La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia 1 : Intro(s)

“Felicità come here.” The young heir of the Famiglia turned her head. It was Dante and Jolly. It was unusual to see Jolly out and about in the day time. She walked over to them. Luca by her side was clearly agitated by something. When Felicità got closer she noticed a small girl besides Jolly. She looked like an angel with her silver blonde hair and grey-green eyes. Even more so because of her pale skin that seemed to glow and a beauty mark that drew even more attention to her angelic features. Dante smiled widely. “This is Angelica. She’s going to be living here with us from now on.”

Felicità bent down towards the girl and smiled. “It’s nice to meet you.” The young girl ignored her and looked up at Jolly. “Can we go now?” He shook his head no. “You have a few others to meet.” Felicità looked up at Jolly confused. However, Luca was looking at his ‘father’ with a different expression, anger. “Where did you find this girl?” Jolly smiled at his son. “Isn’t your job to look after Felicità? Not this girl.” Dante looked over at Jolly with an agitated expression but said nothing out loud.

Luca glared at Jolly. “Wherever you found her you have to return her. She shouldn’t be with you.” Felicità turned to Luca and started to try and calm him down. “Luca…” Angelica’s beautiful features seemed to become cold and frozen like a statue. Her expression suddenly a carved beauty of anger. ” La bisbigliano i Diavoli.” A light glowed from her mouth for a moment as a whisper escaped her. Angelica moving all of a sudden to kick Luca away from them.

Everyone turned to look at her shocked. Luca sitting back up. “That’s impossible! That was M’lady’s kick!” Angelica ignored him and looked back up at Jolly. “Jolly.” He pat her head and smiled. “The other two are here.” Dante and Felicità turning to see Nova and Libertà walking towards them. The two seemed confused by the scene.

Libertà running forward and smiling. “And who is this?” Angelica turned her head on him. “Annoying.” Jolly started to laugh to everyone, but Dante’s annoyance. He seemed to be suppressing his own laughter. Nova approached more cautiously. “Do you have a name, young lady?” Angelica turned to look at him. You could tell that unlike her features she was coldly appraising Nova. “Better but still not great.” Libertà turned to Nova and now he was laughing. Nova turned to grab the handle of his sword.

Dante sighed. “Enough. You two introduce yourselves.” The two turned to her. Libertà sighing and scratching his head. “Libertà, I’m contracted with The Fool.” Angelica turned to look at Nova. He slowly released his grip on his sword handle. “Nova, My tarot is Death.”

Felicità walked back over to them with Luca in tow. “My name is Felicità. I’m contracted to The Lovers. And this is Luca.” Angelica turned to him. A large smile on her face all of a sudden. “Ah, I know Luca. He’s the failure son, Temperance.” Luca looked up at Jolly annoyed. “You are completely incapable of raising children.”

Angelica ignored him and turned to look at the two boys. That evil smile was still on her face. “And you two… You two have such the perfect cards.” Libertà was naively smiling for a moment. Angelica continuing her introduction. “An idiot is a Fool and a reject is Death. Makes perfect sense.” The two looked down at her annoyed.

Libertà, of course, speaking up first. “Listen here, Chibi-” The poor boys words cut off by a surprise kick. He went stumbling across the yard. She covered her mouth as she giggled. Everyone looking down at her. Libertà stood up and marched right back. “How can a child kick like that! Jolly what did you do?” Jolly only shrugged. Nova, on the other hand, seemed confused. “That is Felicità’s form.”

Felicità nodded her head. “It is similar to mine.” Luca shook his head no. “It is exactly the same.” Jolly smiled. “I’ll give you a hint M’lady. Why don’t you try to kick, Luca.” Angelica nodded her head in approval. “That’s a great idea, Jolly!” Felicità looked a little hesitant but nodded. She wanted to make the tricky child happy. However, when she went to kick she found herself falling on the floor. Angelica cracking up laughing.

She reached up to tug Jolly’s sleeve. “Did you see that?” He nodded his head. “Don’t make a habit out of playing pranks on M’Lady, Angelica.” Angelica nodded her head but continued laughing. Luca glaring at her. “Whatever card you had her contract with doesn’t matter. This ends now! Give M’Lady back her kicks.” Angelica turned to look at Luca. Everyone was shocked to see her evil smile could get worse. “Make me.”

Luca nodded his head. “As you wish, Il Bacio dell’Angelo.” Everyone looked around for a few seconds. It was becoming awkward that nothing was happening. He looked shocked. “What?” Angelica started to laugh. “How can you be an Alchemist?” Jolly chuckled a bit to himself before he shook his head no. “Angelica let’s go back for today.”

Libertà shook his head no and stepped forward. “She can’t go until she restores Felicità… and Luca.” Luca looked up at him annoyed. “Why was there a pause!?” Everyone ignored his outburst as they waited for Angelica to speak. “Okay.” Libertà looked at her shocked. “What? You will? Just like that?” Angelica nodded her head and smiled like an angel. “I will.” She snapped her fingers and turned to Felicità. “You can kick Luca now.” Felicità looked concerned for a moment but tried to kick Luca. Sadly, for him it was successful. “Why did she have to kick me?” said Luca.

He was ignored. Angelica started to walk away with Jolly when Nova stood in front of them. “Nothing happened when you snapped.” Angelica only smiled. “I don’t know what you mean?” He took a step closer and pointed his sheathed sword at Jolly. “Jolly, have her completely reverse the effects on Fel.” Jolly took a breath of his cigarette. “The effects have already been reversed.”

Nova turned away from him and back to the girl. He pointed the sheathed sword at her. Libertà walking forward casually. “You can’t point a sword at her.” Felicità ran over to them. “Everyone should calm down.” Angelica turned to her and smiled. “Alright M’Lady.” A soft whisper escaping her lips as she walked forward towards Nova, “La bisbigliano i Diavoli.” When she reached her destination the boy looked at her skeptically. Nova went to reach out but Dante shouted. “Don’t.”

Nova froze for a moment. Angelica giggling as she touched his arm. The boy dropping to the ground with a loud thud.  She turned around and giggled. Her hand covering her mouth. “Now he’s calm M’Lady.” Felicità looked at the girl shocked. Dante turned to look at Jolly. “Stop her.” Jolly shrugged. It was Libertà and Luca who stepped forward. Libertà shook his head. “It’s time for a time out, kid.” He smiled and waited for his Arcana to activate. Nothing happened. Now he looked confused.

Dante shook his head in disapproval. “Enough. Angelica stop this right now.” Angelica nodded her head and walked back over to Jolly. She curtsied at Felicità. “Angelica, The 15th Card Il Diavolo.” They all looked at each other with varying expressions on their faces. Jolly pat her head. “The last card has found its host.”


La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia OP


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