Hyo Eun & Ailean’s Wands :

The materials of their wands are not the usual sort. As they themselves are not the usual sort. Before discovered the pair of siblings had their first experience with magic but running into a Thestral no less. Unusual to be seen in Korea there existed no myths or stories for the children to be aware of. It was a quiet and calm horse that seemed to be nothing but wonderful to the two of them. The Thestral spent many months with the pair before disappearing. Before it left, the Thestral gave the two some of its tail hair. It was a few months after that the siblings were discovered.

It was when they were sent to Cadmael Yaxley that the next opportunity for them to find wands appeared. As their new guardian said he would like to try and make one for them. It was in his words, “A fun opportunity.” However, he said he would only try to craft one if the two found the materials themselves. They spent that first summer not preparing for their first ever time in wizarding school – one of the reasons they arrived late- but hunting for materials.

When the two stumbled into Ireland they found another surprise waiting for them: a giant snake. It was aggressive, unlike the Thestral they met, and rash. By chance they were lucky enough to not be the first living creature it witnessed. That honor belonged to a passing deer. The two wondering if petrified animals tested well to it.

In cases such as these wizards are taught to flee for it. The two of them did not possess such common knowledge. On Ailean’s urging the pair approached the Basilisk. It was then, Hyo Eun’s unnamed gift showed its worth. With a language only understood between the Basilisk and her she quieted the creature down. It is unknown how long or how much it took for them to convince the Basilisk to gift two horns the siblings. All we know is that they returned to Cadmael two months from that time with some cherry wood and some blackthorn wood as well.

Cadmael had written down in his personal journals that it took a month longer than he thought, causing the siblings to miss the first month of classes. He did not write down all the spells and trials he had when trying to create such wands but simply some descriptions of the process.

“It is a curious thing working with these materials. As both cores reject my presence completely. The Thestral hair seems to repel my touch with magic and the Basilisk fang seems to not allow me to even touch it without risking my life. They did not quiet down until I said out loud to them that they were being crafted for the children under my care. It was then, that without warning, or direct instructions from me the hair itself wrapped around the horns. The horns finding themselves died black and ready to be polished into shape. From there, even an experimenter like me had no problem wrapping the woods the children brought around them. The two pair of wands looked very odd and very unstable. I don’t know if anyone but those two should wield them. If only I could of asked Olivander…”

These are the pair of wands the siblings arrived at Hogwarts with. Hyo Eun’s a smooth polish wand of average length but surprisingly sturdy. Ailean’s wand slightly longer, as if for flair and style, and more flexible than his sister’s.

It is unknown whether or not the Professors or children at the school were aware of the materials of their wands. However, it was noted that at night when someone tried to touch their wands the room would get colder and they would find themselves thrown back.

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