HP 8

Mina and Chadwick exchanged a wary glance at Autumn’s mumble. Carson; however, merely raised a brow. Chadwick’s interest in learning about a different way of life was blatantly apparent in the way he leaned forward, his hands clasped together at attention. “Where in Kyoto-” The Englishman’s words stopped short when Autumn interjected rather forcefully. “I-” He fell silent of his own accord as Autumn fixed Katsumi’s posture.

Carson relaxed in to his seat and watched the two silently. Autumn seemed good stock for the Slytherin breed meanwhile the other one would probably do well in Ravenclaw or maybe even Hufflepuff with how easily he was pushed around. Even Chadwick had more than a backbone. He chuckled at Autumn’s astute observation of their robes. A chuckle which settled into a smirk at the remark on the disaster ridden institution that went by the name of Hogwarts.

Waiting until Katsumi and Autumn had finished their power struggle in conversation, Mina moved to speak. “There’s no harm done.” She gave a general assurance. “You’re right. I guess it is pretty unusual, but I wouldn’t say we aren’t well suited.” The brunette looked to her companions for comment. Carson nodded. “You won’t normally see a Gryffindor with a Slytherin. Mina is one of those rare people who managed to permeate all the houses- specifically Slytherin. You’ll see her with just about everyone.” Carson gave a brief explanation with a quick wave of his hand. While Chadwick agreed with Carson he found himself needed to correct a few things. “It’s a bit more than that.” He gave a bit a breathless laugh, ignoring the side glance from Carson. “You see. Normally those in Hufflepuff and Gryffindor are closer meanwhile Slytherin and Ravenclaw are closer. It’s a sort of symbiotic relationship that’s formed over the centuries in part from the rivalry between Slytherin and Gryffindor. Interestingly though, you’ll notice every once in a while the sorting hat will have difficulty deciding whether or not a student should go into one of two houses that repel one another.” He spoke with an energy that did nothing more than irritate Carson to no end. Mina on the other hand always found it nice when Chadwick was genuinely excited and confident while speaking- even if it normally only came out of sharing information.

“Like what happened with Mina.” Carson stated flatly in order to end the Ravenclaw’s rant. He turned his attention to Autumn. “What years did your mother attend to have such interesting stories?”

Chadwick nodded in agreement. He’d been wondering the same thing, but had been too polite to ask. Mina’s gaze flickered from her friends to their two guests. She hoped the two weren’t overwhelming them. “I’m sure they’re going to be answering similar questions over and over again for the next month.” She gave the two boys a chastising look to both back down and let the others lead the conversation. Sheesh, for two boys who were often at odds they shared an uncanny knack of unintentionally overwhelming people- especially when together.

“Is there anything you’re looking forward to at Hogwarts?” Chadwick asked, looking between Autumn and Katsumi.


Highway To Hell

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