HP 31

Autumn turned to Prentis and did her best to smile. Their new Professor and house head was absolutely exhausting. I mean she thought Professor Dimitrov was bad….She was wrong. There was someone equal to or worse. “You don’t seem that bad at this, you know. You knew some of the ingredients a head of time. That’s pretty good.” Prentis sighed. “Pretty good won’t cut it. Trust me.” Autumn nodded her head and pat his hand. “Isn’t that why you are my partner?” Prentis stood up from the desk refreshed. Autumn standing up quickly. Eloise and Chigaru had already stood up and were waiting for her. Eloise herself smiling at Prentis. “Prentis, dear, I know you need some help, but relying on Autumn seems…Well, it is a gamble.” Autumn spuffed her cheeks in annoyance. “A gamble. Potions is one of my specialties!” Chigaru smiled at her coyly. It made her feel gross to see the statue move. “Somehow that doesn’t seem all too reassuring.” Autumn rolled her eyes. “Already taking her side. Before the chinchin emeets mako, Baka.” Chigaru’s face fell as he caught Eloise lift a hand to cover her mouth. Prentis looking at them all confused. “Whaat?” Eloise shook her head. “Just leave it. Look, Oswin and Lettice are waving at you.” Prentis turned around to them and waved back. “Alright, see you guys later.” The three turning around to find Celeste glaring at them. Eto…right past them. They could see Poppy suddenly turning her back to their direction. Eloise smiling as she chuckled softly… “Oh my…”

Katsumi stood up from sitting next to Adeline and walked towards Chadwick and Aria’s desk. It’s not like they were far. Only two tables in front of them. Celene and Sara were annoying enough to sit in-between the tables. “Hey guys. Um. I was wondering…Do you…Uh. Study.” He felt Adeline’s cold hand on his shoulder. He was wearing a cape. “We are holding a study session after dinner tonight. You should join us. After all, the more minds the better.” Celene and Sara joining the conversation. “Chadwick its been awhile since you separated from Aria and Hamilton.” Sara nodded. “You three need to be with the rest of your house more.” Adeline clapped her hands together and smiled. “Then it is settled.” She looped her arm through Hamilton’s. “Come. Dinner is such an attractive option right now.”

Amara looked over at the Slytherin group. Eloise was too close for her comfort to him. Even worse was the fact he was leaning towards the annoyingly arrogant asian girl. She felt herself being turned around only to see Mathieus face. “Snooping is a bad habit.” She took a step back from him. “Telling a girl what to do is even worse.” Charity stretched slowly as she stood up. ” She’s right you know. Totally a bad habit.” Larissa smiled up at Landon. He was still such an attractive option. “What do you think? She does seem to be looking at that partner of yours…” Larissa turning to glance over at Autumn who seemed to be enjoying herself with her Slytherin only clique. Mathiues turning to look at Mina. “ah, by the way. How in the world did you know the answer? Because, if this becomes a track record I may need to steal you for some private tutoring sessions.”

Illych and Pyotr slid down into their seats. Poppy looked completely exhausted. Illych looking at her sympathetically. “Sorry. I hadn’t know there was history there.” That’s a lie. Of course he did. Eloise had hinted at it. It was probably the reason he asked this of him. Alas, what’s done is done. Poppy smiled sadly at them. “It’s alright. You didn’t know.” Rory leaned forward worried. Pyotr couldn’t help, but sigh. He didn’t particularly feel for Poppy, but he wished Rory didn’t come off so pathetic with that crush of his. He was decent material. “Poppy, cheer up okay. We have more house points than them. We just need to keep up the lead alright.” Pyotr nodded his head “Rory is right. It’s not that hard for you to maintain a lead with having me in your house. Talent is one thing I have.” Illych hit his brother’s arm. “I was going to be nice and imply we., but if we must be honest I will be the one to maintain the lead for Poppy and Rory.” Rory smiled at them. “You make it sound like we can’t maintain it ourselves.” Illych smiled. “I mean of course you could. Poppy and you are exceptional wizards.” Pyotr nodded his head. “It’s just they definitely do not play fair.” Rory nodded his head, but before he could say anything Anthony interrupted him. “The rest of us can help too. You guys don’t have to do everything yourselves!” Amanda nodded her head vigorously. “That’s right. We are all here for you. FOR HUFFLEPUFF.”

Autumn sat down at the Slytherin table. For some reason she felt a little weary. Thank kami the day was ending soon. Only one more push… “Autumn. Why on earth are you being so quiet over there.” She looked up to see Celeste staring at her. Greeeeaaat. “This whole day has just been tireding. You all have more problems then is needed in life.” Balthazaar light heartedly laughed. “Problems? What problems could we possibly have?” Celeste’s venomous smile appearing. “Remember this well, snakes don’t have problems strangling a badger.” Autumn reached forward for her cup of tea. “It all just seems unnecessary. Poppy seems like the type to fade away you know. She clearly already lost.” Eloise tiled her head to show off her psychtoic charm. “Ah, did she though? Badgers are known to be so persistent. I mean she looks at Bal with such loving eyes.” Celeste turned to glare at Eloise. A small smile on Autumn’s face. YES. SEE HOW SHE IS. TURN IT ON HER. Barnaby coughed breaking the tense atmosphere. “I think a more immediate problem is house points. They have more then us right now.” Oswin nodded his head. “Barnaby is right.” Lettice seemingly uninterested moved the food around her plate. “It’s only day one. Let them feel happy for a bit. They need it to survive their unendying losses.” Celeste’s finger tapped the wood table top. “Slytherin House will never be below those bloody badgers. Do you all understand me.” Autumn took another sip of her tea sighing waerily. Chigaru and her at the same time once again saying “Honestly…” The two looking at each other clearly annoyed. Eloise chuckling. “You two are such a nice fit.” Autumn and Chigaru glaring at her. “I would never take a dog.” Eloise leaned away to look across the room. “Are you sure about that?” Chigaru took a sip of his coffee. “What does it matter. A bird brain like her has no chance.” Autumn turned her head on him. Celeste clapping slightly. “Enough. All of you.” She turned to look down at both sides of the table so everyone had her attention. “Our house will not be below bloody badgers, kittens or birds do you all understand me.” Her eyes moving to glance over at Carson. It’s not like she had a problem hinting at letting him loose. Celeste smiling as she picked up her own tea cup.

Professor Rhiagan sat down at her office desk tired. Why on earth was that student at this school. She should not be at this school or anywhere near the country. What was her mother even thinking. She looked down at her desk top. A pale pink envelope with cherry blossom branches sat lovingly on her desk. Everything was poison with that woman. She opened the envelope slowly. A pale green card with a little mochi bun at the corner revealed itself. Beautiful silver letters floating in the air. Green and silver. Cliche. Rhiagan scanning over the contents of the letter. Take care of her. How was she supposed to do that. Clearly, she was raised to be an insufferable unmanageable child. Rhiagan put down the letter and sighed, flicking her wand for tea to be made. She saw the stone across from her office begin to move apart. The last person she wanted to see while she had a headache appearing. Why did he have to inherit that skill. “Professor Rhiagan.” She flicked her wand so one of the chairs pulled themselves out. “Dimitrov.” He coyly sat down across from her. “Professor Dimitrov is it not?” She reached out for her tea like it was a blessing sent from heaven. “Just get on with it.” Dimitrov sighed at her. “Not only do I have to deal with Mina, but one of your new charges is going to be quite the handful.” Rhiagan wanted to scoff. He was such an uninformed idiot. “I don’t see how that is my concern when she is a student and you are a professor. Shouldn’t you teach her.” Dimitrov leaned back into his chair. “Allowing your house to constantly lose points would stir up an even bigger hassle.” Rhiagan took another sip of her tea. It was such alovely bitter. “Unfortunantly their is not much we can do about those two students, such as Mina. In fact, the entire lot of them this year seems more troublesome than usual.” Dimitrov smiled at her. “The Beauxbaton girls and Durmstrung boys aren’t that much of a handle. They do have clear cut bait.” Rhiagan sighed. All he wanted to do was sleep with the Beauxbaton girls and use the Durmstrung boys. This sort wouldn’t comply so easily. The Bellchant’s were well connected useful merchants. She procured many of her materials from them. The school itself entrusted them to acquire the more difficult of ingredients. While the Durmstrung boys…. their family was not particularly a problem. However, their mother had sent her a letter a head of time requesting she keep them out of trouble. Rhiagan took another sip of her tea. “You seem confident you can handle it then.” Dimitrov nodded his head. “Can’t you just take the bird from me?” Rhiagan shook her head no. “The bird doesn’t have a problem in my class. In fact, she quite excels at it.” She inherited one thing better than her mother in her opinion. Dimitrov found himself cursing under his breath. Rhiagan smiling a bit. It reminded her of his father. The short strings of theirs. “Is there anything else I can help you with or can I have the sanctity of my office back.” Dimitrov glared at her. Tension appearing on him for the first time since their exchange started. “Keep your charges away from Mina.” Rhiagan waved her hands at him. “You need to get over those control issues of yours. Students will naturally be students.” DImitrov stood up from his seat. “Mina isn’t natural!” Rhiagan put her cup down and smiled. He didn’t even realize how he talked. “I suppose then she is your artificial problem. Good day, Professor Dimitrov.” Rhiagan watching him growl and then leave her office. Her eyes moving to glance over at the annoying letter on her desk. “Honestly, Fionnula.”

Autumn stood up from the dinner table and headed towards Katsumi. He was sitting right next to Chadwick again and the sight of it was irritating. She smiled as best she could. “Katsumi. Are we going to study today and review notes. I wanted to go over this weeks schedule.” Her eyes moving to Chadwick. Egh. “Chadwick, would you like to join us? Instead of just us being isolated foreign individuals perhaps you and your friends would like to be inclusive?” Katsumi glared at her. “Autumn there’s no need to be rude.” She tilted her head in confusion. “I don’t understand how I am being rude? I am simply asking them to study with us?” Adeline shook her head from the table. “Autumn, dear, that is not what you just said.” Eloise and Chigaru appearing behind her. Eloise sighing. “Please, a proper explanation is wasted on this one.” Chigaru silently nodding his head. Adeline turning to look at Hamilton who she strategically sat next to him. “True. Why don’t you study with us. Celene and Sara will already be there.” Sara smiled at Hamilton. In truth she fanacied him and misunderstood the situation as help for her. Sara leaning forward towards Hamilton. “Come. It’s been awhile since we’ve done anything together.” Celene nodded her head. “It’s true. Around the time I started sating Barnaby you guys were busier and busier.” Autumn turning to look at Chadwick. “So? Will you come and help out?” Katsumi sighed at Autumn. “She really doesn’t understand how blunt and off putting she sounds.” He turned to Chadwick. “Tomorrow has Arithmancy and Study of Ancient ruins I actually wanted to go over with you the lesson for the year to see where everyone is at…”

Pyotr stood up from the table. A smile on his face. “Well. I have plans tonight so don’t wait up.” Illych looked up at his brother. “What plans could you possibly have.” Pyotr turned to look at Adeline who was standing up and leaving the Ravenclaw table. Illych sighed. “That girl is a whole mess of trouble, Pyotr.” Rory nodded his head. “You can even see the Slytherins sliding around her. You can do so much better.” Pyotr took a breath to hide his irritation with Rory. Honestly, the boy was just meant to be pitied. He shook his head no. “A gentleman does not refuse a beautiful lady, Rory.” Illych stood up and groaned. “What he means to say is. He doesn’t want to deal with her being offended next time our schools have a gathering.” Pyotr nodded his head. “Why are you standing up?” Illych cracked his knuckles. “To go give an earful to Eloise for causing problems with our Prefects.” Poppy looked away and blushed. Rory laughing nervously. “Ah, there is no need. Really guys.” Illych hit Rory’s back hard. “Relax. Relax. We will take care of this for you. It’s not like they can say no to our charm.” He leaned down to whisper in Rory’s ear. “Besides, I need to look after my brother and you need to look after Poppy.” Rory’s face turned red as he nodded. “I’ll leave it to you.” Poppy looking at the two confused. “Boys.”

Amanda ran over to the Gryffindor table. She was a pleasant looking and pleasant all around person, but she had one incredibly annoying habit: she liked to gossip. And she generally delivered the gossip completely incorrect. She sat down next to her friends Wallace and Crispin. “Hey guys. You wont’t believe it.” Wallace laughed. “What happened now?” He didn’t mind feeding into it. Amanda smiled. “That Ravenclaw exchange, Adeline, seems she convinced a few students to hang out and get to know each other after dinner.” Crispin looked up at her confused. “And?” Amanda smiled widely. “And she seems to have gotten Slytherins, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs to come.” Wallace looked at her shocked. “In one day?” Amanda nodded her head and began to draw everyone’s attention to her. “Listen to this. It seems that Pyotr has fallen hard for her. And Illych is going because that girl ELoise apparently offended Poppy. He is going to protect her honor.” She stopped to squeal for a moment before continuing. “And it seems Adeline convinced Chadwick’s group by the look of it to join.” She turned to point at them all standing up around each other. Crispin looked at her tired. How was she already full force. “So? This is all Chinese whispers.” Amanda shook her head no. “How can it be. Adeline even got the Slytherins to come. That’s three houses!” Wallace cracked up laughing. “Oh no. Three whole houses having students getting along…Jeez Amanda they said it in their intro. They are closely related to each other. Of course they would hang out after the first day.” Crispin nodded his head. “Are you sure you aren’t upset that they just didn’t invite any Gryffindor’s so you would be comfortable.” Before Amanda could say she wasn’t actually invited Amara cut in. “She would be right. At that point it’s rude to have a small gathering and exclude a group.” Charity stoood and shrugged. “Doesn’t seem like a big deal. Slytherin Griffndor rivarly is notorious. They probably want a relaxing night.” Larissa who was enjoying a conversation with Landon turned away from him to cut in. “That’s not the point. It’s exclusion. Technically, we are exchanges too. Shouldn’t everyone want to get to know us as well.” Matheus cracked up laughing and smiled at his sister. “I believe they already felt like they lost the chance with how close you stand to our dear Quidditch captain.” Larissa rolled her eyes. “I’m just saying. It is rude. No wonder no one likes them.” Charity shrugged and turned to walk away. “Well, I’ll just go and see what they are doing. Noah looks pale already.” Amara stood up. “Wait!” EVeryone turning to look at her. “If you are checking on Noah, then I need to check on Chigaru. He ended up in that awful house after all.” Crispin looked at them all and sighed. “It’s a bit of a stretch to call the entire house awf…” He shut up with the look he received from Amara. Larissa turned to look at Landon. “Would you want to go?” Before he could answer Matheus cracked up laughing. “WHy would he need to? He has the Slytherin girl all to himself during apparations.” Wallace nearly choked on his food. “What are you talking about. Landon is always Mina’s partner.” Matheus turning to look at Mina. “Your steady seems to be replacing you. I will gladly fill the void for you.” A dull deep voice breaking into the conversation. “You are creepy you know that.” They turned to see Chigaru standing there with Autumn and Illych. He turned to Amara. “You don’t need to check up on me. I’m fine. You should spend the first day getting to know your own housemates.” Amara frowned at him. “That’s not what you are doing.” Chigaru sighed. “That’s because I have to babysit her.” He pointed at Autumn. She looked up at him in irritation. “Why are you dragging me into this.” Illych cracked up laughing. “Because both you and pyotr need to be taken care of.” Autumn frowned. “I’m not that bad. You can even ask red robes.” Illych laughed. “This entire table has red robes you need to be more specific.” Larissa stood up. “Spending one class with someone doesn’t mean they know you well.” Autumn looked at her confused. “I know that?” Illych covering his mouth. “Anyways, I secured butterbeer, a lot of it, so if you do want to come its not some invite only thing.” Chigaru turned to look at Amara and she quickly nodded her head. “I want to come.” She put her arm through Charity’s “We want to come.” Illych covered his mouth once again to suppress the laughter. Autumn hit his arm, “Hentai.” Illych nodded his head and turned to Amanda. “Bring whoever you want, okay? The more people there means the faster people will stop caring about us.” Wallace looked at them and felt he couldn’t decide. Crispin in the same position. Larissa glared at them. “Why on earth would we want to go.” Autumn looked at her confused. “Aren’t you supposed to be the bigger people. You seem worse then the rumors. Does my green robes offend you so much.” Larissa took a step back. Illych and Chigaru sighing. “Offputing.” “Such an idiot.” She turned to look at the two confused. “Isn’t that what this is about?” The two shook their heads no. Illych sitting down next to Landon and putting his arm around him. “I feel bad for you. I don’t think you even know what is going on.” He turned to one of the guys next to him. “You need to support your friend. Be his brain for him.” Amanda, although being in Hufflepuff and not Gryffindor, clapped her hands together. “So its settled. We will go and introduce ourselves and evertyone will get along.” The rest of the table all turned to look at the girl. She was completely hopeless. Chigaru shook his head. “Amara, this is already turning into drama. Your housemates don’t like us. I will see you tomorrow.” Autumn nodded her head at Landon. “Next week I suppose. Don’t you have to come up with another island.” Illych stood up from the table. “If you do decide to get over this. We have unlimited butterbeer, two single beauxbaton girls and me of course.” The three heading towards the door where Eloise was waving at Chigaru. At the sight of her looping his arm through his Amara made her decision. “We are going.” Charity shrugging. “Didn’t I already say I was going.” Amanda leaned forward towards everyone. “Come on guys. Go. They have a point. It must be awkward for them receiving attention like that.” Larissa rolled her eyes. “Please, they are complete showboats.” Matheus turned to Landon. “Why not? We can scope out the competition. Apparent;y, Katsumi is a talented seeker. The others may quidditch as well.”


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