Chapter 10 : [ Ice Palace ]

I stood outside what looked like a crystal doorway into the mountain side. All around the wind was blowing and you could feel the chill.

Ahh. I’m starting to regret my choices a bit.

I looked around me. Bu-chan had little mini snow boots on his feet. He also had something that looked like a wool blanket strapped to him and a hat.

How did Gallecki manage that?

Gallecki himself looked the most natural in winter clothes and his goggles. The two handmaidens were just shivering beautiful creatures. My two skeletons looked funny in their winter coats, pants, boots and hat combo. Both of them had a crossbow. The dark elves all had their own stuff on. While, Queen was wearing what looked like a royal winter suit.

Really, Gallecki how did you pull this off in a few hours?

( Bu-chan you okay? )

( Okay. )

( Tell me if it gets too cold. )

( Okay. )

( Queen? )

( This one shall swiftly concur this dungeon. )

( Skeletons? )

They just clattered their bones. I pat the nearest on the shoulder.

( You two can do this. I have faith in you. )

( Handmaidens will burden themselves with whatever is needed for their Queen. )

( Yes, My lady! )

( You are right, My Lady! )

[ Alright. Let’s go in! ]

I ignored the complaints and pushed open the door. There was a lot of snow, but not as much as I was expecting. There also wasn’t that much wind which was nice.

[ Lapis, do you know your way around? ]

[ I’ve been to the sixty eighth floor. That is where the village town is. ]

I looked back out at the snowy landscape.

[ 68 floors, huh. ]

This is going to be pain… I guess this really will just be an experience.

[ Alright. 68 floors will be interesting, but let’s see how far we can get at our current levels. ]

They all nodded except Amber. He turned his head.

[ Aren’t you just expecting to rely on our efforts. ]

No good.

Even in the cold temperature Amber found himself wrapped up in Queen’s vines.

Are they cold resistant to an extent?

[ Sometimes, Mistress Yua comes out to greet us and escort us to the town. We may be lucky, Saintess. ]

[ Mistress Yua? ]

[ Yep. Even though she isn’t me Yua is pretty great. ]

[ What my sister means to say is that she runs in this dungeon since the passing of { Ice } Demon Lord Vual. She treats many of us with care. ]

Citrine, Lapis and your younger brother are much more helpful than you. You need to work harder.

[ I see. Hopefully, we will get the chance to meet her. ]

I turned away from everyone and started walking through the snow. The first level so far wasn’t so bad.

We have reached the twelfth level. I have to admit my monsters are exhausted. They had only gotten here because of their special skills and the others occasionally stepping in to block a would be fatal blow.

Gallecki is surprisingly good with that giant hammer he pulled out of nowhere…

I watched my monster taking on the Rank B Yeti Child. It had been surrounded by Rank C snow fluff looking things so it was proving to be a challenge. Although, so far the dungeon has done wonders for leveling up my monsters.

Except my poor skeletons…

The snow had gotten too deep for them and kept losing their legs. They were riding on Bu-chan’s back. Up until this level he hadn’t been feeling the cold too bad.

[ After this level we will head back. ]

Gallecki nodded his head.

[ Ai. That is a good call Lass. Your crew has gained quite a bit of experience and they have gotten a taste for the cold. ]

I was about to agree when I heard a beautiful voice interrupt us.

[ Gall there is no need to rush away. We welcome all family into our lovely town. It is a pleasure to meet you child. ]

Gall? Why do I have the feeling they used to date… I wonder how badly it ended?

[ So you decided to show up, Yua. The Lass passed your evaluation? ]

EVALUATION! What is with this shitty family that was in charge of me.

Yua nodded her head. Now that I was looking at her she really truly was beautiful. Like some beautiful woman wrapped in a stunning white kimono. Her hair the perfect shade of black against her albino skin.

Not to mention her unfair chest…

[ We didn’t have much doubt about the child. Atira would not send her here unless she had faith in her daughter. She is more talented than we expected. ]

Gallecki nodded his head.

[ Ai. The lass is certainly full of surprises. ]

Yua laughed.

Maybe it didn’t end badly?

[ For this little one to surprise even you? How marvelous of a child. If only my dear lady could have met her. ]

Gallecki seemed sad for a moment.

[ Ai. Vual would of find her entertaining. ]

I coughed into my hand.

[ I don’t mean to rudely interrupt, but you mentioned escorting us to a town? ]

Yua smiled gently.

[ I seem to have lost myself in reminiscing, my apologies little one. Come, we shall show you Hvergelmir. ]

Queen smiled at me.

[ This one has told you there is no need to worry. ]

Actually, I had said that to you.

( Don’t worry Bu-chan. We will now take you to be warm! )

( Thanks! )

Maybe, Bu-chan was a little cute. He was learning quickly. Knowing how to have the best manners of my monsters.


Yuki No Hitohira – Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun



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