Chapter 19 : Preparations

I had summoned all my monsters and those I wished to recruit to one of the large cavern rooms Atira used to conduct strategy meetings.

[ Do any of you have a guess on why I called you out from your training? ]

The Arachne raised her hand.

She’s a bit of a showoff…

[ To discuss our visit to { Alchemy } Demon Lord’s Dungeon tomorrow. ]

I looked at Queen so she didn’t remark on a comment about Arachne’s intelligence.

[ In a matter of speaking that is correct. ]

She looks so smug…

[ Saintess, are we here as people who have visited the Dungeon before? ]


Gallecki sighed and shook his head.

[ Lass, are you really that confident we will go with you to your new Dungeon? ]

I nodded my head. Amber scoffed.

[ As if we would leave this place. ]

[ Amber aside, I do know there a few personal reasons you would enjoy working for me for awhile. But we don’t have to talk about that now, instead I want to talk about other things. ]

Queen crossed her arms annoyed.

[ This one better be entertained by the relevance of this sudden need for a conversation. ]

All my monsters seemed to look at each other with similar feelings.

They were over achieving work-a-holics.

[ You all know I have had some ideas for the Dungeon I wish to build. ]

[ This one is well aware of your secret thoughts and lack of sharing. ]

Brigid… We have been over not embarrassing me!

[ You and everyone in this Dungeon do know where I plan to build it though? ]

[ You plan to ride the coattails of our liege. ]

[ Amber! ]

I didn’t care about Lapis’ warning. I glared at him.

[ Amber shut your mouth. ]

He took a step back warily.

[ Next time you speak like that in this meeting I will put Lapis in time out. ]

Amber looked at me enraged. Lapis just seemed confused.

It seems she thinks it’s due to a lack of managing him. What a long road to love they’ll have.

[ As I’ve said before, the final details and plans for the construction of the dungeon won’t be introduced until after I confirm some things in tomorrow’s dungeon, BUT there have been some major decisions made. ]

All my monster’s straightened up immediately.

[ The first floor itself will be a sort of town. It seems nonsensical to waist the DP. ]

Gallecki crossed his arms.

[ The amount of DP a dungeon lord would gain from a town is minimal. ]

I nodded in agreement.

[ That’s if a Demon Lord allowed an average town to be built. ]

[ This one wonders what sort of plan you have to create a ‘special’ town. ]

I pointed one of my fingers up as if I was giving a lesson.

[ The specifics of the town, its story and possible special draws we be finalized and presented after tomorrows visit. However, the foundation for this idea has started to be laid. ]

I turned to point to Bu-chan.

[ Bu-chan has led the ants into creating tunnels underneath the mountain. The Earth Fairies have been assisting them in hardening the walls and ensuring their longevity. ]

The entire group nodded their head.

[ What they did was important. It helps connect the mountain and the four dungeons. It will allow trade and movement without others being aware of it. ]

Gallecki seemed to frown.

[ You shouldn’t be able to create a tunnel into another’s dungeon. ]

[ As of now that is true. Maybe in the future we could try to find ways around that, but for now we have started the lay out to a complex labyrinth that leads to close entry points. In the future we will add more tunnels and traps to guard against and damage possible intruders. ]

( Bu-chan you did really good work. )

( Helpful! Good! )

[ This one wonders what else you’ve done behind mine back. ]

Ignore. Ignore. Ignore the murderous look in Brigid’s eyes.

[ In any sort of dungeon scenario this was a necessary step to ensure the protection and legacy of such tempting dungeons. ]

Tiger Eye, uncharacteristically, spoke up.

[ I agree. Our liege wished for nothing more then the dungeons to be protected. The strength of a newborn Demon Lord is not much. Guarding three dungeons will be an enormous task. Many other Demon Lord’s have set their sights on our prosperous lands. ]

Citrine nodded her head eagerly.

[ It may surprise you, but I agree as well. I love fighting. The more straightforward it is the better. It was the thing about me that made me useful to our liege and beloved Priestess. But Demon Lords and their creatures mostly aren’t like me. They will use any method to take what they want. Protecting these lands is the most important will we have been left with. ]

Citrine serious is scary…. It feels too odd.

[ Citrine… ]

Amber don’t look at your sister like that! It’s rude.

[ Yes, with that out of the way we can move on to the next foundation. ]

I turned to Mia.

[ Mia, how are things on your end? ]

Mis nodded her head.

[ Proceeding as planned. ]

Brigid looks even more annoyed.

I didn’t mean to include Mia and not you!

[ This one cannot fathom having a snake charmer be aware such privileged information before I. ]

Time to smooth things over.

[ Brigid, you have more important matters to worry about and be prepared for. Your training is the most important thing at the moment. It is the most important foundation for our actual dungeon. ]

She looked away slightly embarrassed.

[ As for Mia, I met with her later in the night when I first summoned her. She has been specifically preparing not only for her level increase but on using her skills in the best most efficient way. Mia has done a wonderful job, better than what I could have expected. ]

She too seems a bit embarrassed, but with that false mask skill of hers…

[ Mia is officially the one who will be in charge of security for our dungeon and those who’ll interact with it. ]

My monsters seemed okay with it, however, the others seemed either confused or annoyed by it.

[ There’s no reason for you to be skeptical about it. I already said the first floor will be a town. Most towns have a pleasure district. Pleasure districts that are well organized and well built acquire much of the information about what’s going on in a town. Mia has the Enchantress skill and the False Mask skill. Mia also has the Queen of Reptiles skill. Small reptilian creatures are uncommon in mountains or forest environment. The entire mountain range can be under her vision. She is also very clever. ]

Not to mention the importance of her other skills I will no mention.

Brigid nodded her head in approval.

[This one agrees with such logic. In maintaining control of a large territory information is a necessity. Mia certainly has the right assets. ]

Brigid, you can’t attach a compliment with an insult.

[ The last thing that needs to be recognized is the work ethic of my other family members. You are all hard working and very dedicated to leveling up. I could not imagine how quickly you would grow. You have exceeded the expectations of those around you. You even spend your free time in the { Toxic } Jungle and the { Ice } Sanctuary. Yua has told me how much you have all improved. ]

They all seemed excited by the news.

They really are such cute children.

[ Seeing this means I have a solid foundation for my dungeon. You will be wonderful seniors to whoever we welcome next. Knowing this I wish to give new positions now for you all to think about. Arachne, I wish for you to be in charge of an information network under Mia. You will specialize in information gathering, controlling spiders and helping to detect who needs quiet and unnoticed deaths. The Toxic Spiders will serve as the heads of your assassin unit.  ]

The spiders seemed really happy to be recognized along with their superior.

She nodded eagerly at the task and sent encouraging looks to the spiders.

[ My lovely Giant Viper and Poison Snakes. You will serve as bodyguards and fake entertainment as instructed by Mia. She will ensure that you will gain more power then you ever considered. ]

They hissed in pride and cuddled up to Mia.

When she strokes their heads she really seems like a queen…

[ My adorable noble Ichneumon and Feral Weasels. I want you to start out as a display of ‘local’ wildlife in the beginning. Animals natural and harmless in the environment. Ichneumon will be in charge of the unit and report directly to the fairies. ]

The fairies looked shocked.

[ Don’t look so surprised. At the moment, we have a strong foundation for a draw in the fact we can make a Fairy Kingdom. Whatever we do, you will act as a center masterpiece. Brigid is too important to go out and socialize with just anyone. This makes your tasks very important to how the first floor will function and how it will be promoted. Th Earth Fairies will be in charge of the management of the city. Why it is so well built. How the fairies have blessed the land. The Earth pixies will act as messengers who give out the orders. The sight of them will seem like a spectacular every day occurrence. While, as we further create different sort of fairies who will symbolize different ‘blessings’ the handmaidens will act as the sacred leaders of the those working. Mia needs to focus on people, danger and trade. I will have the fairies focus on the public image, selling the story we create and ensuring we create a lasting draw for the DP. Ichneumon’s role is very important. He will be in charge of all local creatures and will report what they see to the fairies. They can also be all rounder types. Report to the city guard or help with entertainment or information gathering. Do you all understand how important your roles are and working together is? Things only run smoothly when everyone plays their part. ]

They all nodded so eagerly. I thought there would be some dissatisfaction with their roles. I was practically making public spectacles out of some of them.

I turned to the others.

[ As for you guys, if I end up getting my wishes and you come to help me with my dungeon and fulfilling our families wish I already have roles prepared for you. ]

I turned to look at Gallecki.

[ As the most well respected and experienced dwarf I know I would be honored to have you become a Department Head. The first guild head of sorts for the blacksmiths and artisans. ]

I turned to look at Lapis and Amber next.

[ I would like you two to be in charge of the department related to Atira’s Dungeon. The public representative for our relation to the country and the story we create. ]

I next turned to look at Citrine.

[ I need you to act as both their head guard and a guard instructor for the officials of the town. ]

Lastly, I looked at Tiger Eye.

[ Lapis will take the image of an Ambassador of sorts. Amber will be her aid. However, Tiger Eye, I need you to be the representative of the Dark Elves beliefs, the explanation of the countries values and religious beliefs. ]

I looked at each one of them in the eyes.

[ You do not have to decide now, but I want you all to think about it. You can let me know whether or not you wish to take up these roles when I leave Atira’s dungeon. ]

Smiling widely, I lightened the serious mood.

[ Now let’s have a feast tonight in celebration. ]

Quite a few of my monsters cheered. Meanwhile, I was confirming my mental head count of everything so far.


Current Monsters-

1 S Rank Seelie Queen

4 Fairy Handmaiden

4 Skeletons

1 B Rank Bullet Ant

20 D+ Rank Crazy Ants

5 C Rank Carpenter Ants

10 B- Rank Fire Ants

5 A Rank Earth Fairies

3 D Rank Earth Pixies

1 S Rank Elder Lamia

1 B Rank Ichneumon

1 B Rank Arachne

1 C Rank Giant Viper

5 D Rank Feral Weasels

10 D Rank Toxic Spiders

13 E Rank Poison Snakes

Total : 85 Monsters

Want To Recruit-

1 Rank A Dwarf Forger

2 A Rank Dark Elf Assassin

1 B+ Rank Dark Elf Warrior Chief

1 A+ Rank Dark Elf Shaman

New Total : 90

Medals Left-

1 { Person } OG

1 { Ice } OG

Can use, { Earth } { Beast } { Toxic } { Intent }


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