Chapter 12 : Queen’s First Rival

We were at the tail end of our conversation when Yua looked up from her cold soup.

[ Now that you all have warmed up have you decided on what you wish to try first? ]

[ The hot – ]

[ This one would like to challenge you! ]

UNEXPECTED! Queen was making an attack. No. Not here. Not in this paradise.

( Queen. The hot springs… )

( Quiet. This one has something she must do. )

Yua smiled. It didn’t seem very gentle anymore.

[ I had a feeling a little one would wish to measure themselves against me. I shall accept. Would you like to be to death? ]

Ah! Queen can’t speak first!

[ My apologies Yua, but Queen will be a { Monster of Covenant } to the death will not be possible. ]

Yua nodded her head.

Ah. She really did seem scary. I mean to the death! What happened to beautiful tour guide and hot springs… hot springs.

The two stood up from the ice table we had been eating on and moved a bit away.

We are fighting here! In this beautiful dining hall!

[ Come little one. ]

We watched Queen attack first. Her blades already drawn.

She can feel the danger.

Yua blocked her swords with her hands. If you squinted closely you could see a thin layer of ice. Gallecki leaning forward.

[ Yua is one of the few who can change the properties of her ice. It is in a special state that makes its stronger than mithril and orithcalum. ]

I shuddered.

[ I see. ]

[ Pay attention to this lass. A rank monsters may be below S, but when they are at their highest level they are true challenges. Especially to your Queen over there. ]

I nodded my head.

This is good advice.

[ Um, Saintess. Yua is unmatched by everyone, but Opal and Great Mother. ]

Lapis. You are always coming off cute.

[ I see. She is that amazing. ]

Tiger Eye nodded his head.

[ There are only two named monsters that weren’t Vual’s { Monster of Covenant }. ]

[ Only two? How strong must the other be? ]

They all shuddered.

Was the second even stronger!

[ Isbrand can’t even be measured. He was an S rank monster given as a gift by the creator himself. ]

[ I see. ]

Ah. I kind of want to meet him.

[ Isbrand is a very grumpy old man. It is best if you don’t meet him. ]

I turned to look at Yua. Queen was on her knees reflecting on their fight. We had missed the end of the match.

Sorry, Queen…

[ Yua, I want to meet him! ]

She covered her mouth with her sleeve in shock.

[ How brave little one… To want to meet our Ice Dragon Emperor Icefyre. ]

Eh. How terrible was he?

[ I have a feeling this will be a life altering event for me. ]

Yua put her sleeve down and thought for a moment.

[ Alright. I can see you are determined. However, only Gallecki, Lapis, Queen and you may enter his chamber. ]

Eh? Gallecki and Lapis? How many people did Lapis charm with her clumsiness and chest!

The four of us entered her blank circle. We arrive almost instantly. Who had transferred us?

He was a dragon… Jotunn WAS A DRAGON! Someone steady me please. I am feeling woozy.


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