Chapter 2 : MIA


Her master was such a brilliant Demon Lord. Everything she did was something those around her should envy.

I never thought I’d have the chance to be summoned.

As she presided over the monsters and resources that came from the other dungeons she couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. Elder Lamias were rare S Rank monsters. Being summoned was so rare that she herself had the idea if it would ever happen. Yet, not only was she given the chance to be born and experience things she was given all the best a monster could hope for. Her master had such amazing powers. Her own skills were being boosted everyday by her master’s favor. She could tell that if she was compared to others of her kind she would be smarter and her magic would be greater. Not only that, but her master, despite being a newly born demon lord, somehow had summoned multiple S Rank monsters.

Me being one almost means nothing to master.

Her rank was never considered in her evaluation. Everything came down to a monster’s personal skills and abilities. There was such clear-sightedness from an auspicious being!

And master is so wise~

She got to witness her master lead all those around her by the noses. Her master played the most interesting games, set up the most interesting pieces and got what she wanted.

{ Creation } will have nothing on her! I won’t let him get in her way.

Master may have the one flaw of being too kind-hearted and cherishing us too much. She even gave a new monster like me an important task on day one, but so was her greatest enemy. Master wouldn’t have to deal with him alone. She would make the hard choices for her! That was why she was given this recognition. Her eyes catching one of the Dwarves taking liberties with his work.

How dare he! Doesn’t he know how expensive this floor was!

Master had about 30,000 DP to start her dungeon. 10,000 DP automatically had to be saved for a 2nd floor option for the dungeon crystal. While, 1,000 DP needed to be saved for the [ Floor Swap ] during their [ War ] this year. To make the first floor [ Transparent ] 100 DP had to be used right off the bat. To set the first room that would be used for the town to have an environment best for living and matching the mountain 3000 DP had to be used. Then Master had to make the second room that served as the  ‘entrance’ to her ruins type Dungeon for another 3,000 DP. Plus, 2,400 DP went into creating two Shadow Spirits for Balibt and another 24,00 to create a B Rank Daemon monster to act as an adjunct for Yurli and two B Rank Lamia to act as my staff. Then there was an issue with the amount of time and resources it would take to build the second room to standard. Master spent 1,000 DP on basic reconstruction and designs to lessen the time. The stupid dwarves caused a delay in the work due to their inability to bring enough resources over – because of “trade”. We had to find a spot in the forest for a 5,000 DP [ Mine ]. 23,900 DP already gone. The worst part of it all was Master, herself, had to undertake the journey of spreading the wonderful story she created.

I was the one left in charge of all of this. Master trusted me so much!

The only good part was that Master was in close enough proximity to gain the DP from the dungeons of the Mountain Valley. Brigid could lead the fairies in a rotation of grinding levels in { Ice } Sanctuary.


Lich could rotate his schedule to level the undead and the other support units in { Alchemy } Cave and Arachne and Ichneumon could rotate in leading training in { Toxic } Jungle.

Being in charge of all of this is such a reward. I have to live up to the expectations…

[ Mia. ]

I turned to see Balibt. He was residing in that obnoxious human vessel.

[ Balibt. ]

[ The Earth Pixie has returned. Master has successfully infiltrated the human settlement. It seems her charms have already started to spread. ]

Of course they have. To even doubt the master who was gracious enough to name an untrustworthy creature like you on the spot.

[ Good. Things here aren’t running as smoothly because of our outsourced labor. ]

He nodded his head.

[ That’s true. At least the Shadow Spirits have arrived in their domains. ]

I couldn’t help but smile.

That is the best news all day!

[ I see. Nothing is better for us then keeping eyes on that filthy { Creation } Demon Lord. ]

Balibt smiled and pulled some things from the shadows.

[ You are right. { Creation } indeed is an annoying one. To think he can rival the intelligence of our master. ]

She narrowed her eyes.

[ Report, now. ]

[ These are previously unseen food. They are called an apple and a potato. It seems he has created an Ancient Elf. Replication of quality would become impossible and may cause more trouble than it is worth. However, it is worth to grow in secret and see. ]

I pointed to the other things in his hand.

[ And those. ]

[ The Ancient Elf and Elder Dwarf far exceed the current blessings of the Mountain Valley. This here is one of the swords I had my minion get when he possessed a person. The wheat is top quality and is produced at absurd speeds. Similar to Master it seems he thought of creating his first floor as a town. Although, I seem to think of it as the town itself is his goals rather than the dungeon. The shadow also has made notes on the early development of the town and the monsters he’s seen. ]

{ Creation } !!!!!!!

[ This cannot be allowed. ]

Balibt simply shrugged.

[ There is nothing to be done at this point. It is best for us to take advantage of the fact we exist on opposite ends of the continent. { Creation } Demon Lord Procell, while lacking in comparison to our resources, has far surpassed in both blessings of the land and new weaponry. Our advantage is the fact that he completely lacks any intelligence unit at the moment. ]

Mia nodded my head.

This may be our Master’s greatest rival.

[ And the monitoring of { Steel } Demon Lord Zagan? ]

Balibt sighed.

[ As predicted Master Predicted. He is currently hiding under the influence of { Darkness }. Zagan has begun to reach out to the weaker willed and easy to manipulate newer Demon Lords. His B Rank medal seemingly is being misused and is uninteresting. If her survives though he may grow up enough to create an interesting dungeon. ]

Good, good. Let’s keep the maggots alive.

[ I believe soon we should send another spirit to { Creation } and spirits to the other New Demon Lords. ]

[ We need to increase our budget quickly. ]

One of the Earth Fairies ran over.

[ Mia, I heard about the Ancient Elf. I know we can’t have one. Perhaps, we can ask Master to make an Elf with the imitation { Wind } Medal. We may be giving up a flying beast but any blessings and knowledge from them would speed up the process and cut down time waiting for resources. ]

That’s true but… 5,100 DP was left in Master’s budget.

[ Okay, I will approach Master about your idea for the { Wind } medal. In return aid Brigid in increasing the DP for construction. ]

[ Perhaps, send the skeletons and Lich to Swordland to capture some of the bandits. Slaughtering them here may increase our DP enough. ]

She smiled.

[ Excellent idea. You may take anyone unnoticeable and easy to take. Slaughter them here and make sure none of the skeleton staff die. ]

The Earth Fairy nodded its head and ran off.

[ There is one more matter for us to speak of. ]

[ What is it? ]

[ The measure concerning preparation for [ War ]. ]

[ Everything here is on track on that matter. Master is also on track. ]

Balibt shook his head.

[ Remember the Creator’s words.

  1. In the event one is willing to start a [ War ], the Creator as well as the enemy Demon Lord my first be notified. No new Demon Lord can refuse to participate.
  2. The [ War ] will begin, at the shortest, 48 hours from the declaration of [ War ].
  3. Until the start of the [ War ], new Demon Lords are forbidden to engage in military conflicts against their fellow Demon Lords. This rule doesn’t apply when the other party is within one’s own dungeon.
  4. At the start of the [ War ], the entrances of the participating dungeons will be linked by a white space and until the conclusion of the [ War ]. Every human and every creature that is not a monster within the dungeon will be moved to a place where time is stopped.
  5. The conditions for victory are: the enemy Demon Lord’s surrender, their crystal’s destruction, or their subjugation. Until any of those conditions are satisfied, the [ War ] will continue. At the time of the surrender, their crystal shall be destroyed. ]

[ Yes, I am aware of this. ]

Balibt looked at her wearily.

[ Our Master as a disadvantage has an expensive upkeep dungeon and a lack of monsters. Her strengths is her information ability and her S Rank monsters. I think we are not sufficiently prepared unless we increase your subordinates for the town and mine for the intel. ]

[ Balibt, do you just want to increase your power by flattering me. ]

He shook his head no.

[ No, Mia. My Master deemed to find me- a vile creature- a being to praise and rely on. I wish to live up to this. She has speculated that { Light } Demon Lord will seek [ War ]. I have been told of a letter from her has already been sent to Zagan. ]

[ That wicked filth. You saw how she looked at our Master. ]

He nodded his head.

[ Yes, the envy is disgusting even from my point of view. ]

I crossed my arms and thought about it.

Balibt is disgusting, but Master was right. He was the next useful after me.

[ Alright. Find a way to increase the DP on your end and I will schedule a start of four more Spirits. We should send ones to monitor { Light } and { Death } since they are in Mercantile and Swordland. The other two can go to { Evil } and { Viscosity } since they seem to be the closest to that trash at the moment. ]

He nodded and withdrew into the shadows.

I won’t disappoint you…


Woman Turns Into Snake

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