HP 34

A satisfied smile graced Priscilla’s features as she made her way to the professor’s desk, perching herself on the edge of his desk to get a better look at him. He truly was a handsome, accomplished man- so different from the boys prattling around Hogwarts. After the words of wisdom, she’d received from her cousin it had become apparent to her that she’d need to stake a claim quickly lest he take up the attention of other students. “I came to check on our newest professor at Hogwarts. I can imagine it’s quite the culture shock and wanted to provide my complete services to help ease the process.” As she spoke she leaned forward suggestively, biting her bottom lip as she drank in the site of him. How her cousin has managed to snag him for even a moment was beyond her given how absolutely plain she found her. “Would you amendable?”

Chadwick laughed a bit nervously, just waiting until Landon released him from his grasp. Landon didn’t. “Yeah. It’s a good way to welcome the exchange students.” He figured out loud. The way he saw it they would eventually pick out the people they saw fit and then ignore the rest. He just wished he would have had enough time to really settle…Oh well, it wasn’t as if it was torture. “That’s the spirit. So, is this going t be the year you finally try out for Quidditch?” Landon asked, keeping an arm around the lad as they made their way to the table and took a seat. “I don’t think so, maybe next year though?” Chadwick offered. “Oi. You say that every year.” Landon’s expression grew bleak for a moment before relaxing with a chuckle. “Don’t worry mate. I’ll drag you into one of the practices once exams are over.” Landon gave him a wink. Chadwick groaned internally.

Hamilton settled into the empty seat next to Sara and offered her a smile. “Ey, so are we actually going to study at this thing tonight or is it just a huge social in the middle of the library.” He was wholeheartedly hoping it would be the latter. It was the first night after all! It wasn’t as if they had been given much to do. Heck, they didn’t even know when any of their first tests were going to be held! When the ruckus started going about whether they should study or not he was amazed at the difference of opinion. From his seat he could hear Landon audible agreeing with Illych. Thankfully, Sara had managed to bring out some sort of compromise. Giving her a smile, he mouthed ‘ace job’.

When Noah expressed his concern over muggle studies, Landon nudged Chadwick. “I’m muggle born. I could help you with the muggle studies course.” Chadwick offered. “Not that he takes the course anymore.” Landon quipped with a chuckle.

Unwilling to let Larissa buy anymore of his time, Nicole placed herself on the other side of Landon seen he’d taken it upon himself to buddy up with Chadwick and let the others fill in wherever they could manage. From the corner of her eye she spotted Carson who was chatting up some seventh year. About what? Merlin only knew, but he was hanging around. Looking over at Jen she was surprised and not surprised at how quickly that girl had latched on to Illych. He was a good-looking man, but clearly not the type to settle…especially for that.

Jen looked up at Illych like a hunter who was proud of her catch. There was just something about his confidence. Especially considering how many people he was having to entertain. Thank Merlin he had been put in Hufflepuff.

Several butterbeers later Landon was and the Quidditch lot were barely keeping it together, stories of their blunders through the years spilling forth as they tried their damnedest not to get too loud. Nicole was noticeably annoyed because it was always like this with them. For some reason they always riled each other up and just kept going. Chadwick was merely trapped between them like a poor animal who didn’t even know half of the things they were talking about. After getting one too many looks from Nicole, he finally switched gears even though several people were having little pockets of conversation. “So, what do you guys think of our lot so far?” He asked the exchanges, looking around to try and acknowledge as many as he possibly could.

“Yeah, how far off are we from the rumors?” Russell added. It was no secret that Hogwarts had a reputation of sorts, but it was rare to really see how any of them matched up aside from the plainly obvious ones.

“Well I can tell you right now, mate that you’re a disappointment.” Landon laughed, reaching over to give him a hard pat on the back.


The next morning, Mina woke far before the sun rose to find herself alone in the hospital wing. It seemed fair enough considering it was first night. If anyone else had been in here she’d be a bit concerned. Even the nurse wasn’t in yet! Pulling the blanket off herself she collected her linens at the foot of bed and made the quiet trek back to Gryffindor tower. With no competition she was able to, shower, change, and even haggle a snack from the elves all before arriving at the clock tower just in time to watch the sunrise from the top of the Dark Tower. It was always a safe bet. Half the school seemed to forget of its existence and with it holding empty cells no one else seemed to check in- at least not this early in the bloody morning.


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