Part 1 Bonus Chapter:

My name is Faolan O’Connor and I never wanted to go to Hogwarts in the first place. However, my mum and dad encouraged me to go so I went. I can’t say I’m glad I did yet.

Being sorted into Hufflepuff was one of the greatest things so far. Everyone allowed me to blend in where I wanted and didn’t require much of me. There was some issues with how the other houses looked at us but becoming a nobody was easy enough.

You’d understand how hard that should of been for me if you knew my mum. She was just famous enough to have connections to the children’s heroes but forgotten by them at the same time. It made my first year full of expectations.

For better or for worse, none of those who might have cared did. It was like mum said. None of them knew of me or cared to know of me. The only one who did was the Hufflepuff Heads at the time.

They were the one bad thing about Hufflepuff and worst thing about my early years. The former Head Boy was in charge of getting me my required potion. And while he did not tell anyone about it, he certainly made me feel like crap for needing it. Everything they published in the news was a lie. Change wasn’t really happening. He reminded me often that the last student like me who unlike me was out in the open was forced to leave school. The day he left was one of my best days here.

Emily came after him as the one in charge. We had never been close before but through this we have. She is absolutely amazing. Emily was always kind, understanding, on time and secretive. Even when Cena guessed on what was up she never confirmed or denied anything to him. It really showed how much she deserved her role.

When it came to dealing with people she helped me a lot. Very few people knew I was gay. It wasn’t something most students were open about. If they were they got a lot of attention. Emily knew I could not afford that attention so she helped me out. On that note I am sure Cena is aware.

I found out that most of those who were aware were those who circled around Emily. They were students of all houses and were all very different then their expectations. Even never getting close to them that fact was comforting.

Everything was smooth and balanced until we got the new students. At first, all I could do was feel bad for them. They were walking into an unwelcomed spotlight and when they were both sorted into Slytherin I couldn’t help but think it was even worse for them. This place was like a powder keg. No one wanted to acknowledge how easy it was to blow it up. All I wanted to do was get out before it did.

I’ve never been lucky that way. The two new students ignited the fuse quicker than I thought. No one knew them but almost everyone hated them. My heart would break when I saw it. I understood what that was like but I also couldn’t risk just getting involved.

My life completely changed the day one of them got involved with me, Ailean Yong. He had caught me on my way back. In that moment, I was scared and horrified. I couldn’t imagine what would happen next. How he was even out this late. When Emily came around the corner with my clothes a part of me was annoyed she hadn’t noticed him.

When I slowly started walking towards them I had been surprised to see the atmosphere was calm. Emily simply handed me my clothes and Ailean looked unconcerned. When I was dressed he smiled at me. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to say anything.” I couldn’t help but feel stunned. Why wasn’t he going to go running with this. It could bring attention away from his sister and him. When I turned to look at Emily she confirmed it. “Thank you.”

The most beautiful laugh came next. “You don’t have to thank me. It’s healthy for a person to have a secret of two.” He leaned towards me. “Besides, aren’t we companions?” I couldn’t help it at the time. My face turned bright red. Emily laughed. “That’s true, isn’t it. Why don’t you join him.”

Before I could say anything he nodded. “I should, shouldn’t I?” Ailean had turned to me. “Is that okay?” I could only nod my head slowly. “Sure…If you want.” Emily pulled us into a hug. “It’s settled then. It is now going to be a mini party every month.” Ailean smiled at her. “Does that mean you’ll be bringing butterbeer?” Everything after was casual and normal. Even when he became a rat and scuttled away from us.

Before we returned to our rooms that night Emily told me, “Sometimes its when we force ourselves to take a step forward that things begin to change.”

Things did change. They kept changing. I learned about more and more things. I even began to form solid opinions on them and want to be more. When I saw how everyone was trying to get through their own baggage I couldn’t help but be inspired. Every time he offered his hand out to me…. my heart jumped.

You see, I know there’s more to his sister and him. I’m not blind. What I can see clearly is how they have somehow remained to keep something small and kind in themselves despite whatever was going on around them. It was the most beautiful thing to look at. When Ailean turned his smile on me and I could see that separate of any agenda he just wanted to be there for me I knew that there was no going back for me.

Finally, I had chosen my side…

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