Character Profiles :

angelica fix

Angelica – She is a young child that has recently become an orphan when her parents shipwrecked on a tourist boat when heading to the island.  Since she has no relatives and contracted with a card, Angelica has been taken under Jolly’s custody.  She is noted to be very attached to Elmo.

The Devil (Il Diavolo) The 15th: The card’s ability is to temporarily steal the abilities of other cards in the vicinity or a beings skill. While she is using one power the other Arcana’s user can’t use their’s. Her mark is on the roof of her mouth. ” La bisbigliano i Diavoli ” ( The Devil’s whisper ) : only one at a time


shrine girl

Serena – She is the younger sister of one of the young sales woman on the island. Her sister got close to Jolly when her family was seeking for a doctor for her. Serena has a weak body and after contracting with her card is still kept away due to health concerns.

The High Priestess (La Papessa) The 2nd : invulnerability / nothing can harm the body / can survive without air but in pain / La Papessa also feels the pain. Her mark is on her lower stomach. “la benedizione di Dio ( God’s blessing)



Mia – She is a local girl on the island who admires (perhaps ‘stalks’) Jolly. She ends up as Jolly’s secretary/cleaning lady…

The Sun (Il Sole) The 19th :  The card’s ability is to change a persons mood. Her mark is in her left eye (the opposite of Jolly’s). “Sole Drammatico” (Dramatic Sun)


Valentina – She is a widow from a wealthy merchant house. Valentina and her son moved to the island to avoid her family setting her up in a 2nd political marriage. Due to her talent in money she ends up working underneath Debito.

The Empress (L’Imperatice) The 3rd : The card’s ability is to grant temporary paralysis. The object of the cards’s ability is forced and stuck into a kneeling position. Her mark is on her chest, above her cleevage.  “L’ordine Reale” ( Royal Order )


Pietro – He is Valentina’s son. Works under Jolly because he has a crush on Serena and Jolly is the family adviser.

The Hierophant (Il Gerofante) The 5th : can see the future, the more he looks (distance) the more it affects his body? His mark is on both sides of each hand when together forming one image. “Guida Divina” ( Divine Guidance )



neve gets with nova

liberta …. solo still


will eventual have a daughter ironically // surprise new the royal cards – exspansion Queen of Wands (pet cat) can talk to animals very positive person like sunflowers – blonde hair but dads eyes – luca like sher more than elmo or ‘adopted’ sister angelica

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