Chapter 13 : Yuki Onna

Isbrand’s chambers turned out to be { Ice } Demon Lord Vual’s dungeon core room. It reminded me of Atira’s. The only difference was the color of the water and the large winter tree in the center.

And… this one had a large ferocious silver and white dragon curled around the tree.

[ Yua. Why have you woken me up? ]

Oh no. We woke him up from his nap. Do ice dragons eat demon lords?

[ Atira’s child has been born. ]

He yawned.

[ Already? ]

Yua turned to look at me.

[ This little one is Olara. ]

The dragon let his head fall back down and closed his eyes.

[ Go home. Out of curtesy for Lapis and Atira I won’t do anything. ]

Go home…. Why was he so rude!

[ Isbrand, I came down here to meet you. I needed to see this ferocious S rank dragon for myself. ]

[ And now you’ve seen me. Go home. ]

[ Excuse me, Lizard. This one will not tolerate your arrogance. ]

Ah. Queen. That is poking a demon of destruction.

The dragon looked once again. However, he only opened one of his eyes.

[ A Seelie Queen huh. Your owner really lucked out. Or perhaps she didn’t. ]

Ah. It is painful to admit, but I understood the point he was trying to make…

Queen got more infuriated.

[ This one is the ultimate fortune. This one will be Queen of a future kingdom that will last for generations. This one shall usher back the age of spirits and fairies! ]

[ Sure, sure kid. ]

Queen stomped her foot.

[ This one cannot understand how you have such insolent behavior! Do you not have pride! Do you not care about your Mother! ]


I rushed forward and pulled Queen back. Isbrand stood up for the first time. There were no words to describe the feelings that happened in the room.

Wow. Was that her motivation this entire time? She sounds admirable.

[ Careful child, I will end you if you speak of My Lady. ]

I took a deep breath and stepped forward.

I have to protect Queen.

[ Isbrand, you love Your Lady, just as I love my child. Normally, I would not ask this, but since you are the child of my family I will lower my head. Forgive my child. She is young, proud and anxious to prove her abilities to everyone. I’m confident you once had a similar phase. ]

Isbrand turned to look at me.

He seems intrigued. Is this good?

[ You certainly speak well enough. I shall let this go as a favor. Leave my home child. ]

Deep breaths.

[ I will. I will if you acknowledge that I will come again another time to talk to you. ]

I could here the rooms sounds of shock. Everyone, but the silent Yua. She must be gauging the situation.

I wonder if she would intervene on my behalf? To save my life?

He cracked up laughing.

[ No one in 100 years has been brazen enough to say anything like this. Fine child. I shall let you come back one more time to try and prove your worth. Now leave. I wish to return to sleep. ]

I nodded my head.

[ Thank you. ]

[ Yua, can you please escort as back to the dining hall. ]

She nodded and we all returned to the dining hall. The beautiful glowing ice walls, blue flame fire places and ice sculptures a comfortable sight.

Why are all the snow woman gushing over Bu-chan? What mysterious charm did he have?!


Where Dragons Rule – Dragonforce

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