Chapter 14 : The Guardian Dragon

Ignoring the snow woman, I turned to Yua.

[ Yua, what is Isbrand’s story? You said he was a gift from the creator? ]

She smiled at me.

I guess she likes me so far?

[ Isbrand was the result of an S rank medal give to My Mistress as a reward for a war she was involved in. His medal was synthesized with { Dragon } Demon Lord Astaroth . ]

There’s a dragon demon lord! That is so cool!

[ I see… May I know what the particular details? ]

Yua smiled warmly.

[ You remind me very much of the young Atira. She was also very curious about the world… The war My Mistress participated was an interference against a coalition of older demon lords who sought to kill her husband, Ciesis. ]

Her husband! They were married!

[ Then { Dragon } Demon Lord Astaroth’s token of affection? ]

[ A gift from earlier in an attempt to woo My Mistress. ]

I see. She had a love triangle, huh.

[ What an interesting life Your Mistress lead. ]

Yua smiled sadly.

[ My Mistress was a wonder. She filled the world with beauty and inspiration. Everywhere she went creatures looked at her with reverence. Her strength a beacon to the world. ]

Wow. I wonder if I’ll ever be spoken of like that…

Queen walked over from her demand for attention to interrupt the conversation She looked completely exhausted.

“This one has to know what sort of creature you and your friends are! To ignore the likes of this one for a mere earth beast! ]

Yua chuckled a bit.

[ I am an A rank Yuki Onna. My sisters are B rank Ice Maidens and C rank Morana Corka. }

Queen nodded her head and turned to me.

[ This one asks her patron to not make these children. ]

Ah. Queen can’t you say that later?

I pat her head and sighed.

[ I don’t have an ice medal. There is no need to worry. ]

Queen smiled widely. Yua thankfully seemed to laugh it off. I turned to the rest of the monsters who had come with me or were my own.

[ Let’s return home? We have accomplished a lot already. ]

Amber scoffed and turned his head.

He was so troublesome.

Gallecki seemed excited to leave.

[Finally, Lass, you make a wise decision. ]

I’m going to ignore that comment.

Yua nodded her head.

[ We can transfer you back straight into Atira’s dungeon from here if you follow me to the array. ]

That filthy loli didn’t tell me about that was possible…

We followed her to a room within what looked like an ice palace with tiny white flower blooming vines.

I should of know this was Atira’s…

We stepped into what looked like a magical pattern on the floor. I waved goodbye.

[It was a pleasure to meet you. ]

The room vanished and we appeared in one of Atira’s rooms. She was standing their excited with Opal by her side.

[ Olara!!! ]

I could only sigh and dodge as she ran towards me.

[ I knew my child would pass Yua’s test! ]

My parent was too annoying. Not even telling me there was a test.

[ It was natural. ]

Atira clapped her hands together.

She must be really excited…

[ So~ What are you planning to do with that { Ice } medal!? ]

Eh? I don’t have an ice medal…

Atira pointed down to my hands. A beautiful new medal was somehow in them. I turned to Queen.

[When did I get this? ]

Gallecki sighing.

[ Leave it to Yua to surprise you. ]

I turned back to look at Atira. She seemed even happier.

[ Yua is always such a tease~ Just like my older sister Vual~~ ]

She leaned closer excited. Queen looking at me annoyed.

Crap. I did tell her I didn’t have this medal as an excuse.

[ Ah, shelve it for now. ]

Atira switched to pouting.

[Why do you always shelve things! Why is my child so indecisive? ]

Filthy loli…

[ I’m not going to waste an original medal. ]

Atira nodded her head.

[ That’ true. Vual only left a few behind for Yua to test our descendants to see if they were worth it. ]

So, demon lords can leave medals behind. Interesting…

Atira looked at me with a serious face.

[ Since you got this medal you won’t try to poach my monsters now… right? ]

I shook my head no.

[ Technically, I can still try. ]

She stamped her feet in frustration. Opal calming her down.

She was the true adult in the mix.


Tears Of The Dragon – Bruce Dickinson

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