HP 5

The two Japanese students cleared the brick wall to find themselves in the middle of a chaotic horde. English wizards were practically running back and forth between their families and the entrances to the train. The girl sighed. “Honestly, they truly are so uncivilized…” The boy sunk lower into his posture. “They are just busy –“ “Too busy to even walk right?” the girl said interrupting him. She looked around at all the students. The red ones and yellow ones, just seemed an unusual amount of even more chipper. It made her shudder. She took the boys hand and dragged towards one of the entrances. An annoyingly tall male individual dripped in red bumped into her. “Baka.” She grumbled as she pulled the boy up behind her.
The pair beginning to walk down the aisle of the train. All the compartments to their left and right already seemed full. The girl stopping to notice that the other exchanges had grouped up. They were unfortunately left out by the ‘Americans’ group sitting with other students. Red and yellow again. “Ugh. No thank you,” she thought.
She could feel the boy squeezing her hand by the boy. His nerves were spiking in the crowd. How unpleasant of a situation they were in. As she was about to enter a random cabin with a collection of blue scarfed individuals, the girl noticed another overly tall person calling out to them.
The boy besides her let go of her hand. Relief. He was relieved for an ounce of pity. Pathetic. She simply nodded her head ok in silence and followed him to the Cabin. Once inside she saw a tan girl sitting by the window, and a blonde boy in green besides her. Ah. Red and green was not the combo she saw often outside the train. Was it not unusual? From everything she had heard from her mother that was not the usual sortie.
She sat down opposite to the girl by the window and pulled the boy down besides her. He was nervous again. His posture had immediately sunk into the cushioned seats in the cabin. The girl fixed her skirt while she waited to be addressed. They were the ones who invited them here.


Draco Train Scene

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