1 – King, Sage & Eternal

I was walking across the street to my house as I did every day. Nothing seemed to be out of place. You could say it was another boring day. That was until a truck that wasn’t supposed to be allowed on this street suddenly turned the corner. A loud screech echoed in the street. My eyes fell on the neighbors daughter who always seemed to playing with a red ball. Her tiny feet moving forward to try and get it back from the road. In such a small street how could she not notice the truck. My feet ran forward before I even knew it. I don’t think I felt anything after the truck hit. The only thing I know was that I saw a little girl safe with a red ball in her hands.

Hast thou woke up yet?

What. What is going on? Where am I?

I am the Ruler of Shadows. The King of the Night. The Eternal Sage of Darkness.

Uh. Why do I feel like this is some ‘become the demon lord’ set up.

My chosen candidate. You can become a demon lord if you want. I don’t care. But that’s not why I called you here.

Why does this spirit seem so relaxed?

Spirit!? I am the Ruler of Shadows. The King of the Night. The Eternal Sage of Darkness. The majestic Individual who remained alive to pass on the all powerful sorcery “Beast Magic”.

Beast Magic? Remained alive? Seriously, why does it sound like I am becoming a demon lord.

You are not here to be a demon lord! Once a candidate has died we can bring their soul over to this world instead of letting it pass into the afterlife. Then they can use the sorcery we developed in this world and pass down the all powerful “Beast Magic” that couldn’t be left to the idiotic residents.

Why do I feel as if you have dropped your fancy speech and are now talking magical? Also, why are the residents of your world stupid? WHY TEACH A RANDOM PERSON SUPER DANGEROUS MAGIC!

It’s fine, you know. You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t fine. Just take the chance to have fun in this world, and fine your own candidate to pass on the secret sorcery.

Yep, I’m definitely being forced into a demon lord role.

Then my candidate will be similar to me. I have made you a new body with the knowledge of this world, left some magic items and gave you the fortune of the Ruler of Shadows, The King of Night and the Eternal Sage of Darkness.

Seems like I have no choice. Alright then, thanks. I’ll do my best to make your name known again Eternal Sage Guy.

I felt my consciousness fading. The irritating voice leaving one last comment in my head.

Enjoy that new body of yours~

My eyes opened slowly. I felt myself lying still. It seems being alive again was true.  As I stood up I felt an odd sensation. I felt heavy and all of this knowledge was in my head. I found a mirror across the room. The moment I saw myself in the mirror I found myself stumbling back.


Standing up slowly I walked back to the mirror. The perverted Sage of Night gave me extra large boobs! No wonder sitting up felt heavy… Other then my complicated feelings about my new boobs I had to admit the body he gave me was a show stopper. Blonde wavy hair and pale pink eyes you only see in a fantasy setting. Plus, there was the eternal youth, unparalleled resistance, superhuman physical strength and some other things…A perverted sage like that probably had to have some help to do this. I started to walk around to see where exactly I resurrected. It seemed like a tiny cottage in the woods. It was oddly quaint for a guy who called himself King of the Shadows. A picture grabbing my attention. It was a picture of all the sages: Earth, Water,Wind, Light, Darkness, Time, Space, Summoner, Alchemist, Investigation, Ancient Sorcery and the leader, the Fire sage. There were only 12 people who could use this sorcery. Leaning closer to the picture I noticed that the Investigation mage looked Japanese. No wonder he was a sage who specialized in magic similar to game mechanics.

I turned around and left the room. Dead sages were not my problem. The next room I went into had a magic circle on the floor. This must be the catalyst for my Beast Sorcery. A creation spell that was based on needing large sums of magical energy. I closed my eyes and let the magical energy seep out of me.

I wonder…

I felt myself falling forward on my knees. Everything seemed to be have sapped out of me. A pain rushing through my body.

No one said it would hurt!

I could see a weird magical energy form an egg in front of me. My body falling forward, my eyes closing before I could see what hatched.

My finally opened again. A large wolf sized lizard with wings seemed to be rubbing its face on me. Its throat was humming.

Lizard. Wings. Dragon!

I looked at the smiling creature. It was a beautiful white and gold scaled dragon. Large crystal like horns grew from its head. Its eyes were the same pale pink as mine. I started to rub its head and the humming got louder.

Can you understand me?

It nodded its head.

Nod once for girl and twice for boy.

I didn’t really know how to check and it needed a name. It nodded twice. He gets me! I wonder if this was due to the sorcery or the creatures natural intelligence.

Alright. Your name is Horus.

Now what’s my name going to be? Horus was looking at me as if he was waiting.

Eiko. I guess I’ll go by Eiko.

Horus rubbed his head against me. A ding going off in my head.

Horus Lv. 1

Ah. Game like.

Horus moved to pick up something. He turned to hand it over to me. It was a halberd, I think. It was long and silver. A design of mithril and crystal was twirled around it until it reached the top. A large battle axe on one side, a spear at the top and a large curved blade on the other side. The ding going off again.

Holy Halberd

Holy? Wasn’t I blessed by the Sage of Evil, The King of Darkness. Something about this seems so off. I looked down at the halberd again. It had weight reduction, a lock on it to be only wielded by those it was synchronized with and an effect boost based on magical energy supplied to it. It was a cheat weapon. Why was I more and more giving off the impression of a saint. I was supposed to be a demon lord. Horus looked at me confused. I rubbed his head.

Come on. Let’s find some food.


I See Fire – Ed Sheeran


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