Preview To Come :

A white-haired young boy stood in front of some of the most well known stone gates in the world. They were the entrance to the famous Zoldyck Estate. The home of the world’s foremost assassins and they were all completely unsuspecting this surprise of a boy.  Tourists turned to look confused. Even going so far as to put their cameras down.  All of them watching this peculiar boy approach the giant stone gate.

“Heh. This is what they call security.”

With a simple push from his finger the entire gate’s doors swung open. Everyone’s mouth dropped open.





They started to rush forward when the older man in the guard house stepped in-between the boy and the crowd.

“Let’s not forget the safety guidelines, folks.”

He turned back to look at the young child now behind him.

“Not all of us are that boy over there.”

The crowd started to scream with excitement only to be cut off by the intense outburst of killing intent filling the mountainside. The crowd slowly backing away until it they all turned back to run. The look on the guardsman’s face shifting into something more angry.

“Aren’t you going to follow them?”

The boy just laughed.

“Shut up, Geezer.”


Gon & Zoldyck Family

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