HP 7

At Carson’s follow up Autumn gave a brief glance at Katsumi. It amazed her sometimes on how he missed such obvious attitudes. The polite introduction from the girl by the window had only been an affect on him. She could see him warming up in the cabin. She turned to look out the window sighing. This boy was such a handful. Being a pity object for someone who apparently was supposed to be looking for someone else. I mean really….

It did slip your mind. Obvious manners were to introduce yourself when you ask someone to follow you into a room of sorts. However, for Katsumi’s sake, she would not point that out. As Autumn could notice he was the easily flustered pure type. How unsettling.

At the remarks on their school Katsumi slowly began standing up straighter. “It’s true, many of us don’t come over here.” Autumn having to chip in with a look at him and a mumble, “For a reason…” Katsumi looked away from her nervously and slowly continued. “But Chadwick is right. Our robes do grow with us and are used to indicate status.” Katsumi pointed at their gold robes. “Exchange students with gold robes are the only eligible students to exchange from Mahoutokoro. And very few have gold robes, because it indicates your level of magic.” Katsumi slowly began to brighten up as he continued. A part of Autumn dying on the inside as his face glowed. “Autumn and mine’s main house is in Kyoto, but we own various property throughout Japan. Our families -” Autumn cut him off. “Katsumi, they wouldn’t care about such boring details.” Katsumi found himself shutting up and leaning back into the seat in disappointment.

Autumn sighed and fixed his posture ignoring any potential looks her way. “Sit up straight for goodness sakes.” Katsumi slowly sat up straight out of fear of his friend. She turned to look at everyone else. Her eyes settling on their robes. “Red, Green, Blue. These are not well suited colors for each other as far as we’ve been told.” Katsumi turned to her mortified. “Autumn…” She pushed her hair behind her ear and sighed. “It is a reasonable question to ask Katsumi. You wanted to come to a school were disasters occur every other weekend.”

Katsumi looked up at the other’s in the cabin. “I’m sorry. Autumn’s mother was a student of Hogwarts and… Well, she has quite the distaste to some of the stories past down. Please, don’t let it bother you. I mean we-” Autumn cutting him off again. “Katsumi.” He stopped talking and rested his gaze wearily on Chadwick. Ugh. She prayed that wouldn’t become a problem for them to all the Kami’s.

Autumn fixed her skirt once again before continuing. “Perhaps, that was a bit blunt. It is just unusual from what I hear for this gathering to take place.” Her eyes flashing over to the girl by the window for a second. Power dynamics indicated her as the warm bounding unit. As the green robbed one was obviously a sarcastic snoop and the blue robbed one was the flustered follower. Autumn’s eyes resettling on Carson. It was not her style to back down to someone else. Especially from someone, who she calculated as most likely below her on any chain of status.


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