Chapter 15 : Power Up!

A week had gone by. I wanted my monsters to rest and train in a warmer environment. There was also the attempts to further train the skeletons. I had gotten them to learn many things, but they always needed directions and were robotic in movement…

It’s a step.

I also seemed to worm my way into the monsters I wanted to recruit.

That’s a big step!

There was also the biggest news. I bought, mostly because of Queen’s pestering, two more fairy handmaidens. One of them had green hair and the other pink.

All of them worshiping Queen like some god.

I had also made 20 D+ rank crazy ants.

They conduct electricity so that was cool.

From there I made 5 C rank Carpenter Ants.

 They could fly which was crazy at first but turned out to be so much fun.

Then I got 10 B- Rank Fire Ants.

They were quite useful with their unity and bite. Atira seemed to find it funny I got so many ants, but I had to admit they were super useful.

Lastly, I got 3 D rank Earth Pixies and 3 A rank Earth Fairies.4

 The one thing I liked about them was that although they respected Queen they also weren’t as crazy.

After that week of hard core working for more DP and monsters I called them all for a meeting. I also called in my favorite dwarf and dark elves.

[ I am proud to call some of you my monsters. In this week we have grown more powerful and larger. ]

Many of my monsters seemed really happy so far.

[ I think it is time we experience one of the other dungeons. Specifically, I’d like us to tackle the {Toxic} Jungle. ]

They all nodded their heads. Queen seemed to be the most excited.

[ This one has been waiting all week for this moment. ]

I smiled at her.

[ I know, but I wanted to grow our family and make sure they have experience. And that those with us before have some rest. ]

Bu-chan chirped excitedly.

( Perfect, now. Let’s go. )

I nodded at him. Atira appearing out of nowhere.

She really is a stalker.

[ Finally! You are such a silly child, Olara. ]

[ Can you just take us to the transfer array? ]

She nodded her head.

[ Sure, I have a bunch all over the place. I can easily pop you all at the entrance. ]

Queen turned to the rest of my monsters.

[ This one is expecting all of you to be your very best. We cannot disgrace ourselves in such an easy conquer. ]

All my monsters seemed to shout with excitement. Except the skeletons, They just rattled loudly. Atira waved us off.


Ants Marching – Dave Matthews Band

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