Chapter 1 : Guardianship

A young grey eyed teenager turned away from the bar maid and towards the bar counter. Behind the wood top stood an enticing alpha male that was hard to look away from. It was not a surprise that the taken wolf was seen as such a lucrative prize. However, her business was not with him, or the bar itself. She was here to sign into the book.

“I need to sign.”

The bar tender turned around. A slight smile on his face from seeing the young girl.

“Your friends need to sign as well.”

She didn’t turn around. There was no need to. The four of them were bonded. Without looking she would know they were approaching her.

“Can’t it wait till after my meal. I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry.”

The bar-back looking at them amused.  He reached down to pull out a large and heavy book, flipping open to a new page.

“All of you sign here.”

She leaned forward first. Her name appearing like calligraphy. After her, the boy who was hungry signed. Following him was the other girl and lastly came the boy hidden in the back. The bar-back looking over their names.





They were aware it gave no indication of where they were from or who they belonged to.

“What brings you to our colony?”

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a wood block connected to a leather cord. On it was a burnt in symbol.

“We are here to collect.”

He got quiet; his expression suddenly turning serious.

“Where did you get this?”

Bayou ignored his question.

“Where is Dagny?”

His seriousness turning into frustration as he hit the counter top.

“Everyone out.”

Tris, being petty about his hunger, leaned against one of the wood support columns sighing.

“Wouldn’t want everyone to see you deny guardianship.”

The leaving Fae stopped in their tricks. They all turned to look at them. Guardianship was rare. It was something that never happened. Now, a group of young Fae suddenly appeared claiming it. Appearing on the other side of the counter was a beautiful women.

“Dyson, what’s going on?”

An overdone British pop rock styled man elected to answer from the crowd.

“Your little girl has been claimed, darling. That’s what’s going on.”

She turned to look at Bayou and her family.

“I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but you are not taking away Dagny.”

Bayou ignored her and turned to Dyson.

“As leader of a waystation and representative of Clan Fin Arvin do you intend to reject the claiming of Guardianship? Despite the presentation of proof.”

The woman turning to look at him.


He crossed his arms and remained silent. Tris stepping forward.

“While we are waiting, is there anyone who would like to have a snack with me?”

Tris’ eyes scanning the room. To his disappointment the crowd was too focused on the rare occurrence then his charm. Dyson finally speaking again.

“Where did you get this?”

Bayou sighed. She was clearly getting frustrated with the whole thing.

“Through the proper channels. Now, will you release Dagny into our custody or not?”

The woman walked towards her. Due to the height difference she was awkwardly looking down at her.

“Over my dead body will you take Dagny anywhere. Do you hear me-”


The woman turned to look at Dyson. He had a very somber expression on his face.

“As leader of this waystation I invoke the right of mediation with the guardianship. Until a resolution is made final both the guardianship and the claimed will remain within the colony.”

Bayou nodded her head in agreement.

“Mediation is accepted. Does this include inclusion with the neutrality of the colony?”

Dyson looked at her confused.

“Why would you want that?”

Bayou smiled at him.

“The guardianship for the claimed is divided between us four.”

Bo looked at her confused.

“All four are being considered her foster parents?”

The other three each took out their own leather cord. Shock running though the spectating crowd. Tris walking forward, finally, towards the counter.

“Without letting us be neutral your life will be harder.”

Dyson turned to glare at him. He didn’t seem to be a fan of his sort of charm.

“And why is that?”

Bayou sarcastically smiled at him.

“Because some of us are Dark Fae and some of us are Light Fae.”

The pop rock British guy started to crack up laughing.

“You’re telling me that not only did a group of Fae somehow manage to get Guardianship, but they are all from different sides. It’s a bloody miracle.”


Vex put his hands up.

“Sorry, boss man.”

Dyson sighed.

“Mediation shall now begin. All those without a stake in the claimed leave.”

The Fae began to trickle out of the bar. Everyone leaving until Dyson, Bo and Vex were left on one side and the four of them left on another. Tris leaning into Bayou.

“I’m hungry….”

The other girl, who had remarked before, pulled out a chair to sit in.

“You are always hungry.”

The boy in the back pulled out his own chair besides her and started to play a game on his phone. Vex leaning in towards Bo.

“What a pair of balls on that chap. Playing mobile games during a mediation. That’s inspiring.”

Bo ignored him and glared at Bayou.

“Why are you here for Dagny?”

She ignored her completely and turned to Dyson.

“You opened mediation.”

Dyson walked out from behind the counter and sighed.

“Why have you come for her?”

She simply raised her leather cord.

“We have come due to our responsibility for her well being.”

Bo stepping towards her.

“Listen to me. Dagny is safe with us, so go on and return to wherever you-”


She turned to look at a frustrated Dyson.

“Mediation is between the waystation and the guardian until indicated otherwise.”

Bo sat down in a chair annoyed.

“Fine. Let’s see how this goes without my help.”

He turned back to the girl.

“The waystation requests information on relation to the claimed and how guardianship came about.”

Tris groaning.

“All of this pomp and circumstance is taking too long.”

Talise without looking up at him pointed to an empty chair.

“Go, sit down.”

Tris trudging his way towards the chair annoyed.

“In accordance to the waystation’s request the guardianship submits proof of familial relationship.”

Bayou leaning forward to grab one of the cups off the bar counter. She bit her own finger just hard enough so a drop of blood settled in the cup. She handed it over to him. Bo standing up from her chair.

“Wait. Are you saying you are related to Dagny. How are you related to Dagny!”

Bayou looked up at Dyson. He was incredibly tall. It strained her neck. He sighed.

“The waystation asks permission for the claimed’s kin to participate in mediation.”

Bayou sighed, for the first time her formal demeanor being lost.

“I suppose it will make things go along faster. The guardianship accepts.”

She nodded at Dyson’s look and turned to Bo.

“The four of us are her cousins. Dagny is to be reclaimed by her ancestral Clan Scafati.”

Dyson immediately stepped into the conversation before Bo could retort.

“Did you say Clan Scafati?”

Bayou nodded her head.

“The guardianship…Ah. Whatever. This formality is give me a headache. Yes, Clan Scafati is Dagny’s ancestral seat.”

Vex shaking his finger at her.

“That’s impossible, little girl. That clan doesn’t exist anymore. And besides… They were Light Fae. And you are a Dark Fae.”

Tris sighed in his chair. His face was looking pale from exhaustion.

“Were. They were Light Fae. Then y’all went and had them killed off.”

Dyson narrowing his eyes.

“Clan Scafati remained alive…”

Talise nodded her head.

“Although small, Clan Scafati is a noble clan of the Dark Fae.”

Dyson turned back to Bayou.

“Guardianship requires universal agreement between both councils. The Light Fae would never have agreed to it.”

She shrugged. There was a reason why she was not a fan of Fae formalities and more often than not it was because they were needlessly long and tedious.

“Well, they did. And you all already are in a not so great place with the Councils. So are you going to have your colony fight a war with every other Fae colony, or will you hand over the claimed.”

Bo walking back over to her.

“How does a dead clan make you related to Dagny?”

Bayou turned to her and sighed.

“Clan Scafati is the home for children and relatives of Dagny’s father.”

The room got quiet for a moment. Dyson’s growls breaking it.

“Get out. This colony will have nothing more to do with Hades and his bunch.”

Bo pushing past him.

“Are you saying there are more kids then just me and Dagny.”

Bayou nodded.

“Not many. Offspring of Ancients all tend to die quickly for a variety of reasons. But the remaining few are children of Clan Scafati.”

Bo’s curiosity overwhelming her.

“So then you aren’t just related to Dagny, but me.”

Bayou nodded her head.

“Yes. You are my cousin.”

Bo laughing and waving her hands.

“Hold up. Are you telling me I now have four cousins.”

She looked at her confused.


Vex knocked the wood beam besides him.

“Wake up, darling. These cousins of yours are trying to steal your sister.”

Tris glared at him.


Talise finally joining the conversation.

“And no one is trying to steal her. If that was the goal it would have been easy enough to do it without getting caught.”

Dyson growled and took a step forward, but was stopped by Bo’s hand.

“If both of us are your cousins why are you only here for her?”

Bayou looked at her confused.

“Guardianship is only stated when a Fae is underage or unable to take care of their safety. The Fae world learned about you when you were an adult and had the capabilities of taking care of yourself.”

Tris sighed and leaned towards Talise.

“Besides, no one wanted to deal with your crazy papa.”

Vex switching his teams with a laugh.

“They have a point. If it was up to me I would not have met your papa.”

Dyson the only one remaining tense.

“That doesn’t mean we will allow you to just take her.”

Bayou sighs. This stuff were never easy.

“Then the Guardianship will remain within the colony until the claimed has come of age and can choose for herself.”

Vex clapped his hands together.

“Well, wasn’t that a surprisingly easy mediation.”

Bo looked at him confused.

“Surprisingly easy?”

Dyson’s eyes narrowed at Bayou.

“They normally end with severed heads.”

Bo put her hands up.

“I don’t even want to know.”

Bayou turned towards her.

“Since a deal has been struck we would like to meet Dagny.”

Dyson growled.

“Tomorrow. You can come here tomorrow.”

She turned back towards him and moved her hand forward.


The two gripped each other’s arms. Dyson nodding his head.

“We have reached an agreement.”

Bayou turned away from him and back over to her friends. Tris turning to look at Bo.

“Know any good places to eat around here?”

She looked at him confused.

“Well there’s the Chinese place on-”

Vex put his hand in front of her face to quiet her.

“No, darling. He is talking about your other type of food.”

He walked towards Tris and threw his arm around him.

“I know just place.”

Tris placed his hand on Vex’s chest. A weird look crossing his face.

“Alright then. I’d love my own tour guide.”

The four of them, and Vex, heading towards the exit when Bo called out.


Bayou turned around. Bo smiling.

“Who was your parent?”

She finally smiled.

“Poseidon. Your father’s younger brother.”

The group leaving The Dal.

Dyson turning to Bo.

“They are bad news Bo.”

She nodded her head.

“The first thing they said though was that they were here for her well being. They might know what is coming towards us.”

Dyson put his arm around her and squeezed her close.

“Or they might be the very thing.”

Bo smiled and looked up at him.

“Isn’t Mark supposed to meet Vex here.”

Dyson groaned. Bo moving her hand to his chest. She was feeling a little bit hungry herself.



Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran


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