Chapter 2 : Making a Monster for the First Time

[ Eh? What do you want me to do ? ]

I said in shock. Atira walked over from the other end of the table towards me.

She walked fast for being so short. It was cute for a filthy loli.

[ You will make a monster ! Your first monster. ]

I blinked a few times.

[ Yes. I did hear you say that already, but… ]

[ No, buts ! Learning to build a Dungeon is important, but making monsters is even more so! Monsters protect us Demon Lords. They are vital to our existence. Knowing everything about them and the process is what shows the difference between the different Demon Lords. And as a child of the Supreme {Earth} Demon Lord Atirakos you have no other option then being a Supreme Demon Lord yourself ! ]

She says that, but her eyes are clearly sparkling for a different reason… Besides, shouldn’t learning about Dungeons be the priority? WHY DOES SHE KEEP GLOSSING OVER EVERYTHING. STUPID LOLI.

I could only sigh.

Information was dependent on this filthy loli.

[ Could I at least put on clothes first? I’d rather greet an “important” part of the process dressed. ]

Atira blinked a few times startled. A smug grin appearing on her face. Her tiny baby hand rising to cover her tiny lips.

[ Ohoho. I didn’t know you were such a shy one, Olara. ]

My face turned bright red.

Stupid fucking loli. Manners are a thing. How on Earth are you a mother!

[ Man – ]

[ Opal. The clothes. ]

The pale purple haired Dark Elf from before came over with a handful of folded clothes. I graciously took them from her hands. I glanced at Atira who was smiling.

Pervert Loli.

I stood up and dropped the blanket. It took very little time for me to put on the outfit she prepared for me. It was easy enough to pull on shorts, a top and a coat. The thigh highs and boots took me a moment to lace up.

[ Are you ready now, Olara? ]

Atira asked me with a disgusting grin on her face.

Filthy pervert loli.

I nodded.

[ Alright. Then what you need to say is { Discharge }. ]

When Atira said the word a medal that depicted a blooming tree appeared. Even from where I was standing I could feel an intense power coming off of it. Atira handed me her medal. When my hands touched it information floated into me.

[ {Earth} A rank. It is allows the monster to be created to be from the “Earth” characteristic. Greatly improves vitality, endurance and defensive stats of the created monster. It also grants the monster control over ‘Earth’. ]

Simple, straightforward and powerful. It seems there was a ranking system and Atira’s medal was at the top or near it. I guess it is to be expected of a medal based on the elements though…

I grew excited to see mine.

[ {Discharge} ]

A medal appeared in my hands. On it was a series of straight and broken lines arranged in six rows. I looked at the information of my own medal.

[ {Intent} Medal. Rank A. It can be used to alter synthesis with two medals other then {Intent} to create a monster. The manufacturer’s monster is randomized from all possible outcomes from the possible synthesis materials and creates the desired result.This includes range options for racial stats and special skills. In some cases the medals increase chance will factor in and S class monsters, boost stat options, or extra special skill will be available for the manufacturer. Further, the racial result of the synthesis is based on the role the synthesis is expected to play for the manufacturer. All the monsters created will have increased intelligence and mental resistance. However, the created result is randomized with a decreased luck factor where the manufacturer hasn’t specified a clear intent before synthesis. ]

Huuuuuuh? It was sounding so great until that last sentence. Essentially, the majority of my monster was randomized and I had no control over it. So unless I knew exactly what I wanted I may not get anything close to it at all…

I looked up at Atira. Her eyes were sparkling.

Fucking loli.

[ kufufu. You really are my child. Such a great medal! I was expecting an increase in intelligence or something of the sort, but your medal is even more of a double edged sword then the rest of ours! ]

[ Even more? ]

Atira nodded her head excitedly.

[ Listen closely, Olara. First off, most medals have a large portion of randomization within the synthesis process. However, yours allows all possible outcomes. Meaning monsters you have less of chance of getting are of equal chance if you know how your medal works. That means stronger monsters. However, it can backfire because stronger monsters with greater intelligence means you can end up with a monster you can’t control. ]

[ A monster I can’t control? ]

She shook her head.

[ All monsters you create are only required to do you no harm and follow your orders. ]

[ So anything else in between is allowed? ]

[ Exactly! And you can easily end up with a monster you can’t handle. See my little Olara, monsters go from Rank G to Rank S. Do you think a new Demon Lord could handle a Rank S monster so easily? No. Most Demon Lords in general can’t. In fact, only a few Demon Lords even have Rank S monsters. ]

[ Because they are so difficult to control? ]

Atira shook her head no.

[ N-o-p-e, my young child. It’s because the chances of an S class monster as a result of a synthesis is extremely rare. Even when knowing the right medal combination to create them. Further, most medals only need one more medal to synthesize with. Yours requires three, which means an increased chance to start off with and because of your medals traits increased pool of choices. Something like your medal is too broken for most Demon Lords. It’s like giving someone a faulty version of creation. It can easily backfire! ]

I could only sigh.

Great… I was given the power to shoot myself in the foot. Anything I wished for I got, but with a price that would turn out to be fatal. Faulty creation power was right.

I felt Atira’s hand on my shoulder.

Was she on her tip toes?

[ Don’t worry. You are the Supreme {Earth} Demon Lord Atirakos’ child. Something like this won’t be a problem for you when I am done with this year! In fact, you should count yourself blessed. Something like {Intent} could be a side specialty of mine. So let’s continue with full gusto. ]

She tossed me another medal. It was a medal with a wolf’s head on it, {Beast}.

[ {Beast} Medal. A rank. It can grant the characteristics of a beast to the monster about to be created. Greatly improves constitution and vitality. ]

It was another A rank medal. If ranks were attached to medals they must follow a similar system to monsters.

Atira wasn’t so bad if she was giving me such nice medals. Although, it could be said she was since this most likely will be a waste of such a nice medal.

[When you are ready all you have to do is say {Synthesis}. Remember to try and have the clearest picture in your mind or else you will end up with a craaaazy result. ]

I already know that. No matter what I do I will end up with a craaaazy result. What result do I even want?

[ Go on, Olara, create your first monster with my {Earth} medal and yours. It will be a demon that the humans shall quake with fear when they lay their eyes upon it. Show them the power of the original medal of the Demon Lord of Svartálfar! ]

The Demon Lord of what? Not only was she filthy she was impatient. Using passion to describe people like this should be a crime.

My heart started beating quickly.

But what if Atira is wrong and I really am just trash. I feel like I failed at a peak before.

I take a deep breath and whisper.

[ {Synthesis} ]

Purple light shines from my hands. It’s bright and warm all at the same time. I want to close my eyes and look away, but I don’t, because I start to see shadows in the air.

What is {Earth} and {Beast} going to become?

Everything then seems to freeze as purple lines in a language I can’t understand begin to write over all the possibilities that were appearing. Ah. I think this is where my {Intent} medal is starting.

Yes. It feels like those I am in the center of a globe of those purple lines of words.

They are so close they mark my skin and eyes. {Intent} medal needs a purpose for my demon. I can’t create my demon without one. The more specific the better. A large amount of information pouring into my brain about the possibilities in order to “assist” my lack of intent.

If I didn’t have an image soon I may die, or my monster may kill me.

[ I want a demon that can take a human form and can blend in. Live their long life with me and grow. Intelligence and strength so they can be at the top. Magic, of course. Administration capabilities for my other monsters. They must be an asset to information gathering, ruling, charming, fooling, and be loyal. Above all else they must no matter how beautiful and charming also be able to be logical, cold and ruthless. I will kill with them by my side. ]

That should be pretty specific… Right? I’m dying aren’t I? OH SHIT. I forgot the stat options.

I tried to go back and add more, but I couldn’t. I only got one chance to say what I wanted. 

Let’s hope Atira likes her monster since I’ll probably die because of her medal.

The purple light disappears and a tiny girl stood slightly off from me. She had long flowing scarlet hair that reaches the floor. Her skin was pale and her eyes a shade of blue I have never seen on a person. It was like a bright light blue bird’s feather. Her dress was a loose pale green dress with vines and monarch butterflies stitched up and around highlighting the frame. On her neck was a simple vine choker and on her head was a simple vine circlet with a drop down jewel.

It was beautiful. Until you noticed the butterflies were real and alive, the vines had thorns and when she smiled and the light hit the whole image suddenly changed to seem as if she looked like something else with sharp teeth.

I had to keep blinking.

This loli will be the death of me. OF COURSE ATIRA’S MEDAL SUMMONED A LOLI TO BE THE DEATH ME. The sadistic filth.

[ You are…. ]

Atira jumped forward excitedly.


I blinked a few more times.

Atira put her hand on my shoulder smiling.

[ Whatever you do, Olara, absolutely hold off giving this child a name as a Monster of Covenant. Fairies are especially good manipulators and fiercely intelligent. The Seelie Queen is the ruler of them all. Just because she can’t harm you doesn’t mean she doesn’t have self interests and fairies are good with sweet words, even if they can’t lie… You definitely got a monster that can kill you on your first try. Your medal really is harsh. ]


I felt her push me forward.

[Now go tell me her stats.]

I blinked a few more times as the young girl appraised me. I saw her smile and I shuddered.

Yep. Her teeth were definitely pointy when the light hit. Similar to a shark. They looked like they could tare through bone. My bones…

[ Can I call you Queen? Calling you Seelie seems a little generic.]

The Seelie Queen smiled. She seemed pleased by my response.

Oh good. I didn’t piss off my own monster yet, or accidently give her a stupid name. Nicknames based on their race seemed to be allowed.

[That will do for now.]

For now. Oh. I have not survived my first synthesis after all.

[ My name is {Intent} Demon King Olara. I am sorry to disappoint Queen, but I was just born today and you are my first Demon. ]

She raised an eyebrow at me.

[ You are an honest one. With incredible luck. To be able to summon this one. ]

She was cute. I wanted to squeeze her. Resist. She is waiting to bite you and you have no one to defend you yet. Atira won’t save you from your first monster bite. She will just laugh.

[ Ah well. In this situation I kind of have to be, Queen…But listen. Your whole agenda is ruling over fairies and messing around with people right? ]

The Seelie Queen smiled.

[ Yes. ]

Gah. Fairies.

[ Well, you see. I like doing that stuff too. And I did create you. So technically you are like my daughter I suppose. And it wouldn’t be right for me to stop my daughter from having her fun don’t you think? Especially, if she didn’t screw up? ]

She looked at me warily….

[ This one supposes. ]

I suddenly felt very tired. I knelt down in front of the Seelie Queen.

Time to pull out knowledge I don’t know why I have to hopeful stop my first monster from planning my impending death.

[ You see I know a little bit about Fairies and you guys do have some laws and rules. So technically as your parent if you are the Queen I am some Ancient old nobility. Sounds stuffy. Other then my tittle for convenience. I just want to let my daughter have fun within reason. She deserves to have her own kingdom. So as long as it’s within reason and she sticks to fairy kingdoms laws and some compromises since we are starting from scratch I plan to give her a name and make a Monster of Covenant to help her out. Because that’s what a parent does. Give their kids the tools, to suceed on their own. ]

Yea. There should be no harm promising her that. Whatever a Monster of Covenant was…

I peeked up at the Fairy Queen. Her brows seemed knitted in thought.

It seems she has the habit of over thinking things. As if looking for triple meanings of things. It was a good habit for her line of work. But was being what I presume to be for me uncharacteristically straightforward. Fairy Queens should have a fairy kingdom.

[ Listen Queen. I can’t have a Fairy Queen without a Fairy Kingdom. That makes no sense. And a Fairy Kingdom can’t function if the fairies aren’ happy and aren’t up to any mischief. Correct? ]

The Fairy Queen nodded. I smiled and stuck out my hand.

[ Then we must remain family on good terms. ]

She hesitantly stuck out her tiny hand and shook mine. I leaned forward and pat her head. She seemed to be frowning, but was that a hint of red I saw in her cheeks. Atira took a few steps forward.

[ Hi, Queen. I’m grandma! ]

Queen turned her head.

Sorry grandma. You did tell me not to give her a name…

Atira frowned.

[ A majestic and beautiful Seelie Queen was finally born, by my own child no less, and she won’t even look at me. Ooooh, the pain. ]

Eh? What was that over dramatic shit? Eh? Why did Queen now have a small smile?

[ This majestic one shall allow herself to call you by name Demon Lord. ]

Atira bowed. I found myself shivering.

[ This one is called {Earth} Demon Lord Atirakos. ]

Queen nodded her head.

[ Alright. This one shall call you Atirakos. ]

Eh? Do the two craaaazy lolis get along.

I coughed.

[ What was that Monster of Covenant thing you mentioned earlier? ]

Atira turned away from Queen and smiled.

[ Ah about that. It is your first three named monsters. ]


Fairy Tail OP #1

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