HP 4

The pair left their trolleys with the mounting collection and swiftly boarded the train. “Do you think we’ll cover magical threats from outside the British collective this year?” Chadwick pipped up, already thinking of the upcoming school year. “I wouldn’t imagine so. Depends if we get a new D.A.D.A. professor this year.” Mina spoke casually as they passed full compartments. “Please, the year Hogwarts secures a defense professor for more than a year will be the day we get an actual dark arts professor.” A slick voice jeered from the entry way of an available compartment.

“Still holding out hope, I see.” Mina teased, giving the blond male to whom the remark belonged a quick hug. “Of course, love.” The blond chuckled with a kiss on Mina’s cheek. “Did you save the compartment for us this time?” Chadwick asked, peering over the two to see the compartment was indeed empty. The blond merely nodded and stepped aside for Chadwick to settle himself. “Have you seen Nicole yet?” Mina asked while following Chadwick’s lead to sit by the window. “No, not yet.” Carson admitted somewhat disinterested. “Chadwick, can you be a dear and find our other Gryffindor?” There was a forced sweetness to Carson’s voice as he took up the spot next to Mina.

Chadwick had to refrain from rolling his eyes before glancing at Mina who simply smiled and shook her head. “Sure thing, mate.” Chadwick pulled the door closed behind him, not entirely sure where Nicole would even be or if she’d even boarded yet. Thankfully, height gave him a bit of an advantage in trying to spot her. “How the bloody hell am I supposed to find a brunette in a sea of brunettes?” He muttered. While Nicole was nowhere to be found, he did spot the quite ornate robes of two students. From what little he knew of other wizarding schools he figured the two were from Mahoutokoro and by the looks of it they seemed…unaccustomed to the ‘Hogwarts’ way.

“Pardon me.” He cleared his throat as he approached the pair. “Were you looking for an open compartment by chance?” A polite smile formed. “I was looking for a friend of mind, but we still have plenty of room and now the compartments fill fast.”

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