Chapter 11 : My First Evaluation

Freyr might be a magical outstanding wonder, but it had nothing on Jotunn. The entire thing looked like something completely unearthly. Some hidden heavenly realm.

[ Do you like it, little one? ]

I smiled.

[ What is there not to like? This town is beautiful. ]

Yua smiled.

[ I’m glad. My lady was extremely fond of making beautiful and wonderful things. She always said to us ice was a tool of wonder. She would be glad to know people appreciate her work. ]

People must do more than appreciate…

The entire town was covered with soft shallow powdery snow. Perfectly grey stones could be seen peeking out as a path to walk on. Houses were like mini palaces made of ice and similar stone. Beautiful ice lanterns hung from the walls and maintained a blue flame with out melting. Roofs were covered with light snow. A river ran through the center of town with small ice blocks floating in it. You could see winter trees and some colorful fish part of it. The sky was the perfect grey overcast. And the residents were all either beautiful or interesting creatures moving around in such orderly fashion…

I wish my dungeon could be as beautiful as this.

[ Our Jotunn is known for the hot springs. If you have time you must stop by. ]


[ You have hot springs! ]

Yua smiled. She seemed very proud.

[ My lady wanted to make sure everyone would be comfortable who visited. For us she made ice baths so we could experience the bonding with visitors. She was so caring. ]

[ That is wonderful. ]

[ Indeed. Most of the food here is cold for us residents, but we can prepare hot food for you and a fire for your ant to rest by. ]

[ This one appreciates your manners. ]

Yua turned to Queen.

I don’t know if she likes her, but she is certainly knows how to manage her.

[ I am delighted. Courtesy and manners were very important to my lady. ]

[ As they should be. ]

Amber scoffed.

[ How long are you going to flatter Miss Yua. ]

Amber. You are so annoying. Yay, Queen’s vines!

[ Come. Let us enter the palace. There you can all warm up and enjoy a hot meal. We are also famous for our noodle soups and  warm steam buns. ]

Hot soup and steam buns… I think I am in paradise. Come back { Ice } Demon Lord Vual… Please


Winter Storm Sounds

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