Chapter 17 : { Monster Of Covenant }

I was eating a meal in the dinning room when Atira came running in.

[ Olara! I heard you went off and killed Berry! ]

I looked up from soup.

[ Mhm. ]

Atira started to playfully hit my shoulder.

[ I was keeping her alive to manage the dungeon. I didn’t want to have to keep clearing it out. ]

I sighed at her.

[ Don’t worry. When I leave you I will take over the responsibility. ]

Her entire demeanor changed. A smile on her face.

[ Oh, well. That’s not so bad then. ]

She walked to sit down on the other side of the table. A dark elf appearing to serve her soup.

[ I also heard you found one of her medals. ]

I nodded my head.

[ Her desire for revenge was really strong. ]

Atira sighed.

[ Yea. Vespar couldn’t get over the fact that Ciesis wasn’t interested in her. He and my onee-chan were destined partners. ]

I ignored her comment and returned to my soup. Atira seeming even more interested.

[ What are you going to do with it? ]

[ I need to use my next medal for a monster of covenant so I will have to wait. ]

Atira smiled widely.

[ Does that mean you will finally stop recruiting my children. ]

I ignored that comment as well. She sighed.

[ Fine. Does that mean you have an idea of the dungeon you want to make? ]

I quietly nodded my head.

[ TELL ME! As your mother I need to know first. ]

I shrugged.

[ After I visit { Alchemy } Demon Lord Ciesis dungeon. I want to confirm something first. ]

Atira looked at me scared for a moment.

[ Why does that sound so evil? ]

I sighed.

[ There is something more important to do. ]

She looked at me confused.

[ What’s more important than figuring out your dungeon? ]

I turned to look at Queen.

[ Giving Queen her name. ]

Queen looked up from her soup calmly.

[ This one was wondering when you’d finally give her her name. ]

I smiled at her.

[ You know I only wanted to make sure we worked well together first. Experiencing two dungeons has proved we are meant for each other. Don’t you agree? ]

Queen shyly mumbled her answer.

[ This one has seen no better alternatives. ]

Atira stood up excited.

[ Your first { Monster of Covenent } ! ]

I stood up and summoned all my monsters. A crowd of Atira’s own monsters appearing. I pulled out a choker for her. I had Gallecki make it in secret. It was worth it though, because I was able to convince him to do it with the best materials for free. Future Queen was an amazing threat to use for bargaining.

[ Queen, my faithful daughter and noble child, are you ready to receive your name? ]

Queen nodded her head.

[ This one has always been ready. ]

I bent down and put the choker on her. A tiny hint of red graced her cheeks.

[ Your name comes from an ancient warrior queen. She was said to carry fire with her to become a beacon to lead her people. However, I give you this name because I know you will be greater than her. You will become a beacon not dependent on leading your people with fire, but your essence alone. You are the queen of flames and more. You are Brigid. ]

I could feel a rush of energy swirl around us. Everything felt warm and comfortable. Brigid’s essence was being tied to my own. Her heart I could hear so loudly. Our powers growing stronger together. She smiled widely.

[ This one is Brigid, a warrior queen. A leader of her people. ]

Everyone in the room clapped loudly. On Atira’s signal music began to play and party food began to circle the room. Gallecki hitting my back.

[ You may have chosen a dangerous creature, but you have made your first steps as a demon lord. Be proud, lass. ]

I smiled at him.

[ I appreciate it. ]

Lapis seemed to bowing repeatedly to Queen, She really was one to congratulate a person. Amber seemed as stern as ever by her side. Citrine was jumping around excitedly and Tiger eye remained his usual calm. The fair handmaidens seemed to be in a praying position around. I got the awful sinking sensation in my git that Brigid would be requesting more of them soon. My mind wondering on the { Toxic } medal. IF I was honest I knew exactly what creature I wanted. I just didn’t know if I’d get it with an imitation { Beast } medal and an imitation { Intent } medal.

Was it worth the risk?

I shook my head. There was no need to think about this today. This was Brigid’s day. I would return to the topic tomorrow. I only needed to get an A rank beast out of the combo, so there was less stress needed then what I was putting on myself.

[ Olaraaaa, come dance with mommy! ]

I turned around to see a flushed Atira. She must of drunk a lot.

There was no way I was dancing with her.

[ No. ]

She started to hang on me.

She is much heavier than she looks.

[ Please, please, please, please, please, PLEEEEAAASSSEEE. Mommy has always dreamed of dancing with her child one day. ]

I groaned.

This was not something she would let go of.

[ One dance. ]

Atira started to jump up and down excited.

[ YES. ]

I felt my hand getting pulled as we headed for the makeshift dance floor.

This Filthy Loli.


Garden Party – Ricky Nelson

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