HP 3

A group of students stood waiting in a huddle in King’s Cross Station. They were an odd assortment of exchange students all gathered confused by a brick pillar. All among them Muggles ran to catch their trains. However, this group of students all just stared at the thick pillar. The Hogwarts representative had just told them they were expected to run through it. No one seemed willing to go first. After all, running through brick pillars was something none of them had to do to get to school. And who would trust the word of a tall, lanky, and certainly gloomy looking woman.

“Since none of you are going through, I’ll just have to go first.” said the tall, lean Ilvermony exchange student. The other’s all looked at her with skeptical faces. Of course it was the American student to be brazen and bold. Although the boy besides her seemed quite the opposite. The male student from Uagadou gestured forward. “Go on then.” She smirked at him, before running through the pillar. “No surprise her being graceful.” Commented one of the Beauxbatons Academy students.

One of the Durmstrang students smiled. “Who knew they would send such an appealing American.” The other Durmstrang student chuckling along side with him. While everyone was talking the girl from Mahoutokoro quickly ran through the pillar. The male student following right after her. “What is it with the Japanese brujos?” said the male Caselobruxo student. The Durmstrang boy from before hit him on the back and laughed. “It is the Japanese way to be serious like that.” The French girls smiled, their fingers lingering past the Durmstrang boys’ faces as they ran through next.

“Come. We are falling behind, Chigaru.” said the female Uagadou student. Chigaru nodded and they both ran through the pillar. The Durmstrang boys frustratingly following them through next. The two Caselobruxo students smiling at the silent Ilvermony boy left standing there. They too quickly ran through the pillar. “I should of stayed in America.” He said as he ran through the pillar with his eyes closed. He popped out on another platform. All the students he came with were being herded into a train. “Come on Noah.” Shouted his Ilvermony classmate from the train’s steps. He ran to catch up with her and entered the train. He saw the Caselobruxo students had quickly found seats with his friend in one of the rooms. Across from their room was the Ugadou Students, the Durmstrung Students and the Beauxbaton. It seems the Mahoutokoro students hadn’t been able to get a seat due to Charity’s instant desire to sit with a red haired boy she spotted.

He gave one last glance down the hall to see if he could spot them before sliding down next to Charity. She was eagerly introducing him already…


Here Comes Trouble – Bad Company

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