Chapter 18 : Next Round Of Monsters

I stood in one of empty caves. Atira had just beaten one of the maelstrom beasts and was looking bored. My other monsters were off learning tasks and skills from Atira’s own monsters. I had saved up more DP then I thought. My monsters were savage when it came to training. Some didn’t even seem to like sleep so much so they would continue to practice even when not asked. Plus, Atira let me kill some of the humans who came into her dungeon and they were a delicious prosperous meal. With there efforts, I was somehow back over 2000 DP. Atira kept reminding me of that fact. She also kept reminding me of the fact that the other newborn demon lords either had more monsters than me or more monsters of a higher quality, excluding Brigid.

[ Brigid, I think we should make more monsters. ]

She ran over to me. Brigid seemed curious.

[ This one wonders what has suddenly changed in you. You are not the one to do things without thinking about them endlessly. ]

That evaluation is really harsh…

[ That aside, I think we have a good foundation. We have a small and trained force that can serve as a base for expansion now. ]

Brigid tilted her head thinking it over.

[ This one agrees we have a loyal and semi-trained base. This one does not understand what sort of creatures you wish to make now? ]

She always talked more formal when entering queen mode…

[ I want to use the { Toxic } medal with this next { Intent } medal. And…. And I want to make a few beasts with the imitation { Intent }, { Earth } and { Beast } medals. ]

Queen looked at me with her face all scrunched up.

She was thinking so hard. It was so cute.

[ Why not the { Ice } medal? ]

[ I originally was going to use my next { Intent } medal for my second { Monster Of Covenant } but now knowing what dungeon I want I think those plans should be delayed… ]

[  This one wonders what medals you would prefer? ]

[ I know I want the { Water } medal. As for the third { Monster Of Covenant } I think an { Evil } or { Darkness } medal would give us the creature we need. ]

[ Why is { Ice } not a good medal for the dungeon? ]

I shook my head no.

[ Unless we want a winter or cold domain an { Ice } monster cannot be a main monster. ]

Brigid nodded her head.

She was apparently testing my thought process… I wish I had dumber monsters.

[ This one will put aside her inquiry on what two other’s you wish to make, but will agree on making more now. We should have at least a bigger parade when entering {Alchemy } Demon Lord’s dungeon.]

Huh…. That is not the point, Brigid.

[ {Synthesis} ]

I looked at the two original medals in my hands, { Toxic } and { Intent }. I took out a { Beast } imitation medal.

I need a monster that is seductive, human like, exotic, entices a human, can use poison as both a weapon and a cure. A monster that can be intelligent and put on an act. A beauty. Loyal and can grow.

Purple light shown before the monster was revealed. A beautiful sixteen year old looking snake woman appeared. Her hair was a long wavy blonde and her eyes a startling green. The lower half of her body was scaled in similar green and yellow scales.

[ You called for me. ]

Her voice was definitely beautiful.

[ Yes, I did. I am a new demon lord. I have yet to build my dungeon. ]

She looked surprised.

[ Oh my. A new demon lord with a creature such as a Seelie Queen behind them. ]

I smiled at her.

She does have intelligence.

[ Luck of the draw, just as you are. ]

She smiled at me coyly.

[ I am a lucky draw? ]

I nodded my head. Her stats were plane to see in my eyes.

Race: Elder Lamia

Rank: S

Name: Unnamed

Level: 1

Physical Strength: F

Endurance: A

Agility: A

Magic Power: S

Luck: B

Special: Uniqueness EX


Illusion Magic : Creature specializes in the us mental magic that interferes with the senses. Bonus is given when using these sorts of magic. While, it also decreases the target’s resistance to the magic.

Queen of Reptiles : Creature has the ability to communicate and subjugate all reptilian species underneath them. Those subjugated by the ability holder will gain a bonus to their stamina and strength.

Enchantress : Ability holder is considered the ultimate temptation to those she casts her eyes on. All sexual and charm related skills are boosted and resistance to these skills are lowered.

Medicine Maker : The ability holder is a master at the use of organic toxic materials. They are able to know which combinations can create medicine or non harmful effects and create the new compound.

Poison Master : The ability holder is a master at the use of organic toxic materials. They are able to combine, separate and create new toxins both within and outside their body. The ability holder also has an increase in resistance to toxins.

False Mask : The ability holder is an excellent actor. Mental magics that can ascertain thoughts and true intentions are not effective against the creature. An increase in luck when dealing with negotiations or deceit.

[ An Elder Lamia is exactly what I need for my new dungeon. ]

Her smile really was bewitching. Brigid was looking at me annoyed.

[ This is what you wasted your next medal on, a snake charmer. ]

I pat her head.

[ That snake charmer is a very useful new addition to our family. ]

The Elder Lamia tilted her head.

[ Family? ]

I nodded my head.

[ That’s right, family. I have zero intention of treating my monsters poorly. We all live, work and survive together. We are a family. ]

She clapped her hands together.

[ What nice thought.]

That False Mask skill might be a little scarier than I intended for it to be.

[ Now then, let’s make the other little children before Atira comes running in here to bother Mia. ]

I purchased my next sets of medals, { Earth } , { Beast }, { Toxic } and { Intent }. I made one B rank Ichneumon, one B rank Arachne, and one C Rank Giant Viper. From there, I used DP to purchase 5 D rank Feral Weasels, 10 D rank Toxic Spiders and 13 E rank Poison Snakes.

Brigid seems very unimpressed. If only she saw how much DP all of this cost. I was back to saving mode for awhile.

[ Alright guys. Welcome to your new home.]

I pointed at Brigid and Mia.

[ This is my { Monster Of Covenant } Brigid. Besides her is another new family member, Mia. The others are being trained separately with the children of { Earth } Demon Lord Atirakos. I am a newly born demon lord and do not have a dungeon yet. ]

They all seem to be staring at me like they are waiting for instructions. It’s kind of awkward.

[ As I told my other monsters, I consider you all family. It does not matter if you aren’t as strong as some of the others. You still have an important role to play. Rank and skills don’t determine the value of a creature. The hard work and effort you put into bettering yourself does. Learn from your seniors on how to improve yourself. You can polish your skills and be ready to represent the new dungeon we are going to create. ]

I pointed at Brigid.

[ Brigid, here is the next most important person. If you ever have a question or need help you can always talk to her. As for your roles until we leave they will be assigned. Ichneumon is now in charge of the Feral Weasels. Starting tomorrow you will meet the other monsters and rotate among them in training. Arachne, Toxic Spiders, Giant Viper and Poison Snakes you will all be under Mia as you train. ]

Mia looked at me confused.

[ They are going to be under me? I’m new too. ]

I smiled at her.

[ Your ability is already greater then your ‘newness’. You will be given a schedule tomorrow morning that will show you how to split up study time, teaching time, training time and personal time. ]

She looks more confused…

[ Personal time? ]

I nodded my head.

[ All my monsters have personal time every day. You are also welcome to eat any meal with us and ask for things you may need or want. ]

The air shimmered a bit and my other monsters arrived with Atira. She was running at me full force. I almost forgot to catch her when she jumped.

[ Why do you always make monsters without me! ]

Because you are embarrassing.

[ Everyone this is { Earth } Demon Lord Atirakos. She may seem silly, but she is a very powerful Demon Lord. ]

They all straightened up and Atira puffed her cheeks in frustration. Her eyes catching Mia’s. Atira rushed over immediately.

[ An Elder Lamia! You’ve made another dangerous creature, Olara~ ]

I smiled sympathetically at Mia. She nodded her head in understanding. It seems the Arachne and spiders got along very well with Bu-chan and his group. The Ichneumon and his Feral Weasels naturally drifted over to the fairy lot it seemed. While, the viper and snakes seemed pleased to rest by Mia. Brigid walked away from me towards the fairies. Everyone in that area seemed to look up at her with respect or reverence.

[ Mia is indeed special. ]

Atira surprised me with another hug.

[ You just keep getting more and more entertaining. ]

Because that’s what I was aiming for you filthy loli….

[ Right…. ]

( Don’t be alarmed. As you are my monster, we can speak like this.)

( Oh my… )

( Good. )

( Food! )

( Is it true we can ask for things? Like new clothes? )

( Where is new nest? )

( I want to live by Mia! )

( By Mia! )

It seems like they all understand how this works.

I walked over to the fairies and picked up the Ichneumon. He was friendlier than he looked wrapping around me and rubbing his head against my cheek. To think he was such a vicious weasel. I turned back to the entire group.

[ Rest up everyone. We will be training for three days and then making a trip to the { Alchemy } Demon Lord’s Dungeon. ]


Long Snake Moan – PJ Harvey

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