HP 9

Autumn leaned back into the cushion of the train’s seat when the Mina girl threw out her sweet transition. Her eyes shifting over to the blonde boy at his explanation. He seemed suited to those green rim robes. Permeate? I mean honestly… What sort of image was he even trying to force onto them. Specifically Slytherin? So she is a chess piece you think you own. How wonderfully conceited. To think you can own a chess piece completely. Especially if it permeates… Her eyes turned to the brunette. Autumn trying her hardest to ignore the fact the second he spoke she could physically feel Katsumi lean forward in interest. Please, Kami’s….. Pleaseeee. Her eyes not missing the moment of a sideways glance from the blonde. Ah, dissension in their ranks. Over the ‘chess piece’.

Autumn remained relaxed, watching how excited Katsumi grew, until Carson finished the topic for his ‘friend’. She turned to Mina about to ask a question when she heard the blondes voice say her name. Her eyes reached him first. Autumn’s body slow to shift back towards his direction. “My mother was before your dark one returned.” Katsumi, who thought this was a sign of her warming up to the situation leaned forward more relaxed. “Perhaps, you all have heard of her. She became a professor-” Autumn interrupted him. “She taught at Ilvermony for a few years. There’s no need for it to have reached back here.” Katsumi leaned back in his seat. She knew like he felt like she ruined everything….and he wouldn’t be wrong. She just wasn’t about to let Katsumi run his mouth off to strangers. Autumn relaxing when Mina interjected them for a moment.

When the Chadwick boy turned back over to them to ask a question she turned to let Katsumi answer first. He was smiling widely. Oh great. “I hear the classes on transfiguration are quite something. As well as the classes on potions and dark arts.” Autumn could only sigh. “I’ve told you Katsumi. It’s defense against the dark arts at this school.” Katsumi nodded his head. “Ah, right. Defense Against the Dark Arts. We don’t really have that at Mahoutokoro.” Autumn decided to keep her ‘for a reason’ in her head. When Katsumi turned to her she simply shrugged. “I am not looking forward to any classes. Just to see my mothers old common room.”

Katsumi smiled at them. “Autumn’s mother was in Slytherin. So there is some expectation for her to be there as well. It’s where her parents met after all.” She could only sigh. “It’s not like getting in is such a big deal to them. You just know how awful my mother is with surprises.” Katsumi nodded his head and shuddered. The door to the cabin opening and a wagon cart filled with candy appearing.

Autumn leaned slightly to pull out a few coins from her waist bag hidden in her kimono. She flicked the coins onto the cart and said, “2 Gillywaters, 2 licorice wands, 2 pumpkin pasties and 4 chocolate frogs.” She watched Katsumi collect them all. First he handed her a gillywater and then turned to the others. “Please take as much as you want. It’s for you.”

She turned to look out the window.


The Green – Till Kruger

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