HP 33

As the finishing conversation was going on at the Gryffindor table Amanda felt the strong pull to return to the Hufflepuff table to relay the new gossip to her house. Eagerly, sitting down besides Anthony and their friend Charlie. In a voice loud enough for the table to hear she delivered the exciting news. “It’s confirmed. The Gryffindor house was offended by achieving an invite last. And-“ Poppy interrupted Amanda. “Amanda, It’s not nice to gossip about house tensions… even if it is Slytherin being Slytherin.” Rory stumbled to try and smoothe out the tension. “It’s not really a Slytherin thing; it seems to be more of an exchanges thing.” Amanda nodded her head eagerly. “Definitely. It seems day one and they are already uncomfortable with the attention. They seem to want a meet a bunch of people and see if it seems to make all of it shorter.” Anthony put down his butterbeer. “Who wouldn’t be uncomfortable with all the attention they’re getting. Most of them came to simple study new things.” By most of them the entire table was aware he meant Autumn…
Poppy crossed her arms and sighed. “If Rory and I go it may cause bigger drama with that nasty snake pit. But Amanda and Anthony have a point. They were certainly thrust into a spotlight and some of our personal drama on day one. They must feel like they can only depend on each other and their houses.” Rory nodded his head smiling. “Why don’t a few of you go. See if you can make them feel comfortable. Delivering butterbeer always helps.” Amanda and Anthony stood up and saluted. “Sir, yes sir.” Rory, Poppy and the rest of the table cracked up laughing. Poppy muttering to herself quietly with a smile. “Bloody idiots.” Of course, Rory caught it even from across the table.

Dimitrov sighed. “Perhaps, I should of stayed at Durmstrung.” Mina was a fascination of his. A girl he felt obligated to protect. For Damian of course. However, the entire thing was a hassle already from day one. Hogwarts students were atrocious idiots. They fawned completely over him in a manner that was sickeningly sweet. No challenge what so ever. Further, he seemed to have a few know it alls and a few problem students. The Bellchants were a family he was familiar with and often received material from. Besides, their agenda was obvious IF they managed to accomplish any of it. Their leglimancy abilities were quite a pain, however. The Durmstrung students he already knew. They unfortunanetly excelled at his class every year. And besides their mannerism they were shining examples of Durmstrung men. Pyotr a secret favorite of his. Then their was the Mahoutokoro students. Of course, they were no where near as affluent and attention worthy as the Xiradis/Draghi’s, but if Mina wasn’t here they would be the number one troublesome family- even knocking out those obnoxious pureblood sorts. McGonagal was already burdened by their family and had delivered explicit instructions to each teacher. And that bird girl. Besides her obvious lack of decorum, she was a complete problem child. An incredibly unbalanced genius. They were the worst. And her family. Spreading disease in the school under the guise of Prince. If only they knew her family was Gaunts. A dangerous glint appeared in his eyes for a moment, but too quickly it was gone. No, his life would become even more of a hassle. There was a reason it was priviledged information only known by a few. They were psycopaths with magic and beast relations.
Dimitrov found himself acompletetly absorbed in his thoughts until he heard the sound of three knocks on his miserable door. Rhiaghan had taken the office he wanted. Now he had to entertain the desperate students in this dump. “Come in.” He watched the door open. It was Priscilla. A semi adequate blonde with what the U.K. deemed reputable heritage. If his brother was here he would of scoffed at the idea. An evil smile forming in his head. Perhaps, one day…
“Priscilla. I did not expect you on day one. An eager one I see.” He leaned back into his chair and ran his fingers through his hair. He had once had her cousin. I suppose their was some logic in her being aware of his arrangement of sorts. Dimitrov flicked his wand so the papers an dobjects on his desk moved away. He smoothly allowed his teachers robe to fall from his shoulders onto his chair.
“So. What is it you exactly came for, little snake?”

The exchanges had made their way to the library first. Illych had chosen a spot in the back to avoid Ms. Pince; while, Pyotr and Adeline had duoed on charming her. Those two were in a way incredible. The usual possey followed them along. The arrangement ending with Illych and Eloise on opposite ends of the table as heads. On one side of Eloise was Oswin, Lettice and Prentis. Besides Prentis was his newest aspiration Adeline. Celene, Sara, and empty seat presumable for Hamilton, Katsumi, an empty seat presumable for Chadwick, a disappointed Pyotr, an excstatic Amanda, and a longing Olivia made up the outer side. While the inner side consisted of Illych, a hungry looking Jen, a sad Anthony, some other Hufflepuff boy, a few empty seats for whomever may appear, Autumn who had yo be accorss from Katsumi, Noah, Charity, an on edge Amara who had left the group to hurry to be besides Chigaru and finally back to Eloise. Pulled unnaturally close to the table was two smaller tables just in case more showed up. Pyotr and Illych had stacked the Butterbeer barrels in a dark corner just in case.
Illych leaned forward starting everyone off. “I know we said we would study, but do we have to?” Amara turned to glare at him. “Why else would we be here.” Illych leaned back into his chair comfortably. “To socialize of course.” Pyotr almost mimicking brother with a sigh. “Is it not self evident?” Celene smiled at Pytor. A chance to get a remark in appearing. “Now, now Pyotr. If you wish to be appealing to Ravenclaw girls you must be willing to read a book or two.” Everyone saw him flinch for a moment. “ fatoku lepkevadasz. I do read.” Illych laughed at his brother. “Music books do not count.” Pyotr punched him in the arm. “Neither do-“ Eloise interrupted him knowing he was about to say something inappropriate. “Shouldn’t brothers get along?” Chigaru turned to look at Autumn and Katsumi. The two had zoned everyone out and were starting to compare their notes and decision. “Shouldn’t these two get their heads out of their books?” Katsumi looked up and turned red. “I’m sorry I… I wanted to get the organization out of the way before everyone came. It is distracting.” Everyone besides a few dense individuals sighed. By everyone he meant Chadwick. Autumn looked up to glare at Chigaru. “Theres no need to apologize. We are here to study. That we we don’t have to furiously take notes like some others on day one.” Chigaru narrowed his eyes at her. Sara hastily interrupting. “While we wait why don’t we just look over tomorrows classes? Aria is setting up Herbology for tomorrow morning, then there’s Muggle studies, Potions, lunch, Study of Ancient Runes and Divinations. Chigaru groaned. “Divinations.” Anthony leaned for excited. “What is it you guys are want to know about?” Noah shyly raised his hand. Charity yawning loudly. “Noah, you don’t have to raise your hand.” His face turned white before answering. “ I. Uh. I was curious about Muggle Studies and Study of Ancient Runes.” Eloise tilted her head in a fake confused manner. “Muggle studies? Really?” Noah nodded his head. “I mean both countries have completely different cultures, so what is obvious may not be obvious to another. WE COULD BE COMPLETELY UNPREPARED.” He said it all quite fast and nervously. Charity patting his back. ‘You’ll be fine.” Illych completely ignoring the poor boy and turning to the table. “Who wants Butterbeer?”
“I do.” The table turned to see who entered. The Gryffindors had arrived last. Matheus was smiling widely. His sister and him and stayed behind to walk with who was coming, a.k.a his sister was curious about Landon. Illych smiled at the latin playboy. In a way he was a man similar to himself. However, only in a way. Illych and his brother Pyotr far excelled the poor boy. Illych poured Butterbeer into a mug holding it out. “Here you go.”


Wicked Game – Chris Isaak

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