Chapter 1 : The First Meal of a Demon Lord

I sat at a long jagged edged crystal table. It was a black and white granite.

Why do I know that?

Wrapped around me was the blanket from before. The moment I sat down another Dark Elf in what must be maid attire placed a filling but spicy soup in front of me. On the table in front of me was a basket of kneaded egg rolls, a pitcher of ice cold water and an expensive looking glass. My eyes darted to the walls of the room. It was dark with very little light. Beautiful metal sconces seemed scattered in patterns along the exposed crystal rocks within the walls. The floor it self was one giant exposed black crystal.

No. Volcanic glass.

A hint of light glowed in the floor and table.

[ The soup is good. ]

I said as my eyes left the floor to settle on {Earth} Demon Lord Atira’s face. I liked spicy food. I especially preferred stews to soup and although it was thin for a stew it was still considered one.

I wonder if she knew that… Maybe she just assumed a warm soup would be comforting.

{Earth} Demon Lord Atira nodded her head. She seemed quite proud of her subordinates work.

[ Something to consider when building your own dungeon, Olara. Having demons who can cook is quite useful for a Demon Lord’s down time… ]

Olara? My own Dungeon ?

[ My name is Olara? ]

She took another sip of her stew.

Since we’ve entered this room this is the first time she has done anything close to explain and it was done like that. This fucking lolicon.

I blinked a few times waiting for a response. Atira casually put her soup spoon down.

[ Ara? What a silly question. You are my new daughter, {Intent} Demon Lord Olara. The 499th Demon Lord. ]

So was I really her daughter? THIS CRAZY LOLI SHOULDN’T BE MY MOM.

Atira clapped her hands. The blue haired busty Dark Elf from before came forward. She was clumsily approaching me with a mirror. I stared at my reflection for a moment.

I don’t look like her at all.

I was taller then Atira, even sitting down I could tell I was just shorter then average height. My skin was pale where hers was dark. My hair was a wavy long white and my eyes were a small rounded violet grey. My chest was….


[ I see… I am a new Demon Lord. Then this year will be … ? ]

I said as I turned away from my reflection. Even I didn’t want to see myself naked. Her eyes lit up in surprise.

[ Ah. Leave it to my child to remember everything I say. Yep. This year is when I as your “parent” show you the ropes and teach you what you have to know. ]

So Demon Lords only stay under their parent’s wings for a year? What a small amount of time.

[ Why only a year ? ]

Atira smiled brightly.

[ Because I will die next year. Demon Lords have a limited life span and when we approach the end of it is our job to raise the next generation. ]

Die? I see … If she is going to die and was required to raise me then this must be a system where survival of new Demon Lords is dependent on a lack of competition with their guardian. So in a sense I was living a life where my survival was uncertain past a year from now. Further, I had a set time limit of existence.

The room seemed to grow cold. I looked away from Atira to the shadows in the room. I could feel what could only be described as killing intent for asking such a question. Atira on the other hand was still smiling.

She’s still a shitty lolicon.

[ I see. So in other words, it is because of that fact I have guaranteed survival for a year. ]

Atira seemed pleased with my answer. She clapped her hands together. The sound echoing in the room.

[ Correct ! Of course a Supreme Demon Lord such as myself would receive such a clever child. Demon Lords live for such a long time without any schemes life would just be so dull. Once you leave my warm little nest if you aren’t as clever as right now you most likely will die. And then you will never have a cute daughter of you own.. ]

Shitty loli. You don’t need schemes to enjoy life… Well, not the ones she was probably implying anyways.

[ So the images from Zachariah’s mind was the result of me being a Demon Lord? ]

I found myself shifting the topic of conversation away from her schemes.

[ Zachariah ? Ah ! The filthy meat sack. I suppose you could say that. I am called {Earth} Demon Lord Atira, because my Unique Skill is {Earth}. Yours is {Intent}. If you saw the meat sack’s name and information it would be a part of your Unique Skill. Why don’t you try using it again. You should be able to see more information. ]

Meat sack ? She really was sadistic.

[ {Intent} ]

I said as I looked at the Dark Elf who was still awkwardly holding up a mirror by the side of the table. Something about Atira came off as a warning to not try it on her.

Lapis. Dark Elf Assassin. Childhood friend of… Amber? Ah. The man who handed me the blanket. She was in love with him and a fanatic of Atira’s. Her favorite food was sweet eggs….

The information cut off. A wall seemed to appear in her brain before I felt myself pulled out.

I see. My level is too low. Much too low…. If someone was aware of what was happening they could defend themselves. I needed to know the details of my Unique Skill.

The answer seemed to float into my mind.

[ Unique Skill : {Intent} was demonstrated. It enables the user to gain information coming from another’s being. The skill is dependent on the users level when deciding the sort of information learned and the resistance level the skill can overcome. MP usage is based on the strain needed to gather the required information. ]

MP? Mana points… So then there is Health points?

[ Thank you, Lapis. ]

I said to the girl holding the mirror. Surprise appeared on her face as she almost dropped the mirror.

Was she blushing?

Atira stood up excited.

[ So your skill was something like mind reading. How wonderful ! What interesting monsters you shall make ! Forget food. Let’s make one now ! ]

Make one? Making a monster a the table didn’t seem appropriate. She really was a filthy loli.


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