HP 28

Jen took a soft breath to relax herself as he began to describe his place of choice. Closing her eyes, she tried her best to envision the room. It wasn’t hard at all. In part she attributed it to his voice. It was so warm and seductive. He could have been reading a chapter from the History of Magic and he could have kept her along with most of the student body captivated in her opinion. A dark room… To be honest she was able to do more than just imagine the room- she could imagine herself in that room along with a certain Durmstrung boy. When he leaned forward she opened her eyes and began to meet him halfway. If he had been trying to entice her it had worked meaning her plan to hook him had worked. Then he said it was Pyotr’s room and her expression distorted into something reminiscent of confusion. “It’s HIS room. Not yours?” For a moment she thought he must he joking, but then he smiled. Ugh, that smile. How could you even stay mad when THAT was teasing you. “What about your room? For some reason I have the feeling it’s a bit more…enticing.”

Landon grinned at her use of his phrase. “So, you’re Scottish. Looks like we have even more in common than anyone would of thought.” He chuckled, nodding at her correction about him seeing red hair. Oh yeah. He’d definitely seen his fair share. “Oh yeah, I know all about the Storr and Neist point. It was probably some of the first places I remember going when I was little during the summers and everything. I can’t believe your family runs it though. That’s…that’s blood brilliant.” Thinking on it for a moment he tried to remember the names of the families who tended to run the more major landmarks so to speak. He could only think of a few- one of which was surely not the answer in this case. “You’ve never been to your mother’s homeland, but came all the Hogwarts.” He chuckled. “Well we have a winter break. You should go then. It won’t be like the pictures everyone sees, but it’s still magnificent.” Sheesh. If any of his mates heard him they’d tell him he should quit school and become a travel advisor. Hey, it was always back up option if he needed to ever go into hiding from the wizarding community. “Yeah Hogwarts is character, but after a while you become so numb to all the craziness and honestly, since the last war we don’t have too much nowadays. A lot of it’s all talk with students trying to cling to back in the day when trivial things were blown out of proportion. Some people don’t want to leave the past.” His voice became a bit lower and he sighed. It was a weird thing to attend a school that had so much drama behind it; especially when you aren’t a part of the generations when everything went down. Nonetheless, he enjoyed it here.

William leaned in eagerly as Amara spoke. Not a single word she uttered was missed by him- not that she said all that much in comparison to say, himself. “That falls…The falls…” He tried to wrack his brain for even a remote idea of what she was talking about. “Do ya mean Victoria Falls by chance?” That was the only waterfall he could really think of that was named after one of the Queens off the top of his head. “Is it near where you live?” He asked, realizing he was going to have to fish a bit for information. “Any reason why it’s special to ya?”

“Oi, Landon! Time for lunch!” A stocky guy with short hair called from across the room, waving at the daft idiot before filing out of the room with a few of the others. Landon peeked up, surprised to see how many students had already left. Or was he really not paying any attention? Grabbing his wand, he was just about to stand when he felt himself getting pulled again “Erm- I don’t think ya can he late to lunch.” He noted, hoping to help her relax a bit. Sure, several students had already waned out of the hall, but they weren’t on a time crunch. People just liked to eat. He was one of those people. “Haven’t forgiven me?” He chuckled at her explanation. “Don’t worry too much. I know students who took the class last year and to stay on track you didn’t need to hear my place.” He assured her quietly. The mention of Professor Dimitrov put a sour taste in his mouth. “Yeah I can imagine with a professor like that.” Landon mumbled agitatedly. “Well…it wouldn’t be a true Hogwarts experience without at least two professors who drive you mental. Gudgeon isn’t so bad though. She just isn’t a teacher. If you’re schedule is anything like mine, then worst has yet to come.” He leaned down to give her a little nudge. “If I see you in there I’ll give you a warning.” He stood back upright. “Yeah, you too- er” He chuckled at the mention of red robes. “Guess I wasn’t that memorable.” He shot her a smile before turning to join his mates. “Well it’s about bloody time. Having fun flirting with the new exchange?” Godric asked, the table Quidditch team bursting into laughter around the table. “What? I can’t help a new person out? She needed a partner.” Landon pointed out while loading up his plate. “She waltzed right up to you and dragged you away.” Nicole pointed out pointed her fork at him quietly before taking a bite of her mash. Landon sighed. “Alright. Alright. Calm down. Eat up and keep yer metabolisms up. Practice will start up again soon.” Landon waved them off with a quick look around. “Where’s Draghi?”

“You mean yer wife?” William piped up. Several at the table chuckled save Nicole who merely withheld the urge to role her eyes. “Yeh. That’s the one.” Landon agreed, “Where is she?” Not many people missed lunch and Mina surely wasn’t one of them. “Probably in the hospital wing. She did bump her head and she had a free period, so I’m sure she’ll pop back up in Transfiguration.” Nicole replied, offering Landon a soft smile. Landon just nodded. “Sounds right. Anyway, you all caught the Quidditch World Cup, right? It was bloody mental…”

At the Ravenclaw table there were murmurs about the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. “Well, he’s certainly an interesting Professor if nothing else.” Selene commented quietly. “Well, he surely isn’t a fan of Hogwarts. He made that abundantly clear.” Hamilton chimed in. “I mean. It’s understandable to a degree. Hogwarts is known for being a bit soft on Defense Against the Dark Arts and the best way to teach something that is through application- not theory” Chadwick noted. “But doesn’t he have to go about it like that. I mean…a student fainted and I’m surprised he even put the Boggart away.” Russel added to which many nodded. “I wonder what it was like for those who had to stay the longest. Autumn was the last to come to Apparitions and she seemed well over it.” Aria spoke whilst gathering seconds. “That’s a fair question.” Chadwick agreed. After their group finished their food they began to rise. “I promised Hamilton I’d sit with him in Transfigurations this year.” Aria explained to Chadwick, cupping her hand to whisper in his ear. “No problem. So far, we’re three for four. That isn’t so bad.” He shrugged just as Hamilton joined them. “Are you ready for transfigurations?” Hamilton asked with Selene at his side. “Yeah. The Professor is the same as last year, thank goodness. I don’t think I can take another new Professor at rate we’re going.” Selene laughed a bit breathless. Aria nodded. When they opened the door the class was in perfect with not a thing out of place save an orange cat that was sitting upright on the edge of the desk, green eyes watching the students as they trickled in. Hamilton and Aria took up to spaces while Selene went to sit with someone else allowing Chadwick to start fresh at a new table. He nodded in respect to the cat before setting up his materials.

Mina’s eyes fluttered open to find herself sprawled in the grass of one of the courtyard. “Hmm…” Leaning upright she gave a nice, hefty stretch before looking around. No one was there which meant it was either lunch or…she was already late to Transfiguration. After moving to her feet, she noticed a small brown in the grass where she’d be laying. That was unusual… No matter. With a quick dusting of her robes she made her way to the first-floor girls’ bathroom and splashed some water on her face to spruce up a bit. Peaking into the mirror she saw a face that wasn’t her own. “Ahhh!!” Mina jumped back only to immediately relax. “Bloody hell, Myrtle! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” She sighed and leaned against a wall. A laugh emitted from the mirror before Myrtle fully came into view. “Just having some fun. No one seems to want to be in here anymore. Apparently, I’m too whiny.” Myrtles ghost features scrunched up to make a face. “You never seem to go anywhere though. Shouldn’t you be at lunch right now?” Myrtle moved behind as Mina as she returned to fixing her appearance. “I bumped my head in class and fell asleep in the courtyard.” Mina explained, running her fingers through her hair to feel for the bruise. It was no longer there. “Tsk. Tsk. You should be more careful. Don’t want to end up like me, do you?” Myrtle spoke in a sing song voice. “Thanks Myrtle. Always a delight.” Mina smiled and shook her head. “I’ll see you later. Try not t spend too much time in the boy’s bathroom this year.” Sticking her tongue out at Myrtle she smiled before slipping out into the hall. She arrived at Transfiguration several minutes later, just as the class was starting and just slid herself into an open seat next to Godric for now.

As soon as the clock struck the hour, the cat jumped off the table to turn into a man in his mid-thirties. He was light haired ginger that aired on the dull side as opposed to the fiery side of the spectrum. He wore light stubble and dressed like a stereotypical professor from the United Kingdom in that he wore tweed. “Good Afternoon class. As most of you already know, my name is Professor Leonard Quill. I have been here for roughly three years. Some of the exchange students may recognize me as I was a teacher as Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the three years prior and Uagadou School of Magic for four years before that. For those of you from other academies, I’m sorry to say I will be a bit unfamiliar with where you should be in your sixth year.” He took a breath. “Here at Hogwarts we will focus on three main things this year- one of which is not nearly as severe as the others and I will most likely employ it first to get the ball rolling. The main theme will have to due with human transfiguration. We will cover everything from making various individual changes about yourself, taking on individual animal body parts, and taking an entirely different form. This is not to be confused with the ability of an Animagi, although there is some overlap. Think of it more in the concept of being a metamorphagus for the majority the year and then we delve into animal characteristics separately. I am aware there will be a few Animagus in this class and when the time comes I hope you’ll be willing to demonstrate. If not, I do understand and don’t intend to push it on you.” He leaned back against his desk to observe the class. “Today I only intend to assign readings so that the next time we meet you have a base level knowledge of what I intend to teach you and then I will take it from there by lecture. I tend to keep readings minimal and that will be true of this year as well, so if you didn’t manage to get a book or somehow lost it on the train you don’t need to worry. You can easily borrow it from someone else because they won’t be reading it all day.” Narrowing his eyes slightly he began to pick out the new students in his mind. “I’m assuming most other professors have either asked you exchange students where you’re at in your studies and if you think you’ll be able to keep up. Given your academic status I am confident you be as ready as the domestic students. If not, I have office hours and I don’t bite.” Walking around his desk he picked up a piece of chalk and wrote down the page numbers everyone would need to read. “Alright. So, in order to use up the rest of this class since I don’t intend to get into the material today I’m going to givetwo choices. We can either sit silently and read through the pages I put up there. You won’t be able to finish it all in the course period, but you’ll get a good chunk out- or we can learn a bit about each other. I’m sure several of you are curious about the exchange students and I’m sure they’re wondering if you’re all tea loving biscuit eaters or if you actually do anything with your day.” He shrugged. “What are the votes for today?” Looking around the classroom he waved off the students raising their hands. “Now, now guys. Come on. We’re hosting people so it’s up to them, not the rest of you lot.” He smiled a bit at the aghast faces. They seemed to have so little faith in their new fellow students.


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