HP 29

Illych watched her reaction and resisted the urge to laugh. I mean come on. That was so easy. How much did she want him. Illych nodded his head. “Igen. It is his room.” His room? Well, he finally understood the muggle term of thirsty. Illych had zero interest in quenching that thirst, and from the way Pyotr was looking at Adeline he doubted he would oblige either. Illych took a step back from her and shook his head no. “unfortunanetly that must happen another time. Our assignments requires both of us to describe places to each other and we must retain our status. Understand, szep?” Illych choosing to zone out as much as possible for the rest of the class. When it was announced to be over he quickly fleed and turned back around to grab his brother from Adeline. “I know you two have much to talk about. But, Pyotr, it is time for lunch… and Our dearest Poppy apparently has plans with you.” He flashed a smile at Adeline. “We mustn’t keep our Prefect waiting.” Illych dragging Pyotr away to lunch.
After Pyotr was dragged away Adeline walked up to Eloise and Chigaru. She perked a brow at her cousin. “Well, aren’t you leaning awfully close, Eloise.” Chigaru turned to her with no expression at all. “She has decided on a game.” Adeline faked surprise. She could already assume what it was about. “Your frustrations perhaps?” Chigaru turned to look at Eloise. She was smiling. “I can’t help the fact Adeline can be very intuitive…” He rolled his eyes. “Intuitive…”

Adeline sat calmly next to Katsumi and Celene. Sara across the way. Shelistened silently to the Chadwick’s group conversation electing to not say a word. She leaned down towards Katsumi. “Katsumi dear, I believe you finally have a window of oppertunity.” He quickly looked down at his plate. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” She smiled at him. “Of course you do.” Celene looked at Adeline for a moment. “As the days go on I honestly wonder how you ended up in our house.” Adeline smiled. “Knowledge is power. And if I want power then I must have knowledge. It is about foundations.” Celene looked at her for a moment. “And that lead you to Ravenclaw…” Adeline laughed. “Well, I am also quite found of reading a book or two.” Sara leaned forward from across the table. “So. I hear theres a new professor for Tansfiguartions.” Adeline nodded her head. “Yes. Some ginger from Ilvermony.” Celene and Sara turned to look at her in shock. Celene looking at her more skeptically. “How do you know that…” Adeline took a sip of her tea. “I already said knowledge is power.” The two girls looked at each other unnerved for a moment. Katsumi sighing. “Relax, Eloise told her.” Celene sighing for a moment. “Ah. Slytherin. That makes sense.” Sara nodded. “For pretentious blokes they are certainly well connected.” Lark turned to interrupt the conversation. “The reason they are pretentious is because of their connections.” Theo nodding his head. ‘They can be quite useful in procurring goods our house needs. Try not to make them too angry.” Adeline simply waved them off. “No need to worry. Eloise procurred the information as something similiar to that.” Adeline turning away from them to enjoy her food. A side glance at Katsumi to not say anything that could make his life harder. He simply sighed and returned to his food.
Illych and Pyotr sat down at the Hufflepuff table. Pyotr still looking slightly annoyed. Rory turning to look at them. He had grown quiet found of their cheerful and fun demeanor. Plus, out of respect for his crush on Poppy they never tried anything with her. “What’s eating you two?” Illych waved him off. “My brother hit a challenge with a beautiful women. Has him vexed.” Pyotr glaring at him. “That doesn’t give you the right to get involved.” Illych shrugged. “I’m good at getting involved in that conundrum of yours.I have some of my own.” Poppy leaning towards him. “What’s going on, Illych?” He simply sighed. “There is a girl too attached on me and I have been requested by a certain Slytherin to go offer advice to their friend.” Pyotr looked at him with that look of he knows what Illych is doing. “Eloise asked you to give advice to Autumn didn’t she?” Illych sighed. “She caught me at the doors. She said it is our school’s speciality after all.” Poppy put her hand on his arm and smiled. “Well, we are your friends. Why not let us help.I can offer my advice to Autumn and Rory can work on the girl.” Illych raised a brow. “You would do that…?” Rory nodded his head. “Of course, mate. You have been so helpful these last two days.” Poppy nodding her head. “You two fit right in.” Pyotr looked at his brother. “So who’s the girl.” Illych turned to look at Jen and the group of girls surrounding her for a moment before turning back. Rory nodded his head begrudgingly. “That is going to be a tough one.” Poppy pat his shoulder. “That one might not go away. But we can stillt ry to help.” Illych nodded and reached for a mug of butter beer. An evil smile appearing in his mind. It was like taking candy from a baby. And now Eloise owed him one. Pyotr leaned towards his brother so no one else could hear. “Beauxbaton crazy?” Illych simply nodded his head and didn’t comment. Pyotr shuddered. They bored too easily.

Autumn walked to the transfigurations class room with Eloise and Chigaru. She was shaking her head tiredly. “I heard about the game you are playing.” She looked at her with disappointment. “You shouldn’t sort through conversation slike that, autumn. It is very rude.” Autumn glared at her. “And starting the chain of event on day two isn’t?” Eloise chuckled. “Of course not. They were waiting for some entertainment anyways.” Autumn sighed. “Doubtful.” The three arriving in the transfigurations classroom and quickly taking their seats.
Katsumi entered the room with his tiny foursome and felt himself soon pushed by Adeline towards Chadwick’s table. Katsumi stumbling forward and catching the table’s edge. He turned around to give Adeline a look before turning back to him. “Hey…” Katsumi looking at him somewhat green the face. “We haven’t had a chance to talk recently and it seems you have a seat open for once?” Katsumi sliding into the seat next to him. He took out his materials one by one. He turned to Chadwick. “So, are all first classes like this? Picking out random students and interrogating them?” Katsumi sighing a little bit. “I never knew being an exchange was such hard work.” He turned away from him to look at the ca-… The Professor. He seemed strangely similar to his boggart’s transformation.
Autumn zoned out for most of the Professor’s explanation of the course when Illych suddenly stood up. Wait, what! How were they suddenly introducing themselves. She turned to look at Eloise. She shrugged. “You should pay more attention.” Chigaru nodding next to her. Autumn sighed. “You two are evil wizarding beings.” Eloise raised an eyebrow at her. “I’ve heard quite a few rumors about your family. Your father once bought…” Autumn tapped the desk to get her to shut up. “I get the point and she turned to watch Illych.” Chigaru leaning in. “What did he buy?” Eloise chuckling. “A special sort of quill.” He looked back and forth between the two of them and decided it was not worth it. Turning his attention to the idiot in Hufflepuff.
Illych stood up immediately. “It would be anything but polite if we chose to ignore our peers for some readings, Professor. All of us would love to share our backgrounds.” Amara glared at Illych. Katsumi sighed. Adeline found herself making a tsk tsk noise. Autumn groaned and put her head down on the table. Eloise smiling at the sight. While Chiagru, elected to lean back and sigh. The most vocal reaction coming from Charity’s yawning. She was still doing that?
Illych continued. “As for my brother and I it is clear that we are from Eastern Europe, per Durmstrung standards. Our mother is the Russian ballerina Valeriya Kuznetsov. Our father is a folk singer from Hungrary, Antal Tchaikovsky.” Pyotr sighed even louder than Charity’s yawn. “Illych there really is no need to show boat.” Illych looked down at his brother. “These are simple facts, Pyotr.” Pyotr rolled his eyes. “Not when you say them.” Illych sighed. “ So then youstand up and state the facts.” Pyotr slowly stood up from his seat. “Illych is terminally single. He excels at Dark Arts and Potions. Is blatantly pompous. Does not play quiditch although he would most likely be good at it if he chose to care about it. His hobbies include: listening to opera, being in the woods and sleeping with women… These are the facts, brother.” Illych smiled at his brother. “ As if you are so different. The only thing you can change is potions to transfiguration and woods to sea… And much less attractive women.” Pyotr siled back at his brother. “Can you be so sure about that, Illych?” He nodded his head. “That girl from Moscow was subpar at best.” Pyotr shrugged. “But the lischika had quite a charm to her.” Illych simple shrugged. “Anyways, we are much more interested in seeing what Hogwarts has to offer…” Pyotr continuing. “ What theys ay Durmstrung can’t provide.” Illych smiled at his brother. “Well, no one has the accents Pyotr.” He shrugged. “I do not care.” Illych turned to look at a girl behind him. “Larissa?”
Larissa stared at the two brothers for a moment before standing up. “ Well, I certainly don’t have the habit of sleeping with women. My specialties include transfiguration and by what is your standards care of magical creatures, My mother studies magical creatures and out father os a merchant. He runs the Pimenta Vermelha in Rio. My brother and I held a status similar to your prefects.” She sat down. Matheus stood up. “My specialities are oretty much the same as my sister.But unlike my sister I would not turn down a beautiful Senhora… Ah. We have also both played quiditch at our school. In fact, Gryffindor’s captain has apparently already poached us. My apologies to the other houses.” He turned to Amara before sitting down.
Amara stood up.”My family runs the coalition of the southern communities of southern central Africa. They make their trade as procures of natural resources. My speciality would be divinations and transfiguration. As per our school specialty, but Chigaru and I are Animagus.” She sat back down. Eloise and Autumn turning to smirk at Chigaru. He had an annoyed look on his face. Eloise patting his arm. “At least it was a childhood ‘friend’ that outed you.”
Charity didn’t even bother to stand up. She simply stretched and turned to get a better view of everyone. “My mother works as a government official. My father is in Macusa as an employee. I’m here because Noah was curious. That’s all.” She laid her head back down so she could take a nap.
Adeline turned to Noah. He slowly stood up. “My mother works in the same department in Macusa with Charity’s father. My father is a writer on magical theory. I wanted to see new things.” He quickly sat down. Adeline standing up next. “My family is a well known merchant family. It is a good idea to see the world and get connections with new people at the same time. Besides, my cousin has a particular interest in the U.K. Family might as well go together. My specialities include Defense Against the Dark Arts (low key really just Dark Arts), Divinations and arithamancy…Please do take care of me.”
Katsumi slowly stood up. He looked at Chadwick for a moment before speaking. “Ano.. My parents are Kurosawa Eiichi and Kurosawa Noriko. They manage the Department of Traditional affairs. Which means we spend a lot of time in temples.” He took a deep breath. “We don’t have things like prefects in Mahoutokoro. OUr school follows a strict ranking system. Where the top 5 students manage all student affairs. My position is…” He turned around to look at Autumn. She shrugged. “ I am tied for first with Autumn. My speaciality is theoretical magic. It includes subjects like arithmancy, alchemy and the study of ancient runes… My hobbies are reading and gardening.” He looked back at Autumn one more time. She shrugged again. “ My mother is the younger sister of Autumn’s father, so we are cousins.” Katsumi promptly sitting back in his seat.
Chiagru stood up, emotionless. “My family runs the northern coalition of central Africa. My specialities are similar to Amara. I have zero interest in helping anyone with becoming an Animagus so please refer to her or our Professor. I have similar specialities, but exclude an ability for divinations. Instead, I excel at Care of Magical Creatures.” Chigaru dryly sitting down.
Eloise stood up. “Well, there’s not much to be said that hasn’t been covered by Adeline. I suppose I could say our father’s are twin brother’s and our mother’s are cousins. Which is a peculiar situation to be in. We do have very similar specialities. If anyone has any specific questions I would be glad to answer them after class.”
Autumn slowly stood up. Both relieved and annoyed about being last. “My parents are Horangi Kwon adn Fionnula Kwon. My father manages the Department of Social Organization. My mother since leaving Ilvermony two years ago instructs speciality courses at Mahoutokoro and in the community.” She turned to look at Landon for a moment before continuing. “She is scottish and from the Isles. Not Japanese. I specialize in Practical Application of magic. It includes subjects such as charms, divination and potions. My hobby is hunting and playing the koto. MOst of the time I have to stop Katsumi from fumbling too much. HE also forgot to add he played quiditch at our school as a seeker. I do not play at all.” She also promptly sat down.
Eloise leaning towads her. “Dry. Dry as the Sahara desert.” Autumn shrugged. “I’m not here to measure my greatness against others.” Chigaru shook his head. “No. You are here to stop Katsumi from fumbling.” Autumn looked at him confused. “Since when do you talk so much?” Eloise smiled. “Since he recently found a way to vent his frustrations.” Autumn looked back and forth between the two and groaned. “ I don’t want to even know how you two came to this conclusion.” Chigaru shrugged. “She got bored in two days.” Autumn looked back at Eloise. “Two days. Really?” Eloise shrugged. “ For a school that is frequently the topic of conversation absolutely nothing goes on.” Autumn put her head down on her arms on the table. “Isn’t the tri-wizard thingy going on this year.” Eloise covered her mouth for a moment. “Oh dear. I forgot about that.” Chigaru sighed. “Yet the two non european wizards do.” Eloise shrugged. “It’s not my fault the rest of world envys us.” Chiagru and Autumn at the same time sighing, “Please…” The two look at each other for a moment before turning away from each other. Elois echuckling. “Perhaps you should vent your frustrations together.” “I’m good.” The two said at the same exact time again. Eloise smiling. “It seems your animal insticts are calling for each other.” Autumn rolled her eyes. “To kill each other is more like it.” Chigaru sighed. “ Can’t have a little bird go missing.” Autumn sat right back up. “ You should see what little bird would do to your face flea bag” Eloise smiled at the two of them. “See. Entertainment isn’t that hard of a request.” The two turned to look at her. Eloise…

ehAutumn, Eloise and Chigaru were walking to their next class, potions. Adeline smoothly appearing behind them while taunting Celene and Sara. Autumn keeping watch every now on then on Katsumi. Who was walking with Chadwick’s group. Kami. Adeline was the only one smiling brightly. “Well, that was an interesting class.” Autumn rolled her eyes at the sentiment. “You two are up to no good.” Celene nodded her head inagreement. However, she seemed to go the wrong direction with it. “it’s not fair for all you to have such backgrounds.” Eloise shrugged at the girl. ” Since when is it our fault how you guys think.” Sara looke at her annoyed. “How…” Adeline patted the girl’s shoulder. “She means to imply that the requirements for us to be here are very different. Most schools only allow their top students to come.” Eloise smiled. “It’s like an unfair rule book that would be a comparison of 98% of the time only your pure bloods would be able to go.” Sara’s brow twitched. “And the other 2%…” Autumn sighed. “Than it would be 1/2 bloods by that example.” Sara frowned. She had been born to two delightful muggle parents. “That’s a broken system.” Chigaru flat lined. “It is a functioning one.” Eloise nodded her head in agreement. “We do have much less propblems than you.” Sara remained frowning. “I’m still not a fan.” Autumn nodded her head at the girl. “Then don’t move.” Eloise turned to Sara ti smile. “Precisely.” Adeline gave her associate a nice side hug. “Now it’s alright, Sara. You could of have been recommend for the experience, because of a talent.” Eloise went to say that was highly unlikely, but Adeline flashed her a look and stayed quiet. Instead she said, “Sara I heard you happen to be good with potions. You could of easily be chosen for that. And….. You can help us pass the class.” Sara’s mood brightened up a little and nodded her head. Celene leaned in closer to Autumn. “She could played didn’t she?” Autumn nodded her head “Completely.”

The small group entered the classroom happily chatting away. When they caught the eye of the Professor. It was certain that she was beautiful. She had long flowing dark hair and a charm to her certain ice cold exterior. The all black attire seemed to be both conservative and show off her body. However, what really stood out were here rare hazel eyes. She looked as if they were an impossible shade of light green and golden flecks instead of brown. Autumn quickly scooted into a seat. Since Eloise and Chigaru paired up together and Oswin paired up with Lettice she had to look around the room for a partner. A boy by the name of Prentis Flint slid in next to her. He had this dull expression on his face, and looked mediocre at best. However, he was from the Flint family, so he had a saving grace in his house. He turned to look at her. “This is your speciality right?” Autumn nodded her head. Prentis sighed with relief. “I really need to pass potions this year.” Autumn nodded her head again. “alright, partner.” Prentis smiled at her. Ah, his teeth were sort of… well, they were unsorted. “Thanks.” Autumn turned at the sound of knocking on her desk. It was Celeste and Balthaazar. Celeste was giving them a trying look. “Professor Rhiannon is the head of our house. Don’t mess up.” Autumn nodded her head slowly and she walked past her to Eloise and Chigaru’s table.

Poppy found herself stopping by Autumn’s table. Autumn looking up at her confused. Poppy smiled at her. “Don’t worry about before. From the sound of it all of you guys are pretty amazing wizards.” Autumn looked at her confused. “Before?” Poppy nodded her head. “Yes, dear. Defense Against The Darks will be unnatural with a Professor like him. No need to be embarassed about it.” Autumn felt herself beginning to get angry. Prentis by her side equally looking at her annoyed. Celeste turning around to glare at Poppy. “Why on Earth would you need to say anything to one of my charges, Poppy. Don’t you have some of your own to get to pass this course.” Poppy glared at her. “It’s called being nice, Celeste.” Celeste shook her head. “It’s called being a bloody idiot and not caring about your own consequences.” Poppy took a step forward. “And you’re a shinning example of just not caring at all.” Autumn looked at Prentis. Her anger had turned into confusion. He leaned towards. “Celeste got bored one year, before Balthazaar and her officially got together. So, she played around with Poppy’s boyfriend.” Autumn nodded her head and turned back towards them. Poppy seemed completely vexed. “Typical for you and your lot being so offended by some kindess.” Baltha zaar raised abrow at the comment. “Our lot.” Poppy nodded her head. “I can’t imagine any other outcome than that with Celeste in charge of you.” She turned to Balthazaar. “Tell me, Bal. How fair has she really been to any of you.” Autumn turned to look at Prentis. He shrugged. “Balthazaar was having some fun with games of his own at the time.” Autumn nodded her head and turned back around. Celeste looking at her furious. “Just return to your badger hole already.” Poppy nodded her head. “Gladly.” She looked at Autumn sympothetically before walking back to sit next to Rory. Celeste looking down at Autumn annoyed. “And you were complaining about some jokes.” Autumn found herself coughing a bit. “Eto…Sorry?” Celeste turned around and walked away in a huff. Balthazaar gave her a look of regret. “Its not your fault.” He turned around to follow after her.

When all the students had found a seat Professor Rhiannon walked forward a few steps. She looked at the exchange students. “My name is Professor Rhiannon for those of you who haven’t figure it out yet. I have heard the Professors asking you lot your capabilities and abilities. Here’s the tea exchanges. I do not care. I don’t want to hear any of your explanations or the bragging of select individuals. You will either keep up or fail the course.” She turned to the Slytherin exchanges. “And you three. As the head of your house except an even harder criteria. If you are so amazing than you must prove it for your house. Now then.” She lifted her wand and letters began to appear on the board. “Golpalott’s Third Law. Slytherin students you should know this by now.” Celeste raised her hand. Professor Rhiannon nodded in her direction. “It is the law for making antidotes. More specifically for poisons coming from the mixing of several poisons together. Since there is no simple way to create an antidote you must seperate the poisones and find the antitude to each single one. Following this you can then mix them together to create the antidote. Although, the law lacks a certain validity as it does not work in every case.” Professor Rhiannon nodded her head. “Precisely, Celeste. You have maintained your prefect status well I see.” She turned to the Hufflepuffs and narrowed her eyes at Anthony. “An example.” Afterwards she turned back to the Gryffindor house. “An example.” She then turned to Ravenclaw house. “I’m sure you already have an example.” Professor Rhiannon changing to address the class. “Open Advanced Potions Making. Libatius Borage’s version for those of you who probably messed up.” Her wand lifted and more words appeared. “Your home work is reading pages 15-56. In class today, we will examine the classic example of Veritas Dolor. Which is made of what potions?” She scanned the room and settled on Celene. SHe stood up slowly. “Veritaserum, Confusing Concoction, Draught of Unendying torture, Professor.” Professor Rhiannon nodded her head and turned to Gryffindor. “What are the antidotes?”


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