HP 30

Chadwick was well locked into a conversation with Hamilton from across the way when he felt something shift their table. “Hm?” Peering up he saw a familiar face and smiled. “Hey.” He pondered the idea of when they last spoke. It had only been perhaps a day? Two at most? Not too long considering his situation. At Katsumi’s question he merely chuckled. “Eh…It’s hit or miss depending on the Professor. Exchange students tend to have certain…repeat attributes and the Professors get bored of it after a while.” Chadwick explained, giving Katsumi a small pat on the shoulder at his sigh. When the clock struck the hour, he fell silent as if on command. This was one of his favorite Professors given his knowledge, experience, and travels paired with his far from egotistical demeanor. In some ways it was what Chadwick aspired to be in his later years.

Nicole and Mina met eyes at the display of an introduction from the Durmstrung twins. Nicole merely rolling her eyes at the ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’ from swooning girls in the class. Mina merely smiled at the all too familiar expression marking her friend’s features- not to say it was surprising. Nicole had a very certain…taste and these boys were far from it. At mention of the Gryffindor coach, Mina peeked over at Landon who shrugged as if he couldn’t help himself. Mina shook her head to which he offered her a gesture. Mina narrowed her eyes as she mouthed out ‘not on your life’. Turning back to the front she was just in time to catch Charity’s…introduction if you could call it that? Nicole seemed a bit mortified at their female exchange student but held it at least somewhat in check. Hopefully she was just a bit jet lagged and would get herself sorted? Landon was leaning back in his care rather carelessly, his gaze flickering to catch Autumn’s eye when she looked at him. The corner of his mouth turned up in a bit of a smile at her mention of being Scottish. He was all about the homeland. Tilting his head in Katsumi’s direction he made a very strong mental note of the Japanese boy being a seeker.
When the clock struck again, Professor Quill merely flicked his wand, so the doors opened for the students to leave. “Enjoy the rest of your day students.”

Hamilton had been trailing behind the class with Aria when they found themselves within earshot of a rather telling conversation between a few Slytherin representatives and their exchange students. Granted they both noted their own exchange students but said nothing on the matter. Eavesdropping was not a habit of theirs nor did they actively employ it, yet even as they had their own conversation they were still unfortunately privy to the conversation regarding blood status. Aria sighed inwardly at how easily Celene had been swayed- played like a flute with a few sentences.

Carson eased into class with Priscilla at his side. She was still prattling on, but instead of the Professor it had become focused on the exchange students. Both were two things Carson hadn’t been interested in until he noted their thoughts on blood status. People seemed to forget how much castle walls echoed or at least they didn’t care and to be honest he didn’t think they should. They were in the Slytherin house, after all and as such they should feel no shame for it since their points were very valid. From their vantage point in class he watched the display of Celeste versus Poppy with amusement. Poppy was so…he didn’t even have a word for it really. That’d require him to actually put some thought towards the girl. You’d think she’d be fine given how long it’d been but leave it to a Hufflepuff to still hold a grudge and not even be able to navigate properly.

Upon entering the class, Chadwick slid into a seat and waited for Aria to arrive to sat with a somewhat troubled expression. “Is everything alright?” He asked, leaning in a bit for her murmur a response. “Yeah…just learning new things always.” Aria opened up her book with a look that said they could talk about it later. Chadwick merely nodded. From the corner of his eye he clocked Hamilton who seemed to have a similar expression. Hm..

Mina planned on sitting with just about anyone except Landon, yet felt a strong tug on her robes pulling her down into the seat just as she attempted to pass. “Bloody hell, Landon. Are you trying to kill me?” She huffed, swatting him over the head as she adjusted herself. “Just trying to atone for my sins last year. No problem with that, right Draghi?” Landon chuckled. “Atone? Or finish what you started and blow me all the way into the next dimension?” Mina snapped back. “Ouch. It was only…two-” “Five.” “It was five times?” Landon leaned back in his seat a bit bewildered. “Yes. We’ve averaged out at once every year and I’m really not going for a sixth.” Mina whispered harshly. “Well…we can’t ruin our streak, can we?” A shit eating grin formed on Landon’s features just as she shot him a death glare. Refusing to break eye contact, Landon kept the expression up until Mina finally broke. “Ugh. Just let me be in charge this year.” She smiled.

Chadwick was practically a statue as Professor Rhiannon ran through the class. The only thing moving about him was his left hand scribbling notes along the parchment. Keeping his eyes down he only looked up every now and again with Aria doing much the same. Landon was more of less on edge the entire class, just praying to Merlin he would never be called on in the same fashion as Anthony. The name of the poison alone was enough to stump Landon, but then she asked for antidotes?! Jesus…He kept his eyes ahead but no where near high enough to make eye contact with the Professor. Only a fool would be dumb enough to do that. Nicole had to admit she couldn’t remember all three antidotes. Crap! Peeking at her fellow students she realized there was shared muted panic setting in and of course her trust Prefect in crime looked more dumbfounded than even she was. Landon counted to three before going for his try and true method- pinching Mina.

“Ah- he antidote to veritaserum doesn’t have a specific name, but it made up of Honey water, Verlian Sprigs, Mistletoe berries, Runespoor eggs, and Unicorn horn.” Mina began, clearing her throat. “Confusing Concoction could be cured with the Draught of Peace so you’d need powdered moonstone, syrup of hellebore, powdered porcupine quills, and powdered unicorn horn. And then for Draught of Unendying Torture you would want to use phoenix tears, Dr. Ubbly’s Oblivious Unction, Bezoar and depending on how long the person has been under the Draught…Draught of Peace will help ease them.” With a nod to mainly herself she nervously sat down with a soft breath. “How the hell do you know that?” Landon asked, leaning Mina. “I…it was a weird summer.” She shrugged.

Carson leaned forward a bit at such a specific answer. Since when was Mina into potions? She didn’t like potions. She NEVER liked potions. Priscilla looked at him questioningly, but he waved it off. They had the stronger students in potions and the stronger exchange students in general so if she was worried about house points she shouldn’t be. Gryffindor never walked out of Potions with anything but loss of points.


Potions – Car Astor

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