom she let go of his robes and realized what she had done. SHe immediately apologized to him. “Sorry. I didn’t even realize I did it again. I just didn’t want to be late. The schedule here is a little bit different.” Autumn realizing that not many people were left in the hallway around them. It seems people generally did rush to lunch. She slowed down the pace. Autumn frowning a bit. “But don’t think I have forgiven you. Taking up the whole entire time with my story we didn’t even mention your location.” She shook her head. “ We had an assignment to do. A proper assignment.” She looked down at the floor wearily. “As it is, I’ll most likely end up late to this class everyday.” Autumn turning to look at Landon. “How is it fair to have two atrocious Professors in a row? Shouldn’t there be some sort of palate cleanser in-between at the very least?” Autumn sighing again as they reached the doors to the food area. She took a step through and shook her head. “You are lucky to not get stuck behind in his class. He’s even more atrocious.” When she noticed they has sufficiently walked far enough into the room she waved goodbye. “Well, our tables are in opposite directions. Enjoy your lunch, red robes.” A hint of a teasing smile on her face as she seperated from him. Autumn heading towards her table. She immediately sat down next to Eloise. Irritation on her face. “I can’t believe you two snuck out like that.” Eloise smiled at her. “Oh my. Snuck out? We did no such thing. We simply didn’t want to interrupt your conversation you were having.” Oswin Nott laughed from a little ways down the table. “I wonder how those two ended up as such well matched partners.” Autumn looked down at the table annoyed. “There is nothing well matched. We simply had a common location.” Celeste chiding her. “I was going to punish you for your embarassing display in Defense Against The Dark Arts, but if it is true that you have found a fond place in the Gryffindor House’s Quidditch Captain well.” Balthazar smiling as he finished her thought. “It is only right as prefects that we nurture your connection.” Autumn stared at the two somewhat blankly. “I’m not getting involved with red robes over a sporting match.” Celeste gave her a sarcastic smile. “You do already have a nickname for him.” Autumn rolled her eyes. “Calling him by his robe color isn’t a nick name.” Eloise picked up her cup of tea. “Seems like it is for you.” Autumn picked up her own tea cup. “I know I will never be a proper display in Defense Against the Dark Arts, but isn’t this a little much.” Celeste shook her head. “Hardly.” Autumn put down her tea cup and sighed. “Nothing is coming out of this. There’s no need to get your hopes up.” Oswin reached for a loaf of bread. “Are you sure, Autumn? You two are already partners for next class. That’s pretty telling to me.” Celeste adn Balthazaar both gave her a curious expression. She glared at them. “The Professor decided that not me.” Eloise chuckled. “Are you sure? You did walk across a classroom to drag the poor boy away.” Autumn reached for her own piece of bread. “To not having to partner with that Hufflepuff boy.” Oswin Nott turned to Lettice Macmillian. “Sure, she says that. But there were still a few Ravenclaws available for loan.” Lettice leaned forward to look at Autumn. “You may as well explore that route. He is a talented wizard in his own right.” Celeste rolled her eyes. “Talented enough for a non-pureblood.” Oswin sighed. “Honestly, Celeste how in the world did your family manage to maintain such an idea even after the Wizarding War.” Celeste smiled. “It’s simple really. My family took no sides and remained flourishing capable purebloods.” Balthazaar nodded his head. “As someone else from a neutral pureblood family you should at least understand this.” Oswin shook his head no. “Too bad I don’t. The world is changing. Ability over blood is happening.” Celeste narrowed her eyes. “Not in Slytherin.” Balthazaar rolled his eyes. “Besides, shaking up with Lettice Macmillian doesn’t really drive your point.” Oswin looked at the two annoyed. “I’m not dating Lettice because she is a pureblood. I like her for her.” Lettice smiled a bit besides him, but said nothing. Celeste raised an eyebrow at him. “Oh. Wasn’t it her background that made you dating her so easy? Your parents simply adored her. They weren’t too found of that Ravenclaw you tussled with in your third year.” Oswin looked down at his plate wearily. “Arguing with you two is bloody sham you know that.” Celeste smiled. “There’s a reason why we are such capable prefects.” Autumn looked down at her food. Thank the Kami’s the conversation had moved away from her.


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